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How many grams do you snuff daily?

Just wondering what kind of fiends ( I mean aficionados ) we have.
I vary but I think I'm around 5-7 grams a day. Sometimes a bit higher or lower.
Is that a lot?
What's your usage?


  • I'd say 3-5, sometimes a little lower.
  • JernejJernej Member
    0.5-2, depends on the the type of snuff, what I'm doing that day etc.
  • MarkMMarkM Member
    Probably around 3 grams a day at most if I'm primarily snuffing.  (I'm guessing, since I rotate among various tins, and therefore I can't judge just from seeing the level drop in a tin.)  On days when I'm hitting the pipe pretty hard, it might be 1 gram or less.
  • I'm with Jernej..  0.5-2 daily.
  • fj1988fj1988 Member
    Maybe 3g. Seems an awful lot more than that when I'm givin' it some hammer whilst watching teevee and supping ale of an evening but the tins seem to empty sooo slowly. How's that work?
  • It varies massively here.

    As a rolling average over the last month since quitting cigs, I've probably done maybe 4-5g a day, maybe as high as 10+ on some days when the cravings were intense (which really made my nose hurt).

    Today has been pretty light use, and for no particular reason. It's now 6pm, and I wouldn't be surprised if I've used less than 1g so far. For reference, I've also had one pipe bowl and about 1.5ml of 18mg vape juice. Not bad considering I was smoking 30+ per day.

    I expect to settle down to a rolling average of around 2-3g, but it could still easily vary from 0.5g to 5g+
  • I'd guess in the neighborhood of 3-5
  • TobeTobe Member
    Maybe 3 grams once a week, but 1 gram or less most days.
  • I wear more than I get to stick in my nose .Does that count? rolling on the floor laughing out loud =))
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Considering how much is in a 10g tin, I probably don't exceed a gram, but I take so many different snuffs throughout the day so it's hard to tell.  I'm going with 1g.
  • I agree, it's very difficult to estimate usage when you're bouncing between many different varieties. I tend to think in terms of the 5g WoS tins when estimating, and how long one of those would last me. Another way is how long a Mr Snuff Roccoco snuffbox would last, which holds about the same ammount.

    I've still not figured out how much my normal pinch size equates to in weight
  • I think 7gr would be my high side. I think my true average is around 5gr. I tested this by packing a small Old Mill tin full of HDT. And only used this one day and killed definitely more than half that tin
  • I would say on a good day any where between 2/4 Grams within a day if I am crazy busy at work. Keeps me going. 8-}
  • willcwillc Member
    Maybe a gram or so a day.
    I snus also so sometimes the snuff gets neglected just because snus is more convenient at times.
  • willcwillc Member
    edited June 2016 PM
  • I use as average 0.5 - 1 gr but i vape also. I don't use tobacco in other forms than snuff.
  • Anywhere from 0.5g to +5g.  It varies greatly depending on my mood and how many other tobacco products I use that day.
  • Not very much at all. I never was a cigarette smoker, so I don't crave nicotine. I do smoke pipes and cigars so I do like my nicotine, just not one of those people who can't live without it. Snuff gives me the nicotine I want and the bit of alertness it gives me.
  • A reasonably researched estimate would be 6g to 7g per day. None of this ever ends up all over my shirt front, the dashboard and floor of my car, my desk and keyboard at work, nor the kitchen table, floor etc.etc. etc. Lol !!!
  • @Omgroma, dashboard! I only have to clean my car interior regularly , not due to my little kids, but due to my White Elephant habit. Hehe
  • I haven't gotten the hand of pinching at the wheel yet. It just doesn't feel right to me, probably due to how I snuff. I have tried, but I tend to end up wearing it, or snuffing too hard, or just not enjoying it.

    It's not so much that snuffing adversely affects my driving, but that driving adversely affects my snuffing :P
  • @50ft_trad , yeah I snuff when stopped. If I tried to do it while driving, would probably not end well. I can snuff SG coarse snuffs without looking and spilling but the fine Whites are another story. Might be more dangerous than texting and driving.
  • Haha you bring up a good point @50ft_trad.  I use my keychain snuff flask on the road, but if I'm trying to do it while actually driving, I usually wind up with a tablespoon of HDT in my boxcar, snuff all over my face, and no free hand to do anything about it.  
  • @jmahes @SeanOCDPx I took a pinch whilst out walking earlier today, and made a mess of that too X_X I certainly seem to fare better when static.
  • SkeGSkeG Member
    5 grams a day. I tested it once and a fully packed 10g tin lasted pretty much two days. Not much variation there either. :)
  • @50ft_trad, that's why l I like my fave brown coat- can't tell when snuff is all over it :-)
  • I would say about 1g per day. Probably will increase when I quit smoking completely.
  • I snuff tobacco not Grams. It's a disgusting hobby but then again, I am a disgusting person in some peoples eyes ,but I don't judge. Just another Joe, here at Snuffhouse. They don't know what their missing. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I use approximately 1-3 grams a day, lesser on weekdays, more on weekends. 
  • I'd have to say around 5 grams now. I've almost finished a 25g tin of SG Elmos Reserve I received about a week ago, though that being said it is Elmos Reserve!
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