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TOQUE NEW FLAVOURS - website can't cope!

RoderickRoderick Member
edited May 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
I have been completely bowled over by the demand for the new flavours and new 10g tins. As soon as I finished typing a new flavour there was an order for it. Orders are coming in so fast that we will all be working overtime this weekend, just to keep up with demand. I apologise now if your order is not as fast as usual in arriving and if the site appears to be going slow; it’s just we are struggling to cope. We should be back to normal by Monday. Thanks in advance for your Patience.


  • Site seemed to work fine for me just a few minutes ago.
  • One thing I have noticed though is that not all flavors are available in the 10g tin? I think the Menthol for one was not available in it and the Natural I think as well...was going to get a 10g Natural tin to go with my 100 bag to refill as it emptied. Oh well, have plenty of other empty tins laying around to use.
  • Will take a look now and make sure thay are on there.
  • Time for another order!

    btw, Bigsnoot, scroll down farther, they are there.
  • edited July 2008 PM
    Weird, I just logged back into that website and clicked online shop then clicked the flavor link on the right for natural, no 10g tins there...
    you are seeing one?

    I am seeing most 10g tins, just not natural, blueberry and Menthol...for example.
  • They are all up there now and the website is working fine now. Thanks for the help.
  • No problem, Roderick glad to be of assistance.
  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited July 2008 PM
    Wohoo! I'm interested in the sample pack deal now but would like to choose my flavors. Will this be possible or will you be coming up with another type of special?
  • I will be coming up with some new specials next week. There are so many orders coming in right now I don’t have time to look at it.
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