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NB Madras

Where can I buy NB madras. The only Madras I see on Mrsnuff is Dholakai


  • Thanks
  • So the TPS madras and the NC madras are different?
  • Yes, very different. Both very good.
  • Tps is sweeter and perfumed slightly, nc is savory, buttery, nutty. Never had NB
  • Note - That link is for NC Madras, not NB.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    NB was discontinued :((
  • Glad I still have a tin of NB. I got it from the guy here known as Indiansnuff, who no longer seems to be around.
  • jmahesjmahes Member
    @mrmanos , please resurrect Him so we can find nos nb madras :-)
  • how did it differ from the obtainable offerings?
  • He just disappeared. He sent me two Madras snuffs. One was the TPS brand w/ an elephant cartoon on the label, the other was the NB. The TPS was good enough, but the NB has deeper flavors, if that makes sense. I mean, they are similar, but thats all. I don't know where, or how, anyone can get it now. I think the dude contacted a bunch of Indian snuff companies and got them to send him a few relatively small orders. He also sent me a bunch of different brand snuffs like Swami, Frontier Mail, Joshi Horse Brand, and others. I still have most of them. 
  • This is by far the best Madras snuffs I've had the opportunity of trying. 

    Sadly, my retailer tells me he no longer has any means of getting more and I have only 10 grams left of it for myself  :((
  • I still have 1/2 a tin sitting right next to me at the moment. It's gotta be a couple years old, but still snuffs great.
  • Just a note for information - today I just happened to visit the retailer who had given me the supposed last tin of NB he had. Today he told me he had 2 tins of NB. I was delighted. 
    I thought it must be an old batch but to my surprise, it was dated November 2017. So there is a good news - seems like they are still in production. 
    The bad news is - he did not have more tins and said the guy who sold it to him was not contactable. Not sure if you guys can procure some or ask your online retailers to procure some. Just information for you. 
    I have asked him to call me when he gets more. This is some good stuff and I am stocking up these 2 tins. Given that I don't have access to any foreign snuffs, I treasure these Indian delights a lot.
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