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Two new Fine Border snuffs.Toque Snuffs

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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Dholakia Swiss Chocolate

TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
edited July 2008 in Types of Snuff
Swiss Chocolate is a new European line of snuff from Dholakia. According to the Dholakia website, Dholakia's European line is developed from specially grown snuff tobacco. Sun cured selected leaves are mixed with water, pure essential oils and flavors. These are specially selected ingredients that make tobacco snuffing a very pleasing experience. European snuff tobacco is advised for the beginner.

This snuff is semi-moist, medium coarse grind, medium-dark brown in color with a medium nicotine content. This snuff is definitely different from the original Dholakia snuffs that are very fine and dry. So it caught me a little by surprise to see a coarser moist snuff. This snuff came in a preloaded bullet. So I figured that would be the way I first try it. I loaded the bullet, turned the valve and could immediately smell the rich chocolate tone. Well I proceeded to take a snuff from the bullet and was blown away. This snuff was incredibly easy on the nose and very flavorful. I was immediately reminded of something with the scent. Imagine making yourself a richly smooth cup of hot chocolate to drink. Now imagine bringing that hot chocolate up to your mouth to take a sip and as the steam rises, your nose is tantalized with the sweet aroma of warm rich chocolate. You then take the sip and that tantalizing aroma has now turned into pure bliss throughout your body as the warm chocolate dances on your tongue and kisses your nose. This is the memory that hit me as I sampled this snuff. I proceeded to take a few more hits from the bullet and could tell right away that my bullet of snuff was not going to last me very long as I will be revisiting this one frequently. The scent is very long lasting and even gives the hanky a delicate chocolate tone. And if your not careful, you could easily sit and snuff the whole bullet of snuff.

On an ending note, this is a very good snuff thats easy to take, easy on the nose with a long lasting chocolate tone. For those that like chocolate, this is a definite must try.


  • stitchstitch Member
    edited July 2008 PM
    sounds delicious!
  • I just had the pleasure of trying this fantastic snuff myself.

    Dholakia really blended up a winner with this particular snuff. It is very hard to add much to Troutstroker's review as he pretty much nailed the experience of trying this snuff right on the head.

    The only thing I would add is that Dholakia did a tremendous job of seperating its flavor from other brands chocolate offerings. What I mean by that is basically that they made thier chocolate offering very unique when compared to Samual Gawith Chocolate and Toque Chocolate which makes a purchase of Dholakia's Swiss Chocolate very worth your while as you will experience chocolate snuff in a different way.

    Once again I say we are very lucky to have snuff blenders working today such as Namrata, Roderick, Jaap and nicky the nose. Over the past couple of years we snuff users have been blessed with an explosion of new products and flavors to try. And I thank all of them for that....
  • bobbob Member
    nicky the nose? Who is that?
  • nicky the nose, is the guy who blends the BeSpoke products. Don't know if he posts here, but that was his name over on the yahoo site.
  • bobbob Member
    still need to try some bespokes as they sound interesting at the least.
  • Bespoke is amazingly good snuff, imho Stephan's Tipple and Gin and Tonic are a must try!
  • Stephan's TIpple, Gin & Tonic and Martian Rose are ones I use on a regular basis. Getting low on the Martian though and thats bad because Mars Cigars doesn't have anymore of it and Snuff Store doesn't carry it either.
  • Troutstroker, Snuff Store did get some new stock from Nicky the Nose, check them out
  • AlexAlex Member
    edited July 2008 PM
    Holding a Swiss Chocolate snuff tin in my hand, I must say the new packaging is very neat. The smell coming out of the closed tin is amazing. The snuff is easy to take (medium grind), doesn't hit your throat and tastes like a good mix of chocolate and coffee. Like sitting in Bern and having a cup of Ovomaltine. Would go well as a room odour, I guess. If it wouldn't be so tasty, I would simply let the tin stand there open. Burns a little in the nose at first, but a must for chocolate lovers. And yes, it tastes Swiss. Merci vielmals!

