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International Pipe Smokers' Day in Jakarta

JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
edited February 2016 in The Pub (Off Topic)
It was great fun. My name got called for the "last man standing"competition, and I was handed a small cob with some unidentified tobacco in it, together with five matches. I'm not usually a competitive pipe smoker and I wouldn't have volunteered, but what could a man do? I came in at third place and won a Savineli pipe. Here are some images from the website (not my photos). You can see me puffing away in the corner in the first image:





  • thanks for the pictures. 
  • :) .. good stuff.. congrats on the new Sav.. to many yrs enjoyment in good health..
  • Sexy ladies smoking pipes ? A rather unseen image over here. Nice.
  • @Ratatoeskr: There were at least five women smoking pipes at the event, in addition to the women who were just accompanying their men. There's always been one or two around, but the number seems to be growing.
  • @JakartaBoy The number over here is simple ZERO. I am fond of asian woman, maybe that does count in, however i did quite like these pics just to realize again, how many different places and different moods are
    out there. On this tiny, blue planet i mean.
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