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Snuff Recipes

SnuffySnuffy Member
edited July 2008 in General
I've been reading alot about making your own snuff, and I'm thinking of trying my hand at it. Have any of you tried this with success? Any tips that you can give me? Recipes? Best kind of tobacco and where I can attain it?
Anything would be appreciated.


  • I've got a Black & Decker coffee grinder.
    i place tobacco of choice into said grinder and then shake through a little homejob filter of the wife's pantyhose.then pinch away!!

    I choose pipe tobacco.
    I've had success with: Solani virgina/perique, Kendal Mayor Chocolate flake, Dunhill Nightcap, and solani silver flake.
    And then i've blended those mentioned with snuff i've purchased aswell to experiment.
  • Snuffy, if you do a search on this site under topics for recipe you will see a few discussions you can read through. Some good recipes there. Also search under comments.

    For tobacco, cigars can make a nice snuff. As well as chewing tobacco of the plug or twist type. You can scent an unscented snuff. There are places you can buy cured tobacco leaves. If you want to get serious, you can buy tobacco seed and start from scratch.

    Snuffy, which corner of the world are you from? That will determine where I point you.
  • I'm from the east coast of the U.S.
  • Snuffy, If you haven't done already, request a catalog from Fred Stoker & Sons In the catalog, they offer cured tobacco twists & cured tobacco leaves available in both air & fire cured which are good for experimenting with snuff making. Its also loaded with chewing tobaccos, dip, dry snuff, pipe tobacco. Its a great resource catalog.

    If you want to start from scratch, pick up some seeds from Seedman. If you scroll down you can go wild with a few extra high nicotine varieties like Mountain Tobacco (Nicotinia var), Indian Tobacco (rustica)- this one is so potent it was also used as an arrow poison in Mexico & the lastly Punche.

    You can use lots of things to make your own scent. From things like fragrant flower, citrus flowers, mint leaves, citrus peels, herbs, spices, vanilla, tonquin or coffee bean, even nuts. Also essential oils & liqueurs & other alcohols, teas, pine, fir & cedar needles even your favorite cologne. You can even just mix pre-made snuffs to make your own flavor. For some recipes on snuff mixtures, check out this link: Concoctions/Mixtures

    Here are some links that might help you out.

    Adding new life to snuff

    Scenting or flavoring your snuff

    What about Tea leaves

    Vanilla Toast This is one Mo did on a HDT

    Acid Snuff

    Make Your Own

    Scenting with alcohol
  • Thanks alot for all the information, Troutstroker. I sent a request for their catalog, and am going to check out those links.
    Very much appreciated.
  • Nice post Troutstroker!
    Have you by chance tried any of Seedman's seeds? I'm tempted to try growing some of the high nic-varietals. I wonder how they would be to snuff, let alone smoke?
  • Hey sprang,

    Yes I have bought some Greenwood Dark from seedman. I imagine the high nic varieties would make a fine snuff. If nothing else they would be good as a 'mixer'. And your really going back to the 'root' of tobacco as those are some of the native tobacco plants used by the indians. Another nice thing is that they don't get very big so you don't need a lot of room. Like the coyote tobacco I've got growing right now, it only gets about 8 inches in diameter and about 2 feet tall. The biggest leaves are only about 5 inches long by about 2 inches wide & leaves near the top look like basil leaves.
  • Hi Trout,
    Thanks for the reply. I decided, what the heck, they are really cheap, and it sounds like a lot of fun to grow and snuff my own baccy. I went for two of the "Indian" tobaks, the Mountain and the Indian as well as a Turkish and Black Mammoth. I hope I have enough time this year to at least get a taste's worth before the fall. I like how on the high-nic varietals, they recommend as a pesticide or garden dust! lol Could it really be that potent?
  • sprang, if you put in a big enough pot with good soil with compost & potash added, you can grow inside.
  • Cool, thanks Trout!
  • Has anyone tried making snuff from tobacco leaves? I was on the website of leaf only dot com and they had a huge selection of different types of leaf. Mainly for cigars and cigs, but it would seem to me that if one knew the right type of tobacco to use, they surely have it there, and the prices are very reasonable.
  • @mrmanos look at the descriptions. There are a few varieties that they recommend for making snuff. I'm thinking about ordering a bit from them to experiment myself.
  • DICEDICE Member
    edited February 2013 PM
    Dark air cured is good for snuff. I have five pounds of tobacco leaf on the way. I also have my indoor grow going right now in my closet/grow room which is a mix of Rapa Nui Nicotiana Rustica and Nicotiana Tabacum Virginia 309.
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