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Method of taking fine dry snuffs

MarkMMarkM Member
edited April 2016 in Snufftaking
I've been experimenting with methods of taking finely ground dry snuffs without getting them up into my sinuses or in the back of my throat, and I've come up with a technique which has been working very well for me.  Whenever I leave my throat open, no matter how gently I sniff, the snuff still gets into the back of my throat with something like a high dry toast.  It just works like that - shoots back there like a rocket.  So what I tried was this: I close my throat off like you do when you swallow.  Then I lift the pinch to my nostril, holding it close enough with my finger/thumb that the airflow is fairly restricted, and then open my throat with a kind of quick sucking action, but with the negative pressure occurring only from opening the throat, and not from actual inhalation via lung power.  Somehow this manages to get the snuff just into the front of my nose, but no further back than that - and I can enjoy my snuff without feeling like my eyeballs are on fire, or that I've just taken a swig of hot sauce.  I then give a quick pinch of the nostrils together to make sure the snuff is actually in contact with mucous membrane, rather than just nesting in a forest of nose hair LOL!  The hardest part about coming to snuff from cigarettes was that I still craved "throat hit"; but if snuff is hitting your throat, you're not doing it right.  You simply have to trust that it's going to do its job sitting right there in the front of your nose.  [Edit: I only use this method with snuffs that I simply can't sniff without it going too far back, no matter how careful I am (like High Dry Toast, and some Toques).  With coarser snuffs, I just gently sniff in the normal fashion.]


  • My nose is set on autopilot. fine dry moist coarse; all go where they should. But then again I been around many decades almost a half century using Snuff . One method I suggest to the novice is to hydrate some dry snuff and use it until it is bone dry. your nose will get use to using the snuff as it dries out. It also helps to keep yourself properly hydrated, so the snuff can stick to the moist parts of your nose. And keep those nose hairs trimmed  they just get in the way.

    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I'm in the same camp as @basement_shaman

    My nose is also on autopilot and despite many years of enjoying snuff I still hit a speed bump along the way.  It's part of the fun.
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited April 2016 PM
    @MarkM just found this thread. I just tried it and it worked like a charm. I've been struggling to get a good hold of the we garrett sweet snuff I picked up. First time I was able to enjoy it.
  • MarkMMarkM Member
    @Psicko - I'm glad it worked!  I find that even the strongest snuffs are really quite tolerable as long as you manage to keep it in the front of the nose and no further back (see note below).  With very fine dry snuffs, I like to take very small pinches and take them frequently, kind of like the timing and cadence of smoking a cigarette.  If I feel the effect waning, I blow my nose thoroughly and start afresh (at some point the mucous membranes become saturated with snuff, and any additional snuff is just clumping up in there to no purpose).  The nicotine uptake with a fine dry snuff is extremely rapid, so there's really no point in leaving it in your nose for a prolonged period of time.
  • Keep at it, it's just muscle memory or something like that, one day you'll notice you can do it naturally.
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    @MarkM that's what I was doing the other night with the we garrett sweet. I was rather enjoying it. Before I wasn't.
  • Been snuffing a few years now, and given up on the fine dry snuffs altogether. Not all snuffs suit all people. If I can't fix it with hydration, or by chasing a coarser snuff, I ain't interested.

    Thankfully there's plenty of other choices out there for me, so I can leave these on the shelves for you guys :D
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    @50ft_trad I was gonna make some lame joke about being across the pond, but thought better of it. I just started snuffing late last year. I at least have to try all the different types. I figured it was because I'm a novice that I couldn't do it. That's why there are different types for different people.
  • @Psicko I felt compelled to try everything at first too. Thankfully I've passed through that phase now, and found what works well for me. There's so many different types, I really don't think it's worth getting hung up on the ones you struggle with.... though of course it did take me a while to reach that conclusion myself :P
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    Once I get more experience with taking different kinds, then I will know quickly if one type works for me. I'm not going to go crazy with aquisition disorder lIke I did with pipe tobacco. Can't afford another one of those. Plus swmbo wouldn't be too happy with it.
  • I saw a way of sniffing fine dry snuffs witch works for me all the time.
    Put the snuff on your thumb and put your thumb on the opening of your nostril and close of the opening. Now breath in quite firmly squeeze your. Nostril and done !!
    Off to the other nostril and repeat the steps.
    For me every successful !!!
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    I'll give that a try too.
  • TobeTobe Member
    The "Michael Snuff" nose kink method works for me. I saw it on YouTube a while back.
  • @Marielle32 That is the Plugging Method or Technique .
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I discovered Neffa Bledi from Poschl is a fine south african style snuff, I often got throat hits with it. The other day I ve put my finger into this snuff which is so dry that powder left kind of traces all around my finger. I ve just put my finger into my nostrils without any sniffing it was kind of acceptable with no throat hits why not ?
  • The plugging method is very useful. i would use it for scotch and toasts. having spent some time now pinching Willie Pete, even a scotch seems coarse and i no longer need the plugging method. im rather convinced now that your nose will just get use to the different mills and youll develop a natural synergy between sniff and release of pinch and wont have to really think too hard about it anymore.
  • Mind you, thats just been my experience and im sure there are plenty of folks that rather leave the fine dry stuff alone, which is perfectly ok too. i dont see much point struggling with a grind that just isnt suited for you. enjoy what it is.
  • OmgromaOmgroma Member
    edited June 2016 PM
    My nose has become accustomed to the fine snuffs (though, like @chefdaniel, I occasionally go woooaaaahhhh!!!!!) But for my twopennyworth I would say take a couple of pinches of coarse snuff and then chase it with the fine. The coarse will act as a bit of a buffer lol
  • MarkMMarkM Member
    Since writing the original post, I've gotten to where I can take really fine snuffs without even having to think about it much!  Thanks to everyone for your responses.
  • it is funny how the body will really just learn how to do something and it becomes easy and natural, if you enjoy it.
  • chefdanielchefdaniel Member
    edited June 2016 PM
    @Omgroma  You've hit on one of the main benefits of chasing; let the coarse snuff settle in, then chase with something finer and drier.  You get a unique layering of scents, reduced irritation and if planned out, a nice, long, mellow nicotine experience.

