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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

Hard times...

So, former smokers of snuffhouse, how do you guys keep from falling back on the cigs during hard times? I'm currently in the worst period I think I've ever gone through and the siren song of marlborough is calling strongly to me. Just wondering how you guys toughed it out or didn't if that was the case. Just looking for a little community right now I guess.


  • SHbickelSHbickel Member
    edited February 2016 PM

    I repeat my mantra of "I don't do that anymore" every time the urge strikes. It's purely a matter of will when it comes down to it. Remind yourself why you're not smoking anymore.

    If Will+Reasons > Desire = Success
  • Go look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself "I will never smoke another cigarette''. If you can't do it your not ready to quit.
  • Get plenty of rustica up your hooter and the last thing you'll want is a cig.
  • I never quit, I have one every month or two. I am just not a slave to the ritual of smoking cancer sticks,besides they taste horrible. I enjoy a pipe or two daily and practice not inhaling ,it's tough but my lungs punish me when I do. So just have the mind set that I won't pick up today and put it off until tomorrow but don't beat yourself up if you have one .Just don't make it a habit and you will be healthier. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Hmm. I do remember giving up my pipe and taking up cigarettes in the period I was organizing a divorce. There was just something about the quiet, peaceful, mindfulness of smoking a pipe that didn't work at the time. By contrast, sucking hard on a cigarette and throwing the butt forcefully into the gutter seemed to work quite well. On the other hand, it only lasted a few months. I just rode through it. And the moment when I started smoking a pipe again seemed to mark the period where I was over it. Sometimes you just gotta go through what you gotta go through. Snuff will still be there waiting for you when you're ready for it again.
  • @jakartaboy, good advice as I find myself in the same situation. I don't plan on dropping snuff but I'm finding it harder and harder not to buy cigs also. I guess it's probably the least of my problems if I start smoking again for a while. Considering leaving Hawaii to follow where my wife and the kids will settle and separating ten years worth of mutual belongings and... well I'm just carrying on. Thanks for all the responses everyone.
  • @sandwhichisles, sorry to hear it. Not all stories have happy endings. I hope things work out as well as possible for everyone involved.
  • UbertUbert Member
    edited February 2016 PM
    The way it worked for me was that snuff got me off cigs and then I started doing some sport - just a bit of jogging and a few weights - and so as my condition went up I didn't want to go back to cigs. That said....I did smoke shisha once in a while which I loved but recently gave that up too when I got a lung infection so now it is snuff and only snuff with some physical activity thrown in. I love snuff :-)

    I am not saying that shisha was responsible for the infection but it sure didn't help me get better.

    Also - do the maths on how much you would normally spend on cigs in a for me it was the price of a holiday!!

