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Coffee in an Aeropress

JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
edited January 2016 in The Pub (Off Topic)
My old French press broke a few months ago, so I've been making do with strong, milky tea at home and coffee out and about from shops. But a good friend of mine runs a small coffee shop as a sideline. He's a photographer by trade, but he wanted to set up a small business to teach his three children a little bit about the relationship between work and money, so he rented a little stall in an old, traditional market that has become a bit of a hang out zone for Jakarta's young, affluent middle class kids and sets up on the weekends. He talked me into buying an Aeropress (TM).

It works great. I can make a really good, strong, flavoursome cup of coffee that isn't too bitter but has all the other good coffee flavours in it. I'm happy with the purchase. The only bad thing about it is that it makes me realize that most of the coffee I buy in coffee shops is crappy. But after smirking a bit about pretentious hipster coffee culture, I have to admit that I'm now prepared to go across town to buy good beans and I've got my old grinder out.

Anyone else use an Aeropress? Whaddaya think of it?


  • Loooove my aeropress.  Makes great coffee, and imo the BEST coffee over ice.
  • I love coffe.. from the drip maker, a press, a percolator, the Bialetti with the Little man pictured on it with the pointy hat, pointing up, :), to the espresso makers.. hard to beat a great cuppa coffe, a fave pinch in the nose, and a fave contemplative pipeful of tabak. After getting a decent burr grinder, hadda ask myself, what took so long, lol , I just chocked that one up to Not Missin' anything You Never Had..Yup, coffe prob my fave drink :)

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    And The Best Antiques are Old Friends
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