    EDIT: Low to medium nicotine content, I would say.
  • KimKim Member
    edited August 2008 PM
    This snuff sound so good I'm really looking forward to it being available to the public. I've inquired if Bagnose sorry Nosebag will carry it.
  • Bagnose!
  • I ordered from David, mr snuff, Quit With Snuff, and I've almost finished my first tin. I have to force myself to put the stuff down, it is delicious, unique, lovely, just Swiss Chocolate all the way!! I have another 4 tins in the freezer, so I just go for it, every night.
  • Don't get it mixed up with your Hagen Dasz Pieter!
  • sprangalangsprangalang Member
    edited September 2008 PM
    I love this snuff. I have some with me today.
    It is just the sweetest, creamiest, tastiest chocolate snuff I've ever had. Easy on my weak nose, easy to take. A real winner! I must order some before my sample runs out!
  • Dholakia is making some mean snuff at the moment, each one in the new range is fantatsic.
  • Have you tried the QWS ones yet snuffster?
  • Now if you could just get the Swiss Chocolate with a nic level equal to Spanish Jewel.
  • Kunugaa, I have the QWS Apricot, it's an amazing snuff. David sent me the sample with my Swiss Chocolate order. I will for sure order some more, once I've used up what I've got. Lovely stuff, soft on the nose, nice, lingering aroma.
  • Does anyone know where the new range is available in the UK?
  • I've heard that there is some shipping problems at the moment, but keep a look out on Snuff & Snuff.Me.UK.
  • if you email me I can ship to anywhere. I just have to do it manually (rather than through the website) as I did for Pieter.

    Pieter....thanks for the comments. Much appreciated.
  • Anybody with reviews, Quit With Snuff is up at From the samples I have tried so far, they are great! I highly recommend them.
  • snuffdogsnuffdog Member
    edited October 2008 PM
    Beautiful snuff, soft and smooth in my nose, and easy to sniff a lot of! Fortunately I've not OD'ed on this so I take it the nicotine's at a reasonable level. Perfect no-cal replacement for the bag of chips when relaxing and watching a movie. I find this one to be the richest of all the chocolate snuffs I've had yet but I can still taste the tobacco. Doing a whole bullet in a sitting is way too easy, and so is refilling it! Hopefully it'll be available in bulk.
  • I love this snuff. Period. Nothing to touch it in the chocolate field
  • Older thread but this snuff hasn't changed apparently!
    I am a self avowed choco-holic. Cheaper than Prozac and a lot more fun.

    Puts me in mind of the smell of a rich chocolate fudge brownie at the moment you take a bite. While the chocolate scent is at once full, deep and rich in this snuff, Dholakia has managed to achieve a balance in that the tobacco aroma rides along as a comfortable companion.

    Long lasting in the nose, this is an excellent snuff for DIY snuff cocktails. I like using non-mentholated fruit snuffs such as orange or lemon.
  • Their Orange Chocolate, or is it Chocolate Orange? is very good too. Temptation brand.
  • I'd actually just had that one pointed out to me yesterday tom.

    My wish list just keeps getting longer by the day! (-;
    A follow up pinch of Toques St Clements will have to suffice for now.
  • It's Orange Chocolate, though I don't really detect much citrus, mostly just Chocolate.

    I haven't tried the Swiss Chocolate yet, and probably won't until my 25g tin of Orange Chocolate is gone, but Orange Chocolate is probably my favorite dessert snuff.

    I love it with a cup of coffee, or with milk and chocolate chip cookies.... Yum!

    The only thing I don't like about the Orange Chocolate is the backdrip. But I can usually keep it in the front of my nose and/or blow out before it drips back.

    Is the Swiss Chocolate similar regards to the backdrip?
  • It does that to me as well puffpuff.
    Small pinch, wait, blow, repeat (-;
  • OTD, a bit of St Clements is awesome mixed up with the Swiss Chocolate.
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