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Heartwood Box Performance?

Hi folks, I have what I believe to be a few Heartwood snuff boxes.  They were gifted to me, and they each have a little heart burnt onto the bottom.  Anyway, I was seeing what you all know about how fresh these keep snuff.  I put some F&T Patchouli in one a couple of months ago, and haven't used it since.  I opened it up tonight to decant a new supply, expecting to dump out dusty snuff, and I found that the snuff seems to have retained most, if not all of its moisture.  It took on a woody scent, which I welcome with this groovy snuff.  

Is the seal on a Heartwood box really that good, or is something freaky going on here?  I was thinking maybe some moisture came from the wood or something...


  • edited April 2016 PM
    I have a hand full of Heart boxes mine did not perform at first. Then I used pipe wax on them and since had no problems.
    1 Seals the wood so humidity has less effect swelling
    2 Lubes the slide for easy opening and closing and prevents premature wear 
    3 Creates a tighter seal to keep air out
    Tip: wax the underside of lid and inside of box 2x yearly. The outside either wax or spray clear finish to keep shiny.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I have a Sharrow Mills box which pretty much saps moisture instantly. That tends to be my "table snuff" in the back bedroom office, as I don't 100% trust the lid in my pocket. I just use snuffs which I can still use when they've dried out somewhat.
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