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CHEAP South African snuffs in UK

I found an online store earlier today which is selling SA snuffs cheap!!! And I mean CHEAP!!!

NTSU Black, NTSU Green and Taxi Menthol in packs of 12 x 15g tubs for 10.99 GBP. That's less than a pound for a tub, or just over 1/3 of the price of the usual outlet. No individual tubs offered though.

I've not ordered from them, so don't know what the service or delivery charges are like. Just wanted to get the info out there for UK snuffers who like coarse snuffs with HIGH nicotine levels.

If anyone places an order with them, please leave feedback here to let others know what their service and postal charges are like. Cheers guys.


  • In SA they $.50 each at the local stores. And they make a profit.
    It's not the having, it's the getting. Elizabeth Taylor

  • Wow! That is cheap. I still think these are a great bargain though. 15g tubs for less than the price of 5g WoS tubs which of course don't have the expense of importing. If I had the spare cash, I'd certainly give them a go
  • Hi I just had a look at their website, and assuming I've got the correct one, there's no snuff or other tobacco products on there at all that I could see..... :((
  • Correction - just found it helpfully filed under "Health & beauty aids"!  Who'd have thought it!
  • Looks like you just beat me to it :D
  • Well I ordered 12 tubs of NTSU on Friday.  Received them on Monday following.  If you like SA snuff, i can't fault either the price or the delivery speed, bearing in mind this is within the UK.  Thanks to @50ft_trad for mentioning this site.
  • Excellent! Good to hear the service is good. Thanks for the update @Vostok
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