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Cooking with snuff

Anyone have any experience with cooking with snuff? I read in a book about cigars being used in rubs and as a garnish, but I've honestly been thinking about putting FUBAR Doolali Tap on my eggs in the morning, or using Viking Dark in rubs.


  • Lots of people suggest bohica as a condiment
  • People cook with plenty of other herbs, so why not this one too
  • I have tried a small amount of bohica on a poached egg and in hot chocolate - quite pleasant. I will try a larger dose next time.
  • I remember reading here about someone dying from snuff positioning so I would check that out first.

    There are stories in out cominituy of someone very pious that would put snuff on his food so he would not get any worldly pleasure from it. 
  • I love snuff but I don't love it that much!
  • No reason not too! The drip goes down your throat and into your stomach. If you have a current stomach condition you should have it repaired . Baking soda works wonders for controlling acids.  I had mentioned Bohica the first year it came out. I have dipped it on several occasions, sprinkled it on hot cocoa. and on chili con carne.  

    Used as a seasoning it shouldn't be a problem. Now using 100 grams that may get you sick

    Just be sensible with consumption.  
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
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