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FDA Ruling

Well.... since the FDA is banning a whole dang lot of tobacco products, wondering if anyone can make me cigar and pipe tobacco recommendations to at least have on hand before it goes for good. Also, does anyone know if this affects the importation of snuff?


  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    Got one going already (though it's getting a bit off-topic).
  • If you are considering building a substantial hoard:
    Full bodied cigars are best for aging for long stretches of time. Mild will just turn bland and one-dimensional after a few years. Thus, I'd go for full-bodied and lots of it, to keep in a humidor for a couple decades. If I had to pick one cigar to stockpile, I'd choose Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 in the Consul and Machito vitolas.

    Long-term cellaring of pipe tobacco is best done with Virginia-centric tobaccos. According to those with a lot of experience cellaring long term, Virginias get richer and sweeter, whereas Burleys get milder/blander and Latakias apparently get a bit more diffuse/blurry in their character. Periques probably hold their own well in a VaPer blend, but aromatic cavendish may be quite disappointing in a couple decades. Best in both price and quality for bulk purchase, the Virginia and Navy flakes from Newminster and Peter Stokkebye.

    If you just want to get products that are likely to go off the shelves if the FDA seriously implements this plan as written (assuming the tobacco companies fail to get the law overruled or changed), go for the Liga Privada line of Drew Estate, and pipe blends from Drew Estate, Hearth & Home Signature, and Standard Tobacco Company of Pennsylvania. Those outstanding lines are sure to be completely (or mostly) wiped out, since they all post-date the 2007 cutoff, and I doubt the companies can pay their way through the FDA bureaucracy to get their myriad products approved.

  • @cpmcdill Funny you should mention Drew Estate and H&H... as soon as I heard of the ruling, bought a box of Java, and one every H&H blend that sounded even mildly appetizing.
  • Russ Ouelette, who made pretty much all of the H&H blends, really found his stride after '07. He has been responsible for all of the H&H blends, but also many of the match blends at Pipes & Cigars, and contributed to many of the blends by a few other companies. He is a wizard at creating re-creations of vintage favorites, and often surpasses those goals. He has dozens or hundreds of blends to his credit, and the majority of still-produced blends are post '07. His legacy would be buried if the FDA had its way.

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  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
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