    I'm not a medicated fan, but I find if I either chase a medicated or sandwich it between other snuffs that are of opposite grind/moisture, I can handle it.  My best yet in that genre is HDT/ SG Menthol Black/HDT.

    My current favorite is Anson's Imperial with a Red Crest chaser.....often :)
  • I also find layering or using a coarse as a nasal catchers mitt, does allow me to take somewhat finer snuffs, or "standard" grind snuffs that have dried a little and are verging on dusty.... but I'd still prefer not to.

    I have a bottle of Tia Maria and can't abide it. I can make it tolerable by mixing with Baileys, Cointreux, and Amaretto. I do this because that's what I have and I am currently broke. I'm trying to find a contrived way to consume something that I don't enjoy purely due to limited options.

    I would prefer to pour the Tia Maria down the sink and replace it in the cocktail with Southern Comfort. Thankfully, I'm not so desperate as to have to try and find a contrived way to take a snuff that doesn't work for me. I just use another snuff. Problem solved.
  • That said, if someone does buy a snuff that they find too fine/dusty for them to snuff comfortably, all is not lost. There are a number of options:

    1) Avoid - use something else

    2) Wait - put it aside for a while. There will be a time when you feel congested as both nostrils have closed down for maintenance. Take advantage of this restricted airflow with the fine snuff. Your coarser snuffs may prove tricky at this time anyway. This can sometimes happen as a result of heavy snuff use, which is why I believe some of the more experienced users have less problems than newbies.

    3) Cheat - or at least bend the rules....

    3a) Use one of the contrived snuffing methods such as the gulp or the nose kink

    3b) Snuff a coarse snuff first as a filter

    3c) Mix with a coarser "carrier" snuff to get it where it should be

    3d) Create the congestion/restricted airflow necessary for safe use. Do this by using menthols for a while, this will force your "sleeping" nostril to spring into life, denying your nose it's natural congestive cycle for maintenance. When you stop, your sleep deprived nose will try to catch up on lost time and you'll get the "rebound congestion". While your nose recovers, use the fine stuff.
  • @MarkM  Your description was just what I needed! I am very new to snuff, about 3 weeks and reading some comments knew I was not 'doing it right'. I was getting it up into my sinuses and back of the throat. I will also try some of the methods described by others here.
  • I'm fairly new to snuff so my idea of a dry snuff would be something like Dholakia Kamal (I'm not sure where this actually falls on the moisture scale) it is very dry and powdery, just flicking a closed tap box will send a plume of dust into the air. When I use this snuff I tend to snuff of the back of my hand and with my other hand put a small amount of pressure right at the top of my nose just enough to get an airflow through, straight after I snuff I press harder in the same spot cutting off all airflow, after trial and error with the timing of this method it works a charm for me.
  • yeah, practice helps a lot. Ever since my last post in this thread in May, Ive been working on American scotchs and sweets and now I don't have a problem taking them 95%+ of the time. Everyonce in a while I get a dose that gets me. I can now enjoy the nuances of them.
  • I'm able to take the scotch snuffs now without getting it in my sinus behind my eyeballs however St Clements still gets into my throat, not as a drip but upon the initial sniff. Anyone else have this happen with citrus scents?
  • One way I found was to do a quick sniff no longer than it takes to blink as fast as you can. I get a good coating inside, but it doesn't last long enough to go to my sinuses or further. Just try doing a quick sniff and blink without snuff a few times to get the feel of it and give it a try
  • What works for @Marielle32 also works for me. I use my index finger and just dab it on fine dry snuff and place it below my nostril, closing it and just breathe 2-3 times. Works all the time. Distributes it evenly in the lower part of the nose and doesn't give a throat hit or a drip.
  • Take a huge breath and hold it. Swallow without releasing it, then snuff. Stays right where it should.
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