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Vanilla: SG vs Wos vs Toque

Toque ~ Vanilla

This has the standard Toque base and grind, and the vanilla scent works very well with it. It's not a powerful vanilla scent, but does hang around nicely for a short while, better than some Toque snuffs do in my opinion. It's quite a passive scent, and won't eradicate background scents or scents from previous snuffs. It also allows the tobacco to come through quite nicely. This snuff is very easy on the nose, and works well as a change of pace but also remains pleasant after several consecutive pinches.

Wislons of Sharrow ~ Vanilla

The immediate scent here seems bolder than on the Toque version, and there is a little more of a burn too. However, the scent seems to dissipate rather quickly. It does start to creep back somewhat though as it warms in the nose. The scent is slightly sweeter than on the Toque at first, and the tobacco scent doesn't follow through quite as well in my opinion. Again, easy on the nose, and suitable for repeated pinches.

Samuel Gawith ~ Vanilla

The tobacco base here is distinctly different from the other two. Dark, rich, coarse and moist, though just like the other two snuffs, the vanilla scent plays well with the tobacco. The vanilla here takes a backseat to the tobacco and takes a while to warm up in the nose. This again is very easy on the nose, allowing repeated pinches without getting overwhelming.

I like all three. I'd be more likely to carry the SG as a primary snuff for the day due to the grind, and I'd be more likely to grab the Toque or WoS as a change of pace through a day of snuffing something else. Between the WoS and Toque, it's quite close. If I wanted a quick one off blast of vanilla, the WoS is the one to grab, but if it's an hour of easy snuffing because your nose has gotten tired from whatever you were snuffing before, then it's the Toque. If forced to pick one, right at this very minute I'd say the Toque, but ask me again tomorrow or next week and I may well have changed my mind.


  • +1 for Toque Vanilla, layers very nice with Toque USA W&H, and Almond Toast.
  • Thanks for the input. I have only tried Toque Vanilla, I like it very much. But the SG sounds great. I will order some next time for sure. I love the fluffy SG tobacco. No other maker does the fluffy snuff like SG. I have tried about 2/3 of all their offerings and now must try the vanilla. Great review@50ft_trad!
  • Thanks @mrmanos. I hope you enjoy the SG :)

    Talking of layering, if you find the SG vanilla getting your nasal juices flowing a little too much, I find topping off with a pinch or two of the Toque version can help soak it up ;)
  • MarkMMarkM Member
    @50ft_trad - the Vanilla was the first Toque snuff that I bought a 25 g tin of.  There's nothing about it that really makes you sit up and take notice, but to me in a way that's a good thing.  It's very pleasant and easily an all-day snuff.  When I'm at home drinking and relaxing, I'll hit the more hard-core stuff, like F&T HDT, Toque USA W&H, and so on.  But for regular use through the day, I like something that's a bit less obtrusive.
  • @MarkM I don't think the Toque could hold my attention long enough. I have just taken a large pinch, and am thoroughly enjoying it. However, I think maybe three or four consecutive pinches would be the limit for me, and I'd be wanting to move onto something else.

    The SG could probably go it alone through a day, but I'd still be happy to reach for something else upon getting home. However, for me the Toque and WoS need to be part of an array rather than carried alone. I probably feel the same way with a lot of "single scent" snuffs.
  • willcwillc Member
    Out of these 3 I've only tried the Toque and SG.
    I thought both were excellent but very different from each other.
    The SG is very robust with the base tobacco similar to the Scotch Black and the Toque seems sweeter to me with the normal fine grind base.

    Of these two I doubt I could pick a favorite as they both have their own charm.
    At some point I'd like to try the WoS version, I have over a dozen WoS snuffs but that barely scratches the surface of their catalog.

    The only other vanilla snuffs that I have tried would be the Paul Gotard and Stok, and the Stok is pretty unique as it has a bit of menthol thrown in.
  • "Of these two I doubt I could pick a favorite as they both have their own charm"

    I do find that with a lot of snuffs, and try to let another manufacturer have the chance to impress me even if I adore or hate a supposedly similarly scented snuff by someone else. I do read reviews first, but that's mainly to try and avoid mentholated snuffs, or fine dry snuffs. Beyond that our tastes are all different, and I don't put too much faith in other people's opinions of scents :)
  • I tried the Wilson's recently. It's good for sure, but I think I like the Toque best of the three.
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