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Sam Gawith 1792

I'm new to the snuff. I've been a pipe smoker for a long time and have amassed a decent collection. I decided to make some snuff out of some Sam Gawith 1792 flake. I used one flake, let it dry for a bit. I ground it up in a mortar. I would say probably a medium grind. I'm still learning about what constitutes fine, medium, etc. I rehydrate it with some distilled water by placing the snuff in a small mason jar and some water in another. I placed both jars in a plastic container and let it sit a little under 24 hours. I wasn't paying attention to time. It came out about medium moist. I tried a pinch. It has a nice smell of the 1792 flake and the smell of Tonkin bean is there. The scent lasts a good amount. I may have to make some more experiment with grind and moisture.


  • I imagine it might be a bit like SG Elmos Reserve.

  • I haven't had SG Elmos reserve. I take it that it is like the snuff version of 1792?
  • Ok, so this 1792 snuff lasts way too long. I was trying to take some other snuff an hour and two hours later but the scent of the new snuff disappeared immediately.
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    Just buy Elmo's Reserve all the work is done and won't stick around that long. You may want to try a straight Virginia mixed with 1792 to thin it out next round. 
    I ground up some Skoal Citrus it was nice in the nose but sickening sweet back drip. Experiments are hit or miss. It is a good practice to keep accurate notes on measurement for those successful results.    
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • PsickoPsicko Member
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    I had no idea that St Elmos was like a 1792 snuff. Yeah, I know all about keeping proper records of amounts and that kind of stuff. I was a tobacconist by trade for awhile and made my own blends for the shop I worked at called Ye Olde Pipe and Tobacco in Phoenix. I figured since I have a lot of pipe tobacco I can experiment with those for snuffs. I've always liked experimenting and coming up with my own recipes for stuff be it pipe tobacco, home brew stuff, etc.
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