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Loading your snuffbox

For those of you who use snuffboxes rather than take direct from tins, how much do you load it with?

I try to load mine with what is sensible for a day or two..... but tend to have a few on the go at any one time. Quite often a snuff will have dried out a fair bit before I finish what's in the box


  • chrischris Member
    I have the same problem. I always put too much in and then end up with it drying out.

    There again if I only put a very small amount in the box then the air to snuff ratio will probably result in the snuff drying out anyway unless I use it all in a day or less.

    Bullets - if they worked well and with moister snuff - would be the answer but I have not found one like that. And having read comments and reviews on the forum of various bullets it seems unlikely that I ever will so I have given up with that idea.

    The only consolation is that snuff is so cheap when compared with pipe tobacco and cigars that I don't mind having to throw a little away. But that is not the ideal solution!
  • Yes, we're certainly on the same page there @chris

    I tried several bullets in my early snuffing days, and abandoned them very quickly. I discovered quickly that I must prefer to pinch. This in turn means I need to have a snuffbox I can get two fingers into.

    The MrSnuff ones are ideal, but as you rightly say, there's plenty of room for air too. I find the Snuffhouse ones more awkward to use. Recycled 10g Toque tins are also very good
  • chrischris Member
    @50ft_trad  That is the fundamental problem - the boxes need to be large enough to allow for a pinch and so cannot be any smaller than they already are.

    I prefer the Snuffhouse boxes but I think that is just because they more closely resemble the old wooden boxes. A very long time ago I had one from F&T but it disappeared at some point.

    The MrSnuff boxes always remind me of business card boxes but they probably hold as much snuff as the Snuffhouse ones so the problem remains.

    I also recycle Toque tins and should probably use those more than the boxes as they do see to be very airtight.
  • I have no experience of the old flip top wooden boxes. I have however just dug out a Patrick Collins double snuffbox that I got ages ago when I was experimenting with the drier snuffs. I've just given it a healthy coating of worktop oil (haven't got any beeswax).

    I'll leave it a week to cure fully, and then take it for a test drive ;) It won't make my other snuff boxes redundant, but is another option when I want to carry a couple of snuffs in smaller quantities
  • When I started this thread, I had just loaded a Snuffhouse box with about a dozen pinches of F&T Macouba. First time I've spent a whole afternoon on one of the floral F&Ts 8-}
  • I'm a pretty simple minded individual. I just load up my snuff box completely full with my chosen all day snuff, and then proceed to empty it at whatever pace I choose.
  • Bah! I think I'm just going to stick to the same old habits. Filling with smaller amounts seems to dry out just the same due to the ratio of air to snuff in the box.

    The PC double actually performed reasonably well, but is a little awkward to pinch from and you have to almost remove the lid to get in properly

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