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  • You can't go wrong with Old Mills!
  • OregonOregon Member
    edited March 2016 PM
    Hedges L260 20g
    Fubar Medic 50g
    Fubar Bohica 10g
    Polsch Gletscherprise 10g
    WoS Assorted (12 tins) 5g (each)

    I need to man up and just make a giant order. I wish I could buy 500g of Hedges L260 as it's my all day snuff.
  • @McSnuffy I hope so ! It was on advise from Daniel him self.
  • EmegazEmegaz Member
    edited March 2016 PM
    took advantage of that Mr Snuff shipping discount and just got a little
     Hedges L260 
     White Elephant 
     Viking Thor's Hammer 
     Fribourg & Treyer High Dry Toast 
     Swisher Honey Bee  
     Toque Natural Toast 
     Dholakia White 
  • and because i couldn't resist, i orderd a little more at

    - Poschl ozona Cherry snuff
    - McChrystals Apricot
    - Samuel Gawith Raspberry
    - Toque violet
    - Gawith Hoggarth Lakeland

    I hope these are good choices for a beginner too.
  • Marielle32Marielle32 Member
    edited April 2016 PM
    I have indeed. I have from the Kralinger molens , Bon Bon, Mississippi, pepermunt, St. Omer nr.1, Prins Regent. They are AL very nice flavours but they are very dry and the grind is mutch bigger than for example Poschl Gawith Apricot. And they give me a sharp back drip.and I need to blow them out.

    From Old mill I have 3 ordered and on its way.
    Kind of blue

    I find the SG Celtic Talisman a nice and easy snuff and the review for the raspberry was good , I will let you know.
  • I just picked some snuff up at the tinderbox in Tacoma. I picked up the poschls gawith apricot and the poschls gletscher prise. I finally have a different brand than the silver dollar I usually pick up at the local store in phoenix.
  • TobeTobe Member
    SG CCC and several other SG snuffs the names of which I can't remember just now, but which I understand have recently been discontinued. Also a few Snuffstore items in there as well, like Gin and Tonic, as I've been wanting to branch out a bit. Sadly, seeing as I'm an over the road trucker, it'll be a while before I get the chance to try any of them. June or so most likely. I'll have to make due.
  • Heres what im waiting for: Sample Selection 10 10g for the price of 9

    Select your flavours: Absinthe, Berwick Brown, Coltsfoot, St Clements, Lavender, Lime Toast, Menthol, Original, Spanish Gem, SP Extra
  • Viking dark, Viking spear, gawith hoggarth scented Kendal brown, and poschl schmalzler D doppelaroma
  • A small jar of Sir Walter Scott's Friar Ramon Pane Snuff and 35 grams of the usual, please, bartender, White Elephant in the orange tin, if you'd be so good.
  • 36 X 15g NTSU
  • GruntGrunt Member
    edited April 2016 PM

  • A wonder arrangement of 10 g tins and mini bullets from toque
  • 100g of Toque Rustica
  • ChairmanMowChairmanMow Member
    edited April 2016 PM
    EDIT: ignore this comment.
    'It is not a vice.  If it were a vice you would have it.'
    ~Pope Benedict XIV pontificating on snuff~
  • IMG_20160409_231527


    The limited edition is 'Crazy George'. The Toque website listed it as being specially formulated for people with beards. Obviously, their attempts to sucker in the bearded worked on me. C'est la vie.
    'It is not a vice.  If it were a vice you would have it.'
    ~Pope Benedict XIV pontificating on snuff~
  • 50g of Dholokia Black, 6g of 6 Photo Cheeta to try and compare to white elephant, and a 50g Potluck to keep me guessing. Didn't really "need" to place an order but you all know how it goes :D
  • Did 2 pot lucks and one of the $0.99 WoS PM, just felt like I needed to broaden my horizons on a budget
  • image
  • Had to stock up when I saw them in stock!
  • My order hasn't arrived, evidently missing? :(
  • Ordered a smorgasbord of Old Mill. Time to partake in the craze :)
  • My favorite
    200g Toque Raspberry
    Figured I might as well buy it in bulk
  • Hi there, Had delivery of My 1st order from Mr Snuff this morning (36 Hours after placement)...  Also My 1st ever order..

    In it I have

    1 x Poschl Bayern Prise 10g

    1 x Poschl Lowenprise 10g

    1 x Wilson's Best Dark 10g

    1 x SG Black Rappee 25g

    1 x Pot Luck Snuff 50g+

    The Pot Luck contained QSnuff quite With Snuff Packs x 3, 3 other Qsnuff Bullets and 2 She Snuff bullets.

    From those which would you take as your first ever noseful ??

  • @UKVic64 I would go for the Best Dark, it is nice, citrusy, moist, very easy to take
  • Agreed and welcome!
  • I've not placed an order for several months. I honestly have so much snuff, and with favourites in bulk, that I won't need to place another order for a few years.

    That's not to say I WON'T place an order, just that I won't NEED to place an order ;) At current consumption rate, I'm all set for the next 5 years at least. It's a very nice feeling of security.
  • Marielle32Marielle32 Member
    edited April 2016 PM
    Although I can survive a year or 2 on my current amount of snuff I did order a nice few tins yesterday at I can't wait ! And I need to say it's a fantastic service at mr. Snuff !

    Toque Christmas pudding
    Poschel Schmalzer doppelaroma
    Bernard's Magic Moments black and White
    S.G. Elmo's Reserve
    S.G. Friedance
    Paul Gotard Vanilla
    F&T HDT
    F&T Old Paris
    Wilsons Cola
  • TobeTobe Member
    Poschl MacCraig Royal 7g
    Poschl Radford Premium 10g
    Arnold Andre Kensington 7g
    Arnold Andre Rumney's Export 7g
    Stok Banana 5g (x4)
    Stok Cola Drink 6g
    Himtaj Black 10g
    SG Black Coffee 25g (x2)
    SG Celtics Talisman 25g
    SG Cob Dark 25g
    SG Plum 25g
    Dholakia Plum Cake 8g (x3)
    Toque Natural Toast 25g
    Toque Toast & Marmalade 10g
    AS WE Garrett's Scotch 30g (x2)
    Swisher Navy Plain 30g (x2)
    US Smokeless Tops Mild 30g (x2)
    US Smokeless Red Seal 30g (x2)
    Potluck Snuff 50g
    Toque USA Whiskey & Honey 50g bag
    Toque USA Rustica 50g bag
    Toque USA Kentucky Bourbon 10g
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