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Dedicated Snuff Boxes

Am I alone or do any of my fellow snuffers dedicate one snuff to a certain box?
Along with my SAD I also had SBAD when I had the money. I had acquired quite a few.
In my PC Triple tech I have 41 Photo White Elephant
" " Toque Stainless flask is filled with Toque Almond Toast prior to that is was filled with Toque Quit ,I do need to get another Toque Flask. I have it attached to my keyring so I never leave home without.
" " Heart Laser Shaman Hand Box is 6 Photo Special I have other laser boxes filled with the rest of 6 Photo black snuffs and one with Dholakia Taj
" " Silver Box is Toque Whiskey & Honey
" " Pewter box with dogs hunting is my F&T HDT Another one is filled with SG Black Coffee
" " Stainless Steel Flask is filled with Abraxas St Casura the second one is fill with Dholakia Medicated No.10
" " Rococo Turn Tin I have TSP Madras and the other one has Honest Scotch in it
Still pinching out of SWS Anson's Imperial this won't last long but I love the hockey puck jar and will repurpose it for snuff.
I have Snuffhouse .org Boxes of many colors. The red one have filled with Dholakia White The others I put labels on them but only fill as needed
The plastic MrSnuff boxes also of many colors. The Black one I have St Omer No1, Lime Green is Mississippi. Yellow is a special mix that changes often. Blue is Latakia Ao 1860. Red was Son de Tonca No 1. I need more. 
I could go on, But let's not make this about me. 
My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  


  • That is quite an impressive collection @basement_shaman.

    I only ever carry two snuffs on my person so I have only two snuffboxes. One dark red Mr. Snuff box that I keep my primary (viking dark or KBO) in and one dark green snuffhouse box that I keep my secondary (whatever I want for variety that day) in.
  • I have a zebrawood Patrick Collins that is exclusively for White Indians: Cheeta, the Hefferlump, or Dholakia White. It would be wrong to put any other snuffs in that box. And I have a teak box that is mainly for Quit or HDT, although I might put another unscented, plain tobacco snuff in there. I don't usually take my SWS or Abraxas snuffs out with me, so I often just take them from the jar or tin.
  • I have many a snuffbox and all of them are dedicated to different snuffs and types of snuffs.
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    I also have a mild case of SBAD. I have a Tripletech that I only use for SPs of one kind or other, and a French-style wooden box (white metal ends, inlay on the lid) dedicated solely to Jockey Club. Those are the two I always carry. I have two other dedicated wooden boxes, one for Toast and one for other scented snuff. Then there are the schmaltzler boxes - bakelite, plastic and 3" Heartwood Creations - and the pewter and Mr Snuff plastic boxes that get used for anything else...
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • I dedicate by type, but not specific snuffs. The system isn't set in stone, but helps me remember which is which while on the go and helps minimise ghosting.

    MrSnuff Boxes:
    Green - Mints and mentholated (rarely used)
    Blue - Floral
    Yellow - SP / KB / Berwick Brown
    Red - Dessert snuffs and dark snuffs

    Snuffhouse Boxes:
    Red - Secondary dark / dessert snuff
    Orange - Impromptu blends (Thors Hammer and GH Cherry for example)
    Brown - coarse dark and rapees

    Sharrow Mills Slidebox:
    Dregs box

    P. Collins Double Slidebox:
    "White" side is SP or light coloured and lightly scented, "Black" side is darker / courser, but not too heavily scented (SG Vanilla for example)
  • I just had an idea, I just took a Vitamin C tube BOX and put some of my snuff in it, it seems fine, the vitamin C tube should prevent from humidity and light plus it's the size of a finger !

  • You just need to change the "C" to "N" ;)
  • SHbickelSHbickel Member
    edited May 2016 PM
    And the "B" to "T" ;)

  • I don't have any snuff boxes, but I use glitter mixing tubes I got from Michael's art supply
  • orionorion Member
    I like using old toque tins. They're decently durable and the screw top is a good design.
  • Yes, I reuse Toque tins too. Right now, aside from Toque products, they are currently housing:

    WoS Chocolate Orange
    WoS Butterscotch
    WoS Strawberry
    WoS Spearmint Plus
    WoS Morlaix
    WoS Irish Coffee
    WoS Coffee Cream
    JHW Top Mill No1
    M&W Rumba
    M&W Citrus Delight
    McC Raspberry
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