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  • TobeTobe Member
    @Marielle32 I'd like to hear your take on Bernard's Magic Moments when you get a chance to try it. It's one of my absolute favorites. SG Firedance is really nice too.
  • @Tobe good to hear because it's always a guess.
  • I had to try some of that Fig & Juniper. Well, one thing led to another and I broke down and got a Toque tshirt with my latest snuff order. My lady is going to find me irresistable.
  • Dholakia Swiss choc
    White elephant
    Blast wine and cheese
    Pot luck- loads of Qnuff
    Nice to have scent in my nose again
  • Oops.... moment of weakness. Really don't need more snuff.... but you know how it goes.... :-\" Nothing too drastic though, just a few 10g WoS tins from Turmeaus (part of Cgars I think):

    Chocolate Mint
    Country Mint
    Lemon and Lime
    Summer Berries
  • I've settled on my standards now
    Poschl Andechs Spezial
    Postal President
    Edelprise Extra
    Then theres a couple new for me to try
    Singletons SM
    Poschl Redbull
    and some I won't go back to include
    most Wilsons on Sharrow
    all Jaxons
    and all Molens.....none of these suit me

  • White Elephant
    Dholakia Swiss Chocolate
    Grape Concord
    Western Glory
    F&T Old Paris
    F&T Bordeaux
    Poschl Red Bull
    Poschl Alpina
    Abraxas Dragun
    Abraxas Fire Drac

    Winging its way from Blighty to NZ as I write this..... 

  • Just a quick update on my order with Turmeaus (above). I got an email from them today saying they were waiting stock on all 7 tins (do they carry any in stock?), but that they hope to have the complete order shipped by Wednesday.

    At least they had the decency to keep me informed, so I'm taking that as a positive so far. Has anyone else in the UK used them?
  • My order came in today !! Jiha !
  • Fubar bohica have to try it after reading about it, Old Paris, WoS gold label,100gm Viking blonde. On its way to OZ. like Kiwi it takes some time.
  • Latest order from @Roderick

    Bourbon Bullet

    Menthol 25g Tin

    50g Whiskey & Honey
    (Toque USA) Economy Bag

    100g Natural Toast
    Economy Bag

  • TobeTobe Member
    Railroad Mills Sweet 30g x2
    US Smokeless Bruton's Scotch 30g
    AS Tube Rose Sweet 30g x4
    41 Photo Yellow Lily Perfumed 20g
    41 Photo Himtaj Black 50g
    41 Photo Himtaj S Golden 50g
    6 Photo Super Chetak 45g
    US Smokeless Tops Mild 30g x2
  • TobeTobe Member
    edited May 2016 PM
    It finally arrived! A kindly gent sent these to me for a nominal fee plus cost.
  • Awesome haul @tobe!

  • I'll second that^
  • TobeTobe Member
    edited May 2016 PM
    A guy on a Facebook snuff forum sent these to me. Apparently they're all available at a small grocery store near him in Georgia. Next time I'm in the area, I'm going to talk to the manager and see if they've got more coming in or if they're just selling what's left with no plans to restock.

    Also, I'll buy as much as I can of whatever they've got and make them available to you guys. Obviously I know how hard it is to come by some of these!
  • TobeTobe Member
    Heading to the store now. I'll try and get all the Dental and Carhart's that I can.
  • On a trade site in the Netherlands I find 2 vintage tins one sweet peach and a sweet society I'm so happy !! For under 10 euro incl. Shipping.
  • @Marielle32 Congratulations. Good deal!
  • @50ft_trad thanks now I hope there in good shape and that I like them...
  • TobeTobe Member

    Got what I could, all of which will be in the "Sell/Trade" section later. Manager didn't know if they're getting more or not.
  • 5.4 oz Railroad Mills Maccoboy on eBay. Looks to be pretty old, but unopened. I will give it my "restoration" treatment and bring it back to life.
  • Dang, @Tobe, that is quite a score! I've never seen the big Swisher tubes. The large Bruton I have seen came in something shaped like a pint glass. Is Carhart US Smokeless, too? Those look like big tubes, too, unlike Bruton. Maybe it is the 4+oz Garrett I'm thinking of.

    If I like the Dental Scotch or Tube Rose, maybe I can talk you into a trade for a big one!

    Anyway, I just placed my first order from Old Mill. I've been trying to do this for months and finally decided I can't afford NOT to do something nice for myself. It will be just a taste: Arabesque and PVT. I'm excited to finally put some OM in my nose and find out what y'all are raving about.
  • @tobe I'd be interested in your thoughts on the buttercup if you get a chance to write about it
  • @TerrapinFlyer You're going to love OM. I just placed an order with Daniel to get in before the whole outhouse goes up in smoke.
  • @tobe I see a lot of nice big tins ! Glad that we agreed on a trade ;)
  • TobeTobe Member
    @TerrapinFlyer They had one tube of Bruton that was the exact same 4.65oz. I just wish they'd had more, particularly where Dental and Tube Rose are concerned since that's what everyone seems to want. By the way, week of the 21st everything will be mailed, likely that Tuesday.

    @snuffsahoy I will definitely try it and see if I can do a half decent description of my experience. I wish I had the nose some members here do, picking up hints of elderberry, dashes of sandalwood, and so on, but at this point I'm less than helpful with my efforts.

    @Marielle32 Yes! Looking forward to trying some new snuffs!

  • TobeTobe Member
    edited May 2016 PM
    @snuffsahoy I tried Buttercup and then a while later Honeybee, and found that the scent of both in the tin is exactly the same. The Honeybee was slightly darker and more moist relatively speaking, but those were the only obvious differences from the outset.

    Buttercup is very, VERY sweet, with the initial sweetness quickly giving way to a mild smokey scent that reminds me of a dying campfire. That scent lingers along with what I believe is a wild honey scent for quite a while. I like this snuff a lot, and was able to deal with its very dry, very fine nature with no issues whatsoever by using the "nose kink" method. Interestingly, it caused my nose to run where Honeybee clogged it up. Still, I cleaned my nose with saline nasal spray and waited a bit for the scent to fade away before trying some Honeybee, as I had an odd feeling...

    Now obviously I could be wrong, but in my non-expert opinion, these two snuffs are the same product. Admittedly, my inexperience with American scotches at this point might lead me to conclude that all American sweets are the same exact snuff, but I doubt it. If there is any difference, it's that I didn't detect that smokey scent with the Honeybee, and perhaps got a bit more of the wild honey scent, but essentially then, these would be the same. I like both and am glad to have a good supply on hand. Oh, and after a few nosefuls, my nose did indeed start clogging up, so... Fraterdentical twins, IMHO.

  • 50ft_trad50ft_trad Member
    edited May 2016 PM
    No snuff this time. I have several years worth, and don't need more right now. I did however really need some spare CE4 vape cartomisers having just fitted my last one, and my local vape shop is a rip off at 5 pound each.

    Online at my favourite tobaconnists, they're only 99 pence each, so it was a no brainer to place an order. Figured I'd add a few bits to make best use of postage costs:

    Washington bent cob
    Ennerdale Flake 25g
    GH Brown Irish Sweet Cherry Cream (sample)
    GH Brown Irish Sweet Liquorice Plum (sample)
    GH Brown Irish Sweet Chocolate Rose (sample)

    Kicking myself for spending money I can ill afford, but life's gotta have some pleasures, right? Looking forward to trying the new tobaccos as I cut my teeth on the heavier stuff like Commonwealth Mixture, 1792 Flake, and GH Dark Blend Shag. Eager to try something more mellow which will still help me keep off the coffin nails and support my snuff use
  • Toque champagne
    Toque bourbon
    Toque SP Extra
    Toque quit

    SG guarana
    SG cola

    Viking Brown
    Also a new spoon and silver snuff tin :)
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