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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!

Why is snuff flavoured?

LazarusLazarus Member
edited July 2008 in General
I was hoping some of the 'snuff experts' on this forum could tell me why snuff is flavoured? I know some brands are 'natural' and contain no flavouring but I was just wondering why snuff is usually flavoured in some way and yet not cigarettes or cigars?


  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited July 2008 PM
    Didn't you answerer your own question when you went out of your way to purchase Gawith Cola and Bernard's snuff?
  • didi878didi878 Member
    edited July 2008 PM
    You can get flavoured cigarette tobacco: Buccaneer Whisky, Excellent Lemon
    mint cigarettes, Excellent sweet plum cigarettes and many others. I tried flavoured
    cigarettes one times in my 28 years smoking career but ditnt like it. Flavouring works
    of course better with Snuff, because is not consumed by fire and for the nose only..
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited July 2008 PM
    Yes in my pipe smocking days I smocked a good cherry and also coffee pipe tobacco, and also menthol cigarettes.
  • didi878didi878 Member
    edited July 2008 PM
    If you were never cigarette addicted, ..for me the pure cigarette smoke arround my face
    was part of my addiction. If i smoked a mango cigarette for instance, i already felt that
    something was wrong :) Nowadays I still use smokey snuff for the evening: Bernards
    Jubiläums snuff is my smokey favourite ..
  • "Didn't you answerer your own question when you went out of your way to purchase Gawith Cola and Bernard's snuff?"

    I don't think so Snuffhead. The flavours are available so I like to try different ones but my point was if you buy two different brands of cigarette (say Marlboro and Benson & Hedges for example) they would taste similar but not so with snuffs...just wondered why they were flavoured at all in the first place since it wasn't really done with other forums of tobacco.

    Thanks for your post didi, although flavoured cigarettes do exisit I have never met someone who uses them (perhaps its because I live in the UK)
  • didi878didi878 Member
    edited July 2008 PM
    You see, if you use snuff, you have a much greater freedom to enjoy flavours. As cigarette smoker you are
    mainly affected by your addiction.
  • Yeah and as you said in a previous post the flavours wouldn't be as nice if the tobacco was burned...chocolate flavoured smoke doesn't sound nice!
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited July 2008 PM
    Lazarus...I haven't smoked a cigarette for over 20 years. But I Can Tell You That Marlboro and Benson & Hadges are miles apart so shut up!
  • Wow, calm yourself big guy...fags taste all the same to me: vile
  • Then that answered your question again. Your getting up my nose!
  • i think of it like spicing food. variety. we all like variety.

    at least in germany menthol cigarettes are quite popular and rum flavoured cigarette tobacco sells well too. and "cognac-dipped" and vanilla flavoured cigars are also popular.

    pipe tobacco of the "danish" type comes in myriads of flavourings. from a like apple to z like zen.. but it usually ends up as vanilla-something. dont really care for flavoured pipe baccys..
  • What is the matter with you snuffhead? Did you get out of bed on the wrong side this morning? If I am somehow annoying you over this issue why don't you post elsewhere instead of giving me grief?
  • Thanks for your reply Betonente, it was interesting to read that flavoured cigarettes are popular in Germany, as I said in a previous post no-one really uses them in the UK.
  • MattMatt Member
    Flavored cigarettes are often sold individually at gas stations as impulse buys in the the US. Cheap fruit flavored cigars are much more common (pretty nasty though imo). I think the different "flavors" of snuff translate better due to the method of consumption. A flavored tobacco product meant for smoking may smell like cherries or bannanas unlit, but after lighting up the smell is more of cheap tobacco and car air freshener. Quality pipe tobaccos probably being the exception.

    With snuff the flavor variety can almost be a substitute for the tobacco scent altogether.
  • JavaJava Member
    It actually is an interesting question. I smoked exactly the same cigarettes for 30 years. The others do taste different, but it was Camel filters, and nothing else. With pipe tobacco, I've got one favorite English/Oriental, and one favorite Danish, and seldom smoke anything else. I've got one favorite cigar, and that's it. But, all is not well with the world, unless I've got at least a dozen different snuffs at my disposal. I seldom even leave the house without 2. As soon as I get home, I swap them for 2 different ones. I wonder why that is, too.

  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited July 2008 PM
    Lazarus :-) :-) with two nice ladies, I can't get out of bed the wrong way. say a little prayer for me :-)
  • An enjoyable scent in the nose can bring just as much & sometimes more satisfaction than the actual tobacco/nicotine. Having a nice scent in the nose can actually elevate ones mood. It was also helpful to mask the unsanitary conditions of times past & thought a pleasant scent could ward off disease. A lot of things are done just to make it more acceptable to a wider variety of people. Everyone has different tastes. If a product was just available in one type of scent, you would be missing out on a huge market of people who might not enjoy the 1 available scent. Just like there are people here who wouldn't go a day without a plain snuff, there are people here who wouldn't go a day without a heavy floral or heavy menthol snuff.

    Although I never smoked cigarettes I have & do smoke cigars & pipes. I can tell you that there are hundreds if not thousands of different scented cigars & pipe tobacco. Swisher Sweets has a whole line of flavored cigars as well as the flavored Backwoods cigars. One of my old favorites in pipe tobacco was one I use to order called 'Grandma's Apple Pie'. Just like there are a huge variety of different flavored oral tobacco's. From a tequila flavored loose leaf chew to a grape flavored fine ground lip tobacco. Or just a plug tobacco cased with sweet molasses.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • MattMatt Member
    I remember the orange camels. I bought them because they were buy one get one free at the time. I think for most people who inhale and exhale pretty much every toke on a cigarette the extra flavor is just added unnecessary harshness maybe... but puffing on a cigar or pipe is a different kind of experience.
  • Snuff was the original aromatherapy.

    As a suggestion: If you can find some REAL ambergris; not an oil or perfume, but an actual little chunk of whale vomit; store it with some unscented snuff very briefly and you will have a snuff that will send chills down your spine. Too much and you'll feel nauseated.
  • I smoked for years; I just wanted strong plain tobacco - flavouring would have got in the way somehow.

    Laz - it's just simple variety I guess; the same way they don't just make plain crisps (Chips to US members) Variety is the spice of life, just that I suppose. Some snuff blender in the early days just started adding flavourings and it caught on.

    Relax Snuffhead, the guy just asked a simple question.
  • stitchstitch Member
    edited September 2008 PM
    The best tobaccos can be served plain. The rest get flavored.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • badbusinessman: Whale vomit? Are you serious??
  • Yes he is, it really is a secretion from whales. One of the most expensive of all perfumes and all but unobtainable. Something pirates used to die for.
  • Oh yeah i'd heard of ambergris before (any futurama fans here? ;o) just never imagined anyone would flavour snuff with it...
  • Just take a bit of Solani Va/Per.
    the best natural tobacco out there.(take it easy!)

    i make snuff out of it quite a bit.
    @ Laz re: Futurama: "that acting was so bad I think you just gave me cancer!"
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited September 2008 PM
    If I remember right, Jaap Bes (snuffmiller) was working on a snuff containing ambergis using an old recipe called St. Omer Karotten snuff.
  • No, it's not illegal. It's just wicked expensive. You can find it on the beach if you know what you're looking for and get really lucky. Look it up on Google. Some people have made hundreds of thousands of dollars finding big pieces of it. Weird story where I got it, but an ex-girlfriend of mine in college (long time ago) had an ex-boyfriend who's dad was the personal doctor of some prince in the United Arab Emirates. He gave the dad a gift of a tiny little box full of ambergris, who gave it to his son, who gave it to my ex, from which I took a little. Most unbelievable scent ever. There's a passage in Moby Dick that gives an account of sailors at work processing the ambergris for storage and basically feeling high and almost amorous toward one another.
  • Hello Troutstoker,

    Indeed we are still planning to produce St. Omer, but it takes quit a lot of preparation. In the meantine we are preparing another historical snuff called Dutch Bolongero which is fermenting now and takes a couple weeks more to prepare. We are also preparing a tobaccofree "health" snuff, which was used to induce sneezing, based on flowers and spices.
    When we are ready to sell, i'll let you know.

    Jaap Bes.
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