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3D Printed tap box

NoiseboxNoisebox Member
edited February 2016 in Snuff Accessories
Perhaps some of you would find this interesting. Last month, while waiting for my first MrSnuff order, I threw together a simple tap box model in Fusion 360. This design has a small pea sized chamber near the top under the sliding lid. With a quick flick of the wrist the chamber is filled with the same amount of snuff every time. This makes it easy to use even in the dark, you always know how much taps out into your boxcar. 

This picture shows a couple versions printed in multiple sizes, and one fresh still on the build plate. 

Technical Details: 

Printer - Heavily modified Folger Tech Prusa I3
Filament - Hatchbox 1.75mm PLA
Temps - Hotend 195 Bed 55
Slicer - Simplify3d
Layer Height 0.2mm

Modeled in Fusion 360
Size (As designed) 35mm 12mm 52mm
Size (Green one used in video) 39mm 13mm 57mm (10% larger)



  • Huzzah!  Looks really cool, man.  Any chance of sharing the model?  =)

    A couple questions:
    1. Does snuff cling to the "stacked" texture of the inner chamber?
    2. How many ml does the box hold?  Do you think a smaller version would work as well?
    3. Are you aware of the extent of your badassery?
  • NoiseboxNoisebox Member
    edited February 2016 PM

    I'll get the model up on thingiverse when i cleanup the ugly mess of intersecting angles under the lid. 

    1) Yes some snuff does fill the grooves between layers (0.2mm layer height). Usually just the fine/dry stuff but even then I have rinsed one out let it dry and changed flavors without a noticeable lingering scent.

    2) I'll get a measurement for you tonight when i return from work. My guess is the smallest is around 5-8ml and the larger ones near 10ml. This should scale relatively well. It was modeled after the "Djeep" lighters that fit nicely in my hand. (did you have a size in mind?)

    3) Thanks! Just wait until my 'automatik' box is ready for print...
  • Are you selling prototypes?  :))
  • @Direwolf You know, i had not really thought about that. I plan to post the model soon on thingiverse. I'll PM you when i get home. 
  • 5-8ml is a great size!  I like to carry multiple boxes for variety, so the smaller the better imo.
  • edited February 2016 PM
    AWESOME B-) Zippo lighter size would be great.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Dude this is awesome! The screw tins are good but these would be better for carry. I've ordered a few tap boxes and a air tight plastic container that I store my medicated # 666 in.
  • SeanOCDPxSeanOCDPx Member
    edited February 2016 PM
    If snuff gets in that snuff chamber well enough, that would be a pretty cool tap box.  Maybe you wouldn't even need to tap it out - snuff right off the box?
  • @basement_shaman Thanks man! The green one in the video is right about the size of a zippo. 

    @mrsniffles Thank you man. Yeah tins are great but unfortunately i can't pinch at work with gloves on. With this i can either remove only one glove, tap onto my wrist, or even snuff it right from the box.

    @SeanOCDPx the snuff sits in the chamber very securely and yes you can even snuff it right out of the chamber. It's just quick flip, slide open, snuff, and back into the pocket it goes. 
  • @SHbickel Just did a liquid volume test on the smaller of the printed copies it has a max capacity of 10ml. However the "flick to fill" does best with some empty space near the top. That said, i would guess around 8ml comfortably. 
  • As for the issue mentioned

    "1. Does snuff cling to the "stacked" texture of the inner chamber?"

    One solution to this would be to change plastics and do post processing. These were all printed in PLA, plant based plastics. If printed in ABS an acetone vapor bath would smooth the layers and create a sealed surface. Unfortunately ABS is difficult to print on my setup, no enclosure, drafty room, underpowered heated bed, not to mention my spools of abs absorbing moisture here in the rainy PNW. 

  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    That's awesome can u let me know if you're selling them.I'm very much interested.can u send me the info if you are selling them.
    I appreciate your time reading this.
    Thanks and Aloha :-c
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    Also interested, PM me with any info. I can paypal you a donation B-)
  • PLA?

    Are they biodegradable? 

  • @DireWolf as a matter of fact this PLA filament is biodegradable, and made from renewable sources, and is recyclable (both mechanical and chemical)!
  • Green Snuffing!  :))
  • NoiseboxNoisebox Member
    edited February 2016 PM
    Hey everyone! I spent a while after work fixing up the angles under the lid. I'm going to print a few overnight. I'll check the prints in the morning. If everything looks good i'll upload them to thingiverse and come back here with an edit including the link. 
  • @Noisebox That is super cool and much appreciated, sir.  I have a few buddies that'll love to try out their kit printers on this (with perhaps a little arm twisting on my part).  haha
  • @Noisebox - I can open this forum on my laptop and reply, but responding to your PM seems to be blocked by IT as an "Entertainment" site.  Vanilla (not a fan of this forum software) doesn't seem to agree with my tablet, so though I can read threads, it will not let me type anything - no cursor/keyboard will pop up.

    Not sure the problem for mobile, but I'm trying to respond - interested though for sure.  :-)

  • The print from last night looks great so i've uploaded and published the model here
  • Just pulled this one off the build plate. Messing around with adding some personalization and labels. 


    Unfortunately looks like my retraction settings were a bit too aggressive and my extruder stepper may have skipped some steps, *sigh* calibration is a never ending process.
  • Ooo, the labeled lids are a good idea.
  • Just throwing my name into the ring as another interested party. If you're selling these, feel free to PM me with info. Thanks!
  • I'm on a roll today! 

    Added another neat feature. Now you can use the "flick to fill" method to load either the previous tap box chamber, or you can use it to load a secondary "flick to spoon" chamber and use the lid as a spoon to scoop a dose with.

    For those of you who expressed interest in getting one of these i am working toward a final version. Also modeling a few customizable options. When i get an idea of my costs and shipping i'll start PMing and update this thread
  • I would be interested also in a few.
  • I would also be keenly interested in these awesome tap boxes.
  • So have you tried the flick-to-fill chamber with all types of snuff @Noisebox.  This is kind of where I was going with my previous post on the topic, but I'm curious if it would work with say, a schmalzler.  
  • NoiseboxNoisebox Member
    edited February 2016 PM
    @SeanOCDPX I don't have any schmalzer to try but i have used these with a variety of grinds and moisture level snuffs from WoS IHT #22, Tom Buck, Rose of Sharrow, Elmo's Private Reserve, Santo Domingo, SG Kendal Brown Original, OM Marlin Spike, OM Moulin Rouge. So far i have not run into a problem with any particular type. As with most tap boxes i recommend not putting more than a day or two worth of snuff in them, as they're not sealed the snuff does tend to dry out. 

    Edit: I should mention that the flick force necessary to load the chamber will vary some between snuffs. Lighter is better, only enough to "toss" some snuff from the bottom chamber into the top chambers. And of course this version 2 is meerly a prototype and will be going through revisions. I also noticed it's somewhat awkward to use the spoon as you have to rotate the box in your hand to access the chamber (to be fair i don't snuff with a spoon ever)
  • I have some schmalzers you can try.  :)

    Nice looking boxes though.

  • @DireWolf Sounds great!  

    Thanks, I'm looking forward to getting them into someone's hands to give me more feedback. 
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