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SG Wild Duck - discontinued

So as if the imminent collapse of the financial system (again), endemic corruption, the disintegration of the EU and global war weren't enough to worry about, now, to top it all, S. Gawith have decided to discontinue Wild Duck.

The only positive thing about this questionable decision, at least from my perspective, is that I managed to purchase the last 16 tins from Mr Snuff which are
going into deep storage while I recover from the trauma. Simon from My Smoking Shop said SG suggested mixing KB Plain with Mellomint or Peppermint Gold for a similar result, it's fairly close I admit, but there's still no reason I can see for discontinuing what was SG's best peppermint snuff.


  • I never tried Wild Duck myself, but my heart goes out to any snuff taker that loses a favorite to the ages.  :(

    How painful must it have been to experience the closure of Fribourg & Treyer in the 80s.  And perhaps hundreds more companies in the decades prior.

    I'll sprinkle a pinch on the curb for my fallen homies.
  • Thank you very much for your sympathy and understanding. The path to full recovery is going to be a long and difficult one, but I am sure that, with the support of family, friends and members of this Forum - and with copious amounts of alternative snuffs -  I shall eventually come to terms with my loss.

    This is actually the second time I have lost this snuff - it's originally a G. Smith's recipe which was among the first snuffs I ever tried. When the Shop on Charing Cross Rd. closed, there was no internet-based alternative, so that was that - until a snuff afficionado friend of mine revealed to me that SG still sold this snuff under the new name of Wild Duck. Since then, I've bought loads of it - but I must have been one of very few buyers if lack of sales was the reason for its discontinuation. Oh well...
  • I'll put a gram or two of this in a snuffbox every once in a while as an enjoyable "refresher" pinch in between other snuffs. However, it's not a snuff that I think I would miss, or that I particularly prefer over other minty snuffs. I currently have an almost full tin, and expect this to last me quite a long time.
  • I liked this snuff a lot. I never really used it a lot, but I always had a tin of it. Oh well, thats economics or whatever you want to call it. Too bad. It seems that the snuff makers are in a bind, what with all the anti tobacco, protect the children stuff these days.
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