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Toque vaping tobacco

I received two samples of Roderick's new vaping tobacco. I've used pipe tobacco (Lanes Vanilla, Pax's berry blend) and local tobacco shop blends in my various devices. I've also used the Pax Ploom Model Two with their tobacco pods and own a Philip Morris IQOS cigarette heat not burn device with their Marlboro heatsticks. So I have some experience with vaping tobacco. First off, I tried Roderick's regular and menthol in my Pax2 at the second setting and was amazed at the rich flavor of pure tobacco that I got from it. I actually preferred his menthol blend in it. Next up I tried each in my Davinci Ascent and Davinci Classic at the 300 F level. I got a nice full rich tobacco flavor which increased as I bumped up the temp setting to 340 F. Finally I used my Smart on demand convection vaporizer and found that it seemed to work so much better with Roderick's samples compared to the pipe tobaccos that I've used in the past. I also tried cigarette tobacco with each and found that to be really harsh. To summarize, the Toque vaping tobacco provides a superior experience in my opinion compared to any of the choices out there. I didn't need to vape for long periods of time in contrast to vaping eliquids due to the full tobacco alkaloids.


  • Thanks for the post Larry, good to hear from another tobacco vaper.  The vape Toque sounds amazing, it doesn't appear to be available from their website yet tho.

    I switched from burning to vaporizing American Spirit rolling tobacco ten years ago.  Love it, but it's not as convenient as just smoking it.  However, once I understood that tobacco doesn't need to be heated up at all to get at the nicotine, I switched to snuffing snuff last month.

    Nasal snuff is great but sometimes lung hits do seem more appropriate, for example after a meal, before a workout, or when in polite society.  I just hope this new vape snuff doesn't attract tobacco duty.  Anyone know when can we expect it to hit the shops?  
  • I received the two tins as an evaluation sample to see if later Roderick would start to offer these on his site. I enjoy both nasal snuff and Swedish snus for the flavor variety and discreetness factor but really do miss the experience of a cigarette. Roderick's vaping tobacco gives me the same experience in a better package compared to combustibles. Philip Morris has the IQOS which you can buy if you happen to live in Russia, Italy, Japan or Switzerland.
  • TriffidTriffid Member
    edited June 2016 PM
    Better package?  I'm gonna disagree, the only advantage vaporizing tobacco has over cigarettes is that vapour won't kill you, but smoke probably will.  In all other regards smoking is the better delivery method.
    Vaporizers are not particularly efficient at extracting all the goodies from tobacco.  I use far more tobacco in the vape than I ever smoked, and I am left with sacks of vaped tobacco that I'm not sure what to do with.
    IQOS looks good and Philip Morris has the money for research and design.  However, I see that it uses cigarettes.   That would be a problem for me because I refuse to pay duty on the tobacco I vape.  That tax is levied on harmful habits, but smokeless nicotine like e-cigs and snuff are meant to be exempt.
    Also, portable vaporizers will never be as good as home units and that is a problem for a drug as addictive as nicotine.  I do not want to have to be inside hooked up to a mains-powered vaporizer all the time, but the portables have insufficient battery life for all-day tobacco use.  And they cost an absolute fortune, between two and six hundred pounds.  That is why snuff is so useful.
    Finally, I am worried about the ammonia in tobacco vapour.  Ammonia burns off a lit cigarette before it is inhaled, but it remains present in the vapour.  Water filtration helps but is not portable.
    Despite all this, I do hope very much that Roderick will go to market with his vape snuff.  I doubt that I could have quit smoking without the vaporising tobacco.  There is no online tobacco vape community resources anywhere so commercialising it would benefit everyone.
  • TriffidTriffid Member
    edited June 2016 PM
    The IQOS does look revolutionary tho, thank for the heads up on that.  
  • I have Marlboro regular, balanced and menthol heat sticks from Japan as well as Parliament from Russia. I've found that I get the nicotine and other tobacco alkaloids from these heat sticks and they're in a convenient package. The IQOS holder charger case lasts for 20 heat sticks before it has to be recharged. The holder itself lasts for one 6 minute session (14 inhales) before it has to be put back in the charger case for a charge. I tried vaping American Spirit tobacco in my Davinci and PAX2 and found it to be harsh. What did you do to make it less so? Snuff and snus do offer the goods in a lot more discreet package. On a plane I can take a pinch or a portion without any of the passengers noticing.
  • TriffidTriffid Member
    edited June 2016 PM
    I just put up with the harshness at first, it reminded me of smoking.  However after running my desktop vaporiser hose through a bubbler with a decent percolator I was converted and would not vape at home without it.  The difference is night and day.  The vapour is cool and moist so that you can take huge hits and blow giant clouds.  You'd just need to get any silicone hose with 6mm internal diameter (if you're gonna use the DaVinci), I used eBay.  And then stick the other end into whatever bong you can get your hands on.  You won't be disappointed, and artisan glassware will begin appearing on your shopping list.  A setup like that is basically an electric shisha, shisha done right should vaporize the tobacco.
  • Or you could just buy the VapeXhale Cloud Evo.  Least harsh vape I ever used.
  • For American Spirit rolling tobacco the best vape was ViVape2 through water. Careful you don't OD tho.
  • I've never tried vaping tobacco, though I regularly vape cannabis oil from the local pot shop. I'd like to try the vape shisha myself.
  • ^ local pot shop.... lucky bastard!
  • ^^damn right
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