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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Looking to buy Scotch Snuffs

I don't know exactly how the PACT Act works, but I'm pretty sure that American citizens cannot buy tobacco online from American companies. This is a problem, because I love scotch snuffs. If anyone is willing to sell me some, preferably fresh and unopened, that would be awesome. The kinds I am looking for are: Honey Bee, Tube Rose, Checkerberry, W.E. Garrett and Sons, Railroad Mills, Rooster, Carhart's, Honest.
I heard they stopped making a few of these, but if someone can still get them, that would be great.

Or, if you know of any sites that can sell these to Americans, that would be even better.


  • JustinJustin Moderator
    Try MrSnuff - I have had many of the ones you mention from him in the past.
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator is US based, and I order from them all the time. They have W.E. Garrett, along with Silver Dollar and WoS (limited). CI, P&C, and Neptune are also US based, so I really don't think PACT act affects buying tobacco from US companies at all. Some states do have bans, though. Which state are you in?
  • I checked Lil Brown. New Jersey has a ban sadly.
  • Indian reservations, truckstops, big tobacco outlets, those are the places to go if you're not in the south.
  • My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @basement_shaman, I've placed two orders with Smokes-n-Spirits and have had no issues to Massachusetts. They're pretty nice people over there. For anyone who has never ordered from companies like this:
    they verify your age, and identity . So, you'll input your driver's license number etc. seems sketchy but isn't. I opted to pay by electronic check. so, you put your check info and two days later they ship.
  • To get them to Europe is a pain in the ass too.
  • 786 @Hitsuzen I can't imagine why you believe this.  Most assuredly it affects our ability to purchase snuffs in the US, which you can verify for yourself by reading it.  Or you can ask one of us who were around when it passed and saw good vendors forced to close their doors because of it.
    If you wish to say that the country is not entirely devoid of places where an American can procure snuff via the mail, I agree wholeheartedly.  But to say that it doesn't affect buying tobacco from US companies is ignoring fact and precedent.  You clearly don't remember; but before PACT and after PACT are like night and day.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator

    A) I have in fact been around since before the enactment of the PACT act.

    B) I have in fact read it.

    C) Good vendors had to shut down and move their operations overseas because the tobacco products they were carrying did not display cancer warnings. Those products which do display cancer warnings are still sold within US borders. PACT does not recognize the EU health warning (This tobacco product is addictive and can damage your health), so products only carrying the EU health warning must now be ordered from overseas.

    D) PACT in and of itself is concerned with restriction and packaging, not tobacco as a whole. Some European companies have decided to bite the bullet and release limited lines of their products for sale in the US, with proper cancer warnings (Toque's Silver Dollar, Swedish Match's General line, etc), and most have not. Individual states have voted to ban import of tobacco products by mail. To date (since 2010, when PACT passed through the house), four of them in total.

    E) I DID say the country is not entirely devoid of places where an American can buy snuff via the mail. That was the part of my relatively short post where I said "Some states do have bans, though. Which state are you in?". See, I just copy/pasted that.

    F) The tone you took in your response was insulting. I am fine to debate anything, regardless of my level of interest in it. I'm a geek for law and geopolitics, so nothing is really out of my comfort zone. I am, however, not at all interested in being spoken to like a child.
  • @Hitsuzen
    I see what you mean, but it's still hard to find good, reliable vendors. At least for me. There are reviews on many of these vendors, and they aren't always positive. Do you happen to know any other vendors?
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @RailroadMills Unfortunately, I don't. If there is a ban in your state, it's going to be hard to find a business willing to ship to you. There is a chance you could find someone here willing to middle an order for you, but they would be subject to the same $75,000 fine any business would if they got caught. Not saying it's impossible, just saying be patient with it.
  • If I may, I believe you said your in New Jersey.If I was in your predicament I would take a wad of cash and take a ride to Virginia. The Food Lion stores in Virginia are very well stocked with American Scotches both sweets and regulars,at least they were last time I was down there about 2 years ago. Might be best to call ahead just in case something has changed. I used to drive a route down into and all around Virginia and I took advantage and stocked up on scotches.
  • My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Good call Basment Shaman...its been so long I forgot about that thread and I was the one who started it hahaha
  • You'll find many places in that thread in Pa too. Several in Bristol which would be convenient if your anywhere near the Burlington Bristol Bridge.
  • @outlawmobile Maybe one day I'll drive down to VA. And with those PA places, I tried, but none of them had snuff, shockingly. They all basically said they used to have it but stopped carrying it, since it wasn't selling at all.
  • @basement_shaman Awesome. That's only 90 min away. Have you ever been there?
  • outlawmobileoutlawmobile Member
    edited March 2016 PM
    Oh I'm sorry that stinks. Not surprising really I suppose. The demand for nasal snuff in this area is basically none. So they try it and when they don't sell enough fast enough they clear that space for another product that will move. I picked up Dental at a local shop for a buck a can just because it wasn't selling so they blew it out probably under what they paid for it just to get rid of it. If they ever decide to shut the door on overseas importing of snuff were all gonna be up a creek. That's why I've bought up a rather large quantity and plan to just sit on it. I'm doing the same thing with pipe tobacco and cigars.
    These things are never going to get cheaper,as soon as the government decides oh hey look how much money we could come up with if we just taxed all tobacco products the same its gonna be all over with. I personally plan to consume tobacco products for the rest of my life for better or for worse. So I'm buying now while I can afford to.
  • @outlawmobile Yupp we have pretty much the same mentality. And it's better to buy and have excess tobacco, instead of not buying and later finding out you can't buy your favorite tobacco anymore.
  • when I first heard of snuff I was one that mocked it, now I cant imagine being without it and why anyone would not feel like me. total hypocrite, I know.

