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How many grams do you snuff daily?



  • EffyEffy Member
    I need to show this to my wife - I recently finished a 10g Gletscher Prise and am almost through a 5g Ozona............the Prise I bought at least 6 weeks ago and the Ozona maybe 4 weeks ago.  I use a few others very occasionally (hmmmm, Alpina!), but the bulk of my snuffing is from those two.  

    I thought I was hitting it fairly hard, but you are all putting me to shame.  I am a mere amateur compared!
  • best i could guess, maybe 25g a week
  • I'd say 10 - 15 but I have opened and finished off a 25g tin of Samuel Gawith : Banana in a day ! I hope I don't get Addicted !
  • Haha, are you guys snuffing with a funnel or something ? What kind of freaky noses do you have ?
    I don't think I could snuff over a gram a day without drinking alcohol, which really sucks.
    When I was a smoker I would smoke between 3-7 cigs a day, more would make me feel extremely intoxicated. 
    With snuff I even tried to up my tolerance because I enjoy it that much, but too much just makes me feel nauseous very quick.
    Not being able to snuff as much as I want is distressing, I want to take bigger pinches.

  • A 5g-tin lasts a week for me :)
    I am new to snuff-taking but can see the amount increasing over the new months.
  • My consumption rate still varies wildly, but I calculate how long my stash will last based on 2g per day. If I stuck to just one snuff, I reckon a 10g tin would probably last me anywhere between three days and a whole week.

    If I use much more than 3 or 4 grams in a day, I can end up with a snuff hangover the following morning. They're not fun. Feels like I've had a monster drinking session. Rather surprising considering this time last year I was smoking 30+ cigs per day.
  • @Effy - Yes, Effy show this to you wife. Did you? I am now snuffing around 1.5-2 grams a day. 5.5 months since I started
  • yisraeldovyisraeldov Member
    edited April 2017 PM
    I'm really a light weight. It takes me forever to finish a tin, and I never buy big tins ( except for jaxon's queens special ). And this is with me sharing them with my friends.

  • Depends on how it sits if I have to wipe my nose a lot maby a g if it's a good day at least 2-3
  • never used the snuff. :^o
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • somewhere around 3-5 gr depending on which snuff and if I'm not too distracted
  • funny i've actually lowered my usage throughout the year.....i think I'm doing less overall in a day but snuffing more frequently  
  • I'm now at around 3-5 grams a day.
  • I'd say 1-2 grams a day with a couple bowls of strong pipe tobacco in the evening.

    On the weekends, I start smoking my pipe with coffee in the morning and may not snuff all day.

  • lately a bit over ten a day.
  • then again I've been on a see what happens if I just use snuff for a while kick. No pipe no snus. 
  • my consumption is still very low, but I noticed an interesting contrast a while ago, as I was alternating between viking blonde and F&T old paris. blonde is super quaffable, easy to take, lowish nicotine, and short lived scent, whereas old paris is somewhat the opposite. I could probably use 5x more viking blond in a day, and could see myself getting 2g up the schnozz easily. Old paris, 2 grams lasted me over 6 days.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Maybe .2 - .5 grams a day. I wish I used more snuff and smoked less.

  • I still average about 2g per day, so with my stash I'm going to be OK for the next decade or so.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    My friend says he averages nearly 1 kg a day. Hes exaggerating a little bit, but he took half of a 5g wos tin in one sniff so he cant be far off.
    Whenever I have a snuff I dont like, I give it to him, but I also let him sample my other snuffs.
    Hes being weird though, yesterday I let him sample a dip-size amount of bohica, and now he doesnt wanna try my other snuffs..? Hes a weird one.

  • The quantities people are claiming are truly astounding. WOW!!
  • @Rogue, How can you even fit 2.5 g of snuff in a nose.
  • I could somehow envision it being done, but the bigger question to me is WHY? So you jam 2.5 grams in, at most, a quarter gram will have a chance to get moisturized and thus nicotine absorbed in the nose. I would teach him how to properly insufflate, and save him at the very least 90% of his snuff outlay

  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @yisraeldov the same way he did a massive amount of bohica: crammed it up there.

  • im snuffing more and more these days. ive cut down on all my other tobaccos. looking at my stash that at one point i thought was huge. now i look at it and wished i did more panic buying!   :((
  • 7-8 grams a day here..
  • @marc1000 wow! that is a lot how do you manage backdrip if i take huge amounts of any snuff its going to run down after a while and depending on snuff taste bitter
    how big is a pinch/dose for you ?

    i must say the thunder abri cool i finished last week (10g in about 7 days most  i ever snuffed) kind of put my tolerance bar a lot higher and now i find me taking bigger bumps of any snuff
  • @SunnyDay i take 2 good size bumps but not huge. i alternate with each pinch from one side to the other back and forth inhaling very slightly until gone. every once in awhile i get backdrip if i take too much too fast on any given nostril.I have it pretty balanced now to not get a lot of backdrip though.Its about 7-8 on a full day from sun up to sun down though.
  • 3g to 5g, depending on how busy I am, or how drunk I am or if it's one of those nights where i  would kill for a cigarette.
  • @captainblackboogers

    try the thunder nasal snuff guys maybe you like them i love them for their nicotine and how they can be consumed careless and mess free (unlike dusty whites or coarse south africans that would deliver the same)
    for me its so much more fun when i can sniff careless and deep

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