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snuff and tobacco jewish law

note the brotherhood that seems to have existed between jews and muslims. Im not saying it doesnt exists in some places today


  • Yes, I loved that detail of Jews, prohibited from smoking on the Sabbath, visiting "Mohammedan neighbors for the sake of the tobacco smoke in their houses."  Glad to see that snuff could be used at any time ... :)
  • Buzz Bubble gum was made for the Jewish Holiday .Well at lease that was my understanding.
    It's not the having, it's the getting. Elizabeth Taylor

  • dasrdasr Member
    edited June 2016 PM
    the rabbi and his friend are enjoying some snuff
  • Roderick has mentioned a few times he has a few Jewish customers that LOVE Toque Cheese and Bacon. 
  • the question is if the cheese and bacon is kosher