  • I got off the cigs using snuff, what helped me, was to "over medicate" I loaded the snuff in, and the stronger and finer the better ( less build up) anticipate the tough times and load up early, it takes snuff a little longer to deliver. As long as you have the Nicotine your just breaking habit of lighting up, not that that it's easy, but your not going through the withdrawal. I don't want to set you back but if your new to snuff, I would recommend building up your skills and hardening your nose for a while before quitting the smokes, That reduces the irritation caused from constant snuffing. Once you've broken the habit you can back off a little ( ya right). Good luck with it, if it doesn't work the first time don't beat yourself up over it. 40 years of smoking and now almost 3 years without. Oh ya wait till you smell a smoker after you've quit.
  • I've been off cigs and on snuff for over two years, its just all the stress right now. Thanks for all the responses guys.
  • When I quit I fell several times when things got hard. My breathing suffered every time,I just can't inhale smoke any more I suppose I did an awful lot of damage at 2 plus packs a day for 24 years. Eventually the reality that I just can't do it any more no matter how bad things get sunk in and now I rarely even have a thought of it no matter how stressed I get. I'd say just keep telling yourself how much better off you are without them. If you do fall tho get rite back up,dust yourself off and move on. The urges will go away eventually.
  • 786 @SandwhichIsles, I'm sorry to hear about your current difficulties; with two divorces under my belt--one after a twelve-year marriage--I can identify with the agony you must be going through.  On top of the regular emotional laceration, one can suffer profoundly from feelings of guilt, futility and self-abuse during which one is inclined to think along the lines of, 'to hell with me, to hell with everything, none of it matters!  Cue fifth of Everclear cut with gin and a pack of fags, bottoms up!' and so forth.
    I quit smoking seven years ago, but used snus until last year.  There have been times I've been so down I had a pipe--which I inhaled--or sometimes bummed a fag off of a friend.  Every one I smoke, however, reminds me of why I quit.  I had gone back to snus for a couple of hard months; but then I discovered the snuff at Hookah1 (yay Snuffhouse!  Thank you!), which is not only very strong but also cheap enough for me to lay up a store (which can be a challenge on disability income) and snuff it with a measure of abandon. These worthy weapons availed me of enough vitamin N to do the job, combined with a modicum of will.  It was hard going for a bit but I stuck to my guns and now snuff is my only source of nicotiney pleasure.  I would still use it as an entheogen by chewing/snuffing/drinking mapacho, but that and this are two separate beasts with different functions altogether.
    Even if you avail yourself of a pack in hard times, forgive yourself and don't quit quitting.  I know it's a somewhat common slogan and you've probably heard/said it yourself; but it holds true and is good advice for all that. And good luck 
  • @slobandtom, thanks for the kind words. I have fallen back on the cigarettes but I'm not beating myself up over it, I'll quit again when the stress passes. I just bought a professional esspresso grinder second hand and took reciept of a few pounds of assorted whole leaf tobaccos so that should keep me busy.
  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited March 2016 PM
    I quit cold turkey so, once I got over my withdrawal, I didn't have any problems.

    During my withdrawal, I went through a LOT of Tic-Tacs!

    Tic Tacs proved to be a very good aid.
    They gave me something to suck on.
    Something to do with my hands: check my pockets for my Tic Tacs, shake the container to make sure I had enough, etc.
  • @howdydave Good call!  I remember funding Wrigley's pensions single-handedly when I was quitting.  Ah, I jest... no one has pensions anymore.  ;)
  • I quit smoking cigarettes a long time ago. They were clogging my lungs. When I re-discovered snuff, which I used to take in high school, I just never went back. I have never wanted to smoke again. I chewed nicotine too, and that helped. But snuff has been the thing that kept me from going back.
  • I don't, I have a cigarette when I wants one. I don't see it as an either-or thing and smoking a pack every month or two, or smoking 15 cigarettes a day for a few weeks every year, isn't a big deal to me.
  • TobeTobe Member
    I enjoy a cigar here and there when the urge to smoke hits me, usually a cheapo like Backwoods Grape. Usually though I get by on snus, which is what got me off the cigs to begin with.
  • I pretty much gave up on cigs when I started snuffing back in November. However, the missus leaves her rolling bacca lying around and every now and then I'll have one without thinking about it - it's no big deal. If she hid it I really don't think I'd notice.
  • I was able to quit cigarettes reading this:

    I think it works similar to hypnosis, in that it is written in such a way as to worm into your subconscious.  It's simplistic, repetitive, and straightforward.  Almost embarrassingly so - but that may be why it worked for me.

    1/4 the way through, I was rolling my eyes. 1/2 way through I was saying "if this guy didn't repeat himself so often, this book could be much shorter".  3/4 of the way through, I thought "maybe I can finally do this".

    I quit for a year - all tobacco.  Wasn't easy, but easier than the other 14 methods I had tried 20 times a piece.  Started smoking a pipe a year later - not to get nicotine (I actually like my low tolerance now), but for it's calming, contemplative ritual that I missed during my quiet time "smoke breaks".  With 2 or so bowls a day, and an interesting snuff or two at work, I am free of the nicotine monkey, can enjoy tobacco in a way I am OK with, and can breath again.

    Off soapbox.  :)

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