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Strongest snuff?

SnuffySnuffy Member
edited July 2008 in General
What is the strongest snuff, nicotine or otherwise, that you have tried?


  • RoamRoam Member
    Try Poschl Red Bull Snuff.
  • Thats what i was thinking, actually. I had heard that Red Bull was rather strong. I meant to order it earlier in the week, when i ordered a bunch of McChrystals' from the Snuff Store, but in the end i forgot.
    Thanks for the suggestion. Now i will definitely be getting some on my next order.
    Or, if i can't wait, which is more than likely, ill order it soon.
  • For menthol definately Red Bull or Hedges L260, for nicotine Taxi Red or Spanish Jewel.

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  • I have yet to encounter a snuff as strong as Spanish Jewel in so far as nicotine. Levi Garrett Scotch & Rappee would be a distant second, and Taxi Red, though very close to Garrett, a third.

    Spanish Jewel is the only snuff to have ever made me sit down with the spins after only a pinch in each nostril.

    I won't comment on menthol, as that's really not my bag.
  • i know that is not what you asked, but as a strong snuff that i find very suitable for extensive consumption loewenprise comes to mind.
    its quite a lion in the nicotine department and very enjoyable.
  • I think the strongest snuff I have ever tried is Samuel Gawith Black Coffee - I get quite a rush after just one or two pinches of that stuff. It must have quite a high nicotine content. Its one of my favs
  • The strongest: Home ground twist tobacco. The most potent snuff I've had is from Stokers air-cured twist. Whooo! Straight, it's potent, actually a bit too much. Today I mixed some 50/50 with some Toque Espresso, for a nice flavor, but man. Just took a very small pinch in each side 10 minutes ago. I had a sweaty forehead and my stomach still feels jumpy! Not to mention a rich, full tobacco flavor. Next I intend to try blending it with some perique, as per snuffgrinder's suggestion.
  • MattMatt Member
    I just ordered the stoker's catalog and I hope to get some quality tobaccos for making snuffs soon. I have some pete stokebyes (sp?) amsterdam shag that has dried out because I left it in an open bag in my car. I may try it with some orange liqueur.

    the strongest snuff I've had is probably brutons but I find toque to be strong in the nicotine department.
  • Strongest plain I have had would have to be Spanish Jewel, menthol I think would be Wilson's SM 500.
  • Somebody give Lazarus some Rooster. 100 percent pure whoop ass in a can.
  • LazarusLazarus Member
    edited July 2008 PM
    I've just done a brief search for some Rooster (shame I can't get it in the UK, Stitch) and I must say you Americans have some very cool names for your snuff:

    Bobcat, Cougar, Grizzly, Gold River, Hawken, Husky, Kayak, Kodiak, Longhorn, Redman, Rooster, Renegades, Timberwolf...pretty cool ;o)

    Just noticed this dipping tobacco?
  • Yes, the above names that you mentioned are dipping tobacco. But there are 2 roosters, one is a moist lip tobacco and one is the dry snuff.
  • I'd like to try it. Perhaps I'll look for a snuff shop next time I visit the US :o) Thanks for the recommendation Stitch
  • after reading this i jumped onto nicotine rush and ordered a tin of rooster and spanish jewel.
    this is a great forum.
  • SPANISH JEWEL!!!!!!!!!!!! I want some too!!
  • BRUTON baby!
  • OK MrMaroon, you are wearing me down with your persistent recommendations of Brutons. At this point I've almost got the full range of American snuffs that nicotine rush carries, but Bruton is one of the few I still don't have. It always gets referred to as Brutal, and despite liking Rooster and Three Thistles Strong, I've shied away trying it. But, I now have it in my cart and ready for my next purchase. For your sake, you better hope I like it :)
  • Oh oh... at least you were warned! I´m too weak for this stuff, it really is brutal.
  • McChrystal's Clove, nothing else compares.
  • mrmaroonmrmaroon Member
    edited November 2009 PM
    Hehe, be ready to cry the first time you try it! Also 3 thistles is my #2 scotch ATM, I can't get enough of it!
  • brutal bruton eh?
    sounds like my kindof snuff.
  • Dholakia freakin' White. It hurts so good.
  • You're telling me, toffeenose. My head is swimming, I'm coughing, this stuff is quite simply kicking my arse.
  • Rooster and in close second W.E. Garret's Scotch
  • edited November 2009 PM
    Bruton SMELLS very strong, makes the eyes water. But the nic kick is no more than from Rooster, Three Thistles and WE Garrett. Ntsu, on the other hand, is soft in the nose with an earthlike smell. But the nicotine hit is higher than from Bruton

    I've mixed Ntsu and Bruton and now I have a strong smelling snuff which also delivers a nice nic hit.
  • I got a sample of Dholakia white snuff that blew my head clean offf.
  • I'm skeptical that it's nicotine in Dholakia White that makes it so 'potent.' I smoke high nicotine pipe tobaccos, mainly 1792 or G&H Dark Flake or some rope on top of high nicotine snuff. At most, ill get hiccups. I'm curious as to what's in it, but it doesn't impress me as being nicotine. It causes me to sneeze and cough, sweat and flush, none of which are particular effects of nicotine.
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