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Prayers, please

My wife Kathryn is in the hospital with dangerously low blood pressure and some other blood related issues.  Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.


  • So sorry to hear that. My wife has had several bouts with life threatening episodes (necrotizing faciitus, sepsis). The feeling of helplessness is overbearing. She's in my thoughts and prayers.
  • Wishing her a safe speedy recovery.
  • Prayers are on their way.  And thoughts and well wishes heading to you guys!
  • Best wishes from the UK, Chef. My Father has had similar issues over the last 18 months, and has had us all worried a few times.
  • Oh, that's terrible, Daniel. I wish her the best and will keep you both in my thoughts.
  • fj1988fj1988 Member
    Best wishes and good luck to you both.
  • rafgalrafgal Member
    My wife and me wish the best for you both. Salud  (Health)
  • Best wishes to you and your wife Daniel!  I hope it's an easy fix and a quick stay for her.
  • Best wishes to you both, Chef.
  • My thoughts and best wishes for your wife and you, Daniel.
  • Wishing a full recovery, as quickly as possible.

  • dan11dan11 Member
    Sending positive vibes your way, get well soon :)

  • TobeTobe Member
    Wishing your wife a speedy recovery, Chef.
  • orionorion Member
    I wish her the best my friend. May all be well soon.
  • MouseMouse Member
    holding Kathryn 'n you in the Light
  • Best wishes and healing energy for your wife.
  • You and your wife will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  • Sending good vibrations from the other side of the Atlantic. Hoping your wife will be up to speed in no time.

    Stay strong chef, best wishes.
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    Hoping they know what happened and that she gets better.
  • Best wishes to your wife and to yourself Daniel.  You're in our thoughts and prayers.
  • Daniel, I wish you and your wife all the best and strength in these difficult times.

    Jaap Bes.

  • Positive vibes sent your way. I hope everything works out with her recovery
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • tboyertboyer Member
    Hope things are improving
  • Prayers & Good thoughts for your wife Kathryn .
  • Good news.  Kathryn comes home tomorrow.  She's not out of the woods yet, and will need several follow ups, but at least she'll be home.  She needs to gain some weight and is on a high protein diet along with several meds to get her blood chemistry balanced.  She's still weak but they say that will change with the weight gain.  Her spirits are good and she can't wait to come home and see her furry four legged babies.

    Thank you all for your kind thoughts.  It really has helped.
  • fredhfredh Member
    Hi Daniel,

    Just saw your thread. Great to hear that she is improving even though not out of the woods.

    Nothing like pets to cheer you up.

    Connie and I wish both of you the very best

  • Glad to hear the good news!  Rest assured you guys will remain in my prayers.
  • Great news! Happy for you both.
  • Good to hear, Chef. Best wishes for a speedy recovery
  • MouseMouse Member
    Here's to a speedy recovery; a pinch of raspberry snuff in Kathryn's honor.
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