    I spend my days on the internet trying to find recipes and processes for the inevitable (what a member here termed) snuffmageddon.

    i'm going to bed now with a batch milling down in the basement.

    well we all know you can get it from smokes-spirits, maybe just spend a bunch of cash now and lay that fear to rest 

  • slobandtomslobandtom Member
    edited March 2016 PM
    786  @Hitsuzen, I'm sorry you don't like the tone.  I'm a bad man.  If you can point to a specific "insult" that I called you, please identify it and I will apologize.
    So I see you were indeed around.  Then I disagree with you.  I disagree wholly.  And I am allowed to do so. Strongly if I so wish.  Let's not turn a mutual disagreement into a fight. 
    Regarding your statement E, I know you did.  That's the only part I agreed with.  I meant if it had been the entirety of the statement, I would agree wholeheartedly.  That was all.  
    As it is there aren't any American vendors who can even stock a good selection of American snuffs.  And those are ALL labeled, and have always been labeled.  
    The paltry little outfits that everypony seems to mention as "proof" that buying American snuffs is just as easy now as it was then lack two things: a good selection and the ability to keep that selection in stock.
    If you can produce a reliable American snuff merchant who stocks a large selection of snuffs from all over the world and does not continually run out, who does not list snuffs which are not in stock and will never be in stock, only then will I believe that things before and after PACT are even remotely the same or will ever be remotely the same. 

  • PACT or no PACT, it seems like Swisher (for example) doesn't even know they make snuff nowadays.  I've reached out to try and identify a regional distributor of their wide variety of dry snuffs, and the responses have varied from no-reply, to "we make snuff"?
    In my opinion it's a combination of heavy-handed legislation, and a market that's been declining for a hundred years.  Hopefully snuff takers continue to blossom, and 'murican tobacco companies wise up that there is money to be made.  (But never so much that we attract the attention of our "ruling class".)
  • All I know is that in Colorado, where I live, I have three legal marijuana shops in my little town, but none of our grocery stores carry any American snuff. I've had to resort to ebay and find old, sometimes rusty tins of whatever I can. I try to find ones with no rust on the tins. I've actually acquired a rather huge amount. The latest was a 5oz jar of unopened Garrett Sweet that I scored for 5 bucks. I also have found Peach, Tuberose, Tops, and Navy, plus an exceptional pristine unopened tin of Red Rose, which is my current fav. So, you should spend a little time looking on ebay. I've even found a one pound, unopened can of Gallagher's High Irish Toast, shipped to me from Australia! 
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    edited March 2016 PM
    @mrmanos I can get WE Garrett, WE Garrett Sweet & Mild, and Tube Rose locally. I don't think Colorado has a state mail ban on smokeless tobacco, so if you'd like to work something out, I'd be happy to send you some.
  • I don't recall hearing about bans in my state, but I don't see any snuff for sale anywhere.  A head/tobacco/pipe/cigar shop had some G&H and Silver Dollar tins, and they were a dried out mess.

    Can't recall any US brands anywhere.  Maybe @Noisebox knows of a place in NW Oregon?

  • I've seen W.E. Garrett Scotch and Sweet Scotch at two places on Division in Gresham, All Stop and Tobacco Outlet. T.O. also had 6 Silver Dollar scents. 82nd Ave Tobacco and Pipe supposedly carries "American Snuff Co" products but i haven't made it out that way yet.
  • @DireWolf It would be quite a trek, but there is The TinderBox in Tacoma, WA.  I've seen WE Garrett, Poschl, and WoS.  Call before making the drive, or course.  :P
  • Thanks @mrmanos,  I just got a WE Garrett off ebay for $6.
  • I would like to buy some scotch snuffs too. A few years back, Snuffstore in Germany had the full range
    but at some point the scotch snuffs did disappear from the list. I guess it was because of PACT but i am
    not sure. I know that MrSnuff have some in his list but to be honest they are too pricey.
  • Thanks @Hitsuzen! I may take you up on that. At the moment I'm almost too full, if thats possible, of American snuffs. At last count I have about 12 tins and big glass jars of Honest, Red Seal, Garrett sweet and almost all the others, even an old box of Bruton. I keep looking on ebay for the old unopened ones without rust on the lids.
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