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Recent Mr Snuff Shipment

I ordered a few vacumn sealed tins of Samuel Gawith and a tin of Grousemoor was open in the bag, ugh..
so far I've received 3 tins with loose lids, a Bucks Fizz, Mandarin and now this Grousemoor.
has this happened to anyone else ?, open tins in the bag or loose lids.. again, ugh.. 


  • I've had a couple of tins that I was able to open easily - no vacuum seal.  I wonder if it's a production thing or a customs thing.
  • I've had it happen once or twice but not that many or that often.
  • Some items I had that were kinda open were one of the many ozona raspberrys and a tin of irish coffee
  • Just received a tin of Sam Gawith SP No 1 high mill that had no vacuum. Snuff was still in good shape so it couldn't have been that way long. Bag did not appear to have been opened however it did take 15 days for me to receive my order. Wondering if it isn't customs for some reason.
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    When we receive them at the warehouse from the factory with VERY rare exceptions the tins are properly sealed.

    My suspicion is that with the multiple, very significant, changes in altitude on the trip across the pond the vacuum seal may on occasion break. Of course the tin is still very much sealed against the elements, and the rubber lining should still provide a reasonable degree of hermetic seal.

    If I am correct then the longest that the contents would have been in any way compromised (ie a little air may have leaked in) would be from about 30 minutes after takeoff out of the Uk until reaching you.

    What do you think?

  • 1sweetbriar1sweetbriar Member
    edited February 2016 PM
    I'm familiar with sam gawith complaints on occasional Pipe tabak tins a few yrs back, not so much lately..
    the snuff with the loose lids just went into rotation. My recent order i received, the Grousemoor tin was completely open and emptied in the delivery bag. the other two times, the lids could be turned but still on the can, Bucks fizz and mandarin. i wont suggest a piece of tape or a saran wrap, but it was very disappointin'
    the whole can open and dumped inside, all the other tins coated with the soapy grousemoor. I'm still very happy to be able to get fine snuff.if you have a connection with samuel gawith, pls let'm know about some loose lids and ask'm to consider keepin' the Wild Duck available. tip off yo warehouse of loose vacumn sealed tin lids too.
    thx and thx for the reply.. i'll continue to order the vacumn sealed tins :) ..
    now how can we get an international snuff lovers day goin' so we can get sales and shipping deals.. :)
    today is International Pipe Smokers Day..


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