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Members That Are Great, Honest Snuff Traders

RailroadMillsRailroadMills Member
edited April 2016 in The Snuffhouse Bazaar
Hi, since there already is a post that mentions a member/members that you should avoid, I figured I should make a list with members that I had a great snuff trading experience with! Feel free to comment members that are good traders, and I will add to the list.

Now, I am NOT saying that these members ALWAYS have something to trade, or are always willing to trade, but if they DO agree to a trade, then you can trust them 100%.

Positive, trustworthy members:


***I will keep adding to this list, as I am about to trade with a couple members at the moment. And, if anyone I mention wants me to take their name off the list, either for privacy reasons, or because they don't do trades anymore, then let me know, and I will do so right away.


  • SeanOCDPxSeanOCDPx Member
    edited April 2016 PM
    A couple to add to that list...
  • @SeanOCDPx will add
  • Thanks @ RailroadMills!
    Please add yourself to that list :-)
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Member
    edited April 2016 PM
    Here are some off the top of my head who are still active I would trade with again any day of the week (please IM me if you'd like your name removed):

    @Ubert (even though customs intervened)

    There are more, but allot of my messages never made it through the site switchover last year.
  • Oh yeah, and @chefdaniel.  I found trading with him to be quite beneficial.  
  • Haha thanks guys @jmahes @Hitsuzen
  • I've done very little trading, but two members I have traded with very successfully are lunecat and Firestarter. I'd would have no hesitations in trading with these two gentlemen
  • Thanks for this. I've only completed one trade here and doing another now. I like to assume we are all honest, mature people, but I know that's not the case. I got burned once in about a dozen pipe tobacco trades elsewhere. It's nice to know who the "good guys" are here--and I would have guessed most on the list just by their contributions to discussions here.
  • I haven't traded with anyone, but I can assure folks, I am great, honest snuff sniffer.

    I promise.


  • I have never traded with him, but I will definitely vouch for @DireWolf, my fellow Wharf Rat B-)
  • Gee, we seem to have a few Wharf Rats, self included!
  • @Hitsuzen @TerrapinFlyer What's a Wharf Rat? Haha
  • It's a member of a club that only accepts great, honest snuff takers.

    I made a single trade with @Pennanngalan last fall. It was fast and hassle-free. I'd trade with him again.

    I'm glad I can get Toque direct and I am grateful to have MrSnuff's worldwide buffet. It seems the only hope I have of trying all the American ones I seek is through trading with people in other states, though. And no offense to anyone, but it's a lot cheaper than overseas shipping.

  • @RailroadMills You just gotta poke around ;)
  • Hey, there I am up there. Thanks, @Railroadmills

    I've always been honest in tobacco trades. But now... It feels great to be GREAT!
  • GrantGrant Member
    edited April 2016 PM
    This reminds me of that scene in John Carpenter's THE THING where they try to determine which of them isn't human, and since no one has mentioned me yet, forgive me for what I'm about to say...

    I know you gentlemen have been through a lot, but when you find the time, I'd rather not spend the rest of this winter TIED TO THIS FUCKING COUCH!
  • @Grant, I love that!
  • This is a better spot than where I posted before so I'll add the names of the three individuals I have traded with, to date. 

    All were great to deal with and I would trade with them again:  TerrapinFlyer, Mnzfam, and chefdaniel. 

  • I've only traded with one or two people - from England - to get hard to find pipe tobaccos in the US.  Germain's Rich Dark Flake, Gawith Plugs, GQ blends.  I'm too lazy - so I don't generally trade.  I did a little with @noisebox, but that was for a couple of FlipBoxes.

    It's a bummer it's an issue - that people would take folks for a few bucks worth of powdered tobacco.

    Funny you should mention the Wharf Rats, @Hitsuzen.  As a one time friend of Bill's (long story), the WR's were (maybe still are) a group that had meetings at set breaks.  I went to them for a couple years in the 93-94 range.

  • @DireWolf I first became aware of the Rats in 2004 (Wave Your Flag tour). At the time I thought they were kind of goofy, but as the years went on and certain lifestyle changes became necessary for survival, I came to really appreciate their existence. I stopped going to Bill's house a while ago, but we're still homies. Three years and then some.
  • @Hitsuzen - They were a needed escape in the 90's when I wanted to go to shows, but had some growing up to do..... You can stick with things knowing there is a group meeting at set breaks, and you're getting things squared away.  I'm not a friend of Bill's either, but hanging out with him for a few years was exactly what I needed to get my head straight.  The late teen years were a bit rough, but those were a long time ago.   :))

    Anyway - sorry about the hijack. 

  • @Hitsuzen, @DireWolf I had no interest in the Rats before 95. I finally got sober in 2010 and hooked up with them at some Furthur shows. I stay as far away from 12steps as I can, but I had a "Friend of August W." sticker on my car until I sold it last year. I was at East Coast shows 84-95. Were we at any of the same shows? Congratulations on 3+ years. I just hit 6 years last week.

    Now back to snuff talk...

  • @TerrapinFlyer - 90-95, mostly PA/Ohio.  Not near as many, or as far flung as I'd have liked.  The early to mid 90's were a rough time.  :))

  • TerrapinFlyerTerrapinFlyer Member
    edited May 2016 PM
    @DireWolf I actually only saw shows in New England plus Saratoga and NY, NY. Vague road trip memories might include Philadelphia or Harrisburg, but I know I never *got in* to any shows there. I tried to catch the shows I could, but I would have tried a lot harder had I known that it would end when it did.
  • DireWolfDireWolf Member
    edited May 2016 PM


    Amen there. :)

    I remember where I was on that day.

  • @hitsuzen I appricate the shout out man. I'm always down for a trade. Cigars and also boat loads of both!
  • TobeTobe Member
    Just finished a trade with @TerrapinFlyer. Would definitely deal with him again. Good to know that there are still people who are good for their word. I mean, how pitiful do you have to be to rip someone off for a tin of $5 snuff?
  • @Tobe should be on this list too!  Solid trader for sure, and better at spreading American scotches around than American Snuff Co is!
  • I second @Tobe for this list. I'd trade with him again, no doubt.
  • yup @tobe is great to trade with.
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