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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!

Nicotine Dreams

I consume most of my daily intake of snuff in the hours before bedtime.  I've found that my dreams have become amazingly vivid, and often lucid.  It's hard to describe-- but the colors are more colorful, my sense of hearing is more acute, my sense of touch is super sensitive, etc.  Apparently nicotine suppresses something called PGO waves that spike before you enter the REM stage of sleep.  This can cause your brain to mix up awake/asleep signals and sometimes you can maintain awareness and recall when in a dream state.

Does this happen regularly to anyone else?  I thought it might be fun if we could share some of our crazier dreams...

In my dream last night I was walking through a field and found a bright orange item in the tall grass.  I bent to pick it up and found it was a half-chewed orange slice and dropped it in disgust. Somehow the act of dropping the slimy half-eaten orange triggered my ability to teleport anywhere I desired so I blinked all around the world.  My teleporting 'aim' was quite poor though.  Instead of arriving at the landmarks I intended to, I would end up outside dilapidated houses/buildings in the vicinity of my goal...  It was quite a fun sight seeing trip even though I never saw what I meant to see!


  • Snuff Dreams are one of the best things about snuffing!
  • I can definitely vouge for crazy dreams from snuff/nicotine. Some nights I find myself in some very vivid ones at that.
  • Too much nicotine puts me in that halfway point twixt sleep and wakefulness and tends to be populated with freaky 'sci-fi' - themed dreams. All very surreal,occasionally disturbing and always memorable. Rustica is particularly effective at inducing such dreams and nightmares. Highly recommended!
  • I find the same is true. I have lucid dreams as it is and a massive whack of Lundy Foot / Dreamcatcher / White Elephant will intensify exponentially !
  • Will be ordering some Rustica soon to try that out in its straight form. Will likely be crazy.
  • A flood came from uphill (?!) and loosened all the buildings in my area of town so they all floated away. Standing on the roof, I could steer my multi-story condo building like a boat down the flooded streets. The waterways were very crowded with many buildings and it felt dangerous.  Everyone was going fast, and there were lots of near misses.
    I thought it was ridiculous they allowed so many buildings to drive around at the same time.  So instead, I decided to enter a giant soap bubble to float above all of it.  I had to run in the bubble like a gerbil wheel to move it.  I got very high up, and the view above the flooded city was pretty awesome.
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    I often fall asleep with a pris in the upper deck. talk about wild. Your dreaming right now!  @-)
    This is all a figment of your imagination  =))
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • MarkMMarkM Member
    @basement_shaman - I do that too.  I regularly fall asleep with a General White Portion in my lip and have the most vivid dreams.  If I'm really going for Alice in Wonderland, I'll use Thunder Extra Strong instead.  I can't wait to try taking a hit of straight rustica right before bed.  Now what I need to do is keep a note pad on my nightstand so when I wake up I record all these crazy dreams - imagine the stories I could write.
  • I have some weird dreams recently, some of them being very brutal and horrific. Don't even wish to describe them here. 

    Of course I am unsure as of now whether these are good for my mental health or not - and if there are ways to get peaceful sleep (stop snuffing 2 hours before sleep?). 

    I guess its going to be a long experiment - a huge psychology junkie that I am.
  • smmsmm Member
    I sometimes get nightmares after using too much too late at night. 
  • I'm not certain I'm having disturbing dreams, but I certainly don't feel rested and refreshed the following morning if I've gone heavy on the snuff in the evening.
  • Hello Everyone

    I seem to sleep better if I have some snuff before I go to bed.

    But I think It depends on what kind of snuff one takes.

    The one I use before bed is Madras Toast. And I have no problems or bad dreams.

    Other snuff will keep me awake.

  • I'll try some heavy boxcars of TPS before craddy time!
  • Christ. I've never had snuff dreams before, but, after using some Old Mill Ivory Toast, Butternut Toast, & a tiny bit of a couple of DK snuffs, I had 3 bad dreams which all woke me up last night! That doesn't mean I blame the snuffs, or will stop. It just took me by surprise. I'm sure it will pass, or, hopefully, not be about the same topic.
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