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  • FischTixFischTix Member
    edited July 2016 PM
    Just pulled the trigger on an order to Mr. Snuff.

    WoS Tom Buck Extra Strong SP 25g
    WoS Strasbourg 25g
    WoS Grand Cairo 25g
    WoS Gold Label 25g
    WoS French Carotte 25g
    WoS SP 100 25g
    WoS Queen Extra Strong 25g
    Abraxas St. Casura 25g

    Yes, we really like SP's!!
  • So stoked about this order!
  • edited July 2016 PM
    It's not the having, it's the getting. Elizabeth Taylor

  • Latest order I'm currently waiting on, this one contains pipe tobacco too so apologies if anyone thinks it shouldn't be included in this post:
    Gawith Hoggarth Sea Breezes Snuff 10g

    Wilsons of Sharrow Snuff Takers Gift Pack of 6 Small Tins
    Wilsons of Sharrow SP 100 25g
    Wilsons of Sharrow SP Best 25g
    Wilsons of Sharrow Jockey Club 25g

    Gawith Hoggarth Whisky Snuff 25g
    Gawith Hoggarth Mitchells Special 25g

    Samuel Gawith Best Brown Flake 100g Tin

    Samuel Gawith St James Plug 100g
  • HerneHerne Member
    Last order, just arrived Toque Absinthe, FUBAR Fido Spicy Treat.
  • HerneHerne Member
    And also I want to say Mr. Snuff shipped fast.
  • here it is:

  • @FischTix that is a great order!
  • @canadiansnuffer thanks! I can't wait for it to get here!!
  • CobguyCobguy Member
    edited July 2016 PM
    "Also, I live in Flagstaff ..."

    @Psicko, I lived in Flagstaff for 17 years and still own a house there.  We've been in Prescott now for 5 years.

    Perhaps we could join up some day for a smoke and beer.

  • @cobguy, sure. sounds good. as long as im not working.
  • WoS Lemon Toast
    Mr Snuff's Floral Bouquet Bundle
    should be here in the next few days
  • My recent order from Old Mill came in and I am undoubtedly impressed with the quality.  Daniel was a pleasure to converse with and even threw an extra "treat" in my shipment.  Highly recommended!   :-bd
  • @Cobguy, I agree Old Mill and Chef Daniel are awesome
  • @cobguy definitely agree. His snuff makes up most of my meager collection.
  • FischTixFischTix Member
    edited July 2016 PM
    The order that I posted above was shipped a week ago today and was in my mailbox this morning!! Shout out to @MrSnuff!!!
  • image Here's the booty!!
  • Some yummy booty!
  • @jmahes. I guess GH is finally using the vac tins? I got some GH KBScented on free shipping day, but it's in the old plastic tub.
  • @TerrapinFlyer, yes they are. At least for the Kendal Brown I ordered. I like the vacuum tins better imho.
  • Thanks, @jmahes. I pefer the tins, too. And you know your KB is fresh!
  • @TerrapinFlyer, definitely! this time I could smell the ammonia in the KB, not so with the plastic tub
  • TerrapinFlyerTerrapinFlyer Member
    edited July 2016 PM
    @jmahes. I will have to revisit both GH KBs now. The tubs I have gotten of them are just over half full and not moist. That tells me they've lost quite a bit of water and probably scent in the process. Usually Ambassador and Almond are filled almost to the top. The KB Scented I just got seemed less scented than the regular I got a year ago. The packaging might be why they don't have the greatest snuff reputation. GH's pipe side is awesome, so it baffled me a bit.

    Edit: Does this KB seem moister to you? I can't believe the consistency is meant to resemble birdshot.
  • franko954franko954 Member
    edited July 2016 PM

  • @TerrapinFlyer, yep it's moist all right. My little tub was too, so I lucked out there but the tub wasn't filled all the way either, so don't know what was up with that. The "new" tins definitely seem fuller and fresher.
  • Just dropped an order to "MySmokingShop" for a little snuff along with a tobacco order...

    The Bernard snuffs are my first foray into Schmalzler snuffs, hope they're not too moist for me

    Wilson's Tom Buck - 25g
    F&T HDT - Medium Tub
    Viking Dark - 25g
    Thor's Hammer - 25g
    Bernard Brasil Fresco - 10g
    Bernard Brasil Feinst - 10g
  • Gonna be putting in an order for the 10 - 10g toque sampler pack.

    Black Cherry
    Camphor & Clove
    Cherry Menthol
    Wild Berry

    Was thinking about dropping a few of the floral scents for something else, any suggestions? I'm not too familiar with toque
  • The Toque Pomegranate is awesome.
  • Also, Lime Toast is a must.
  • Sweet, I'll definitely check those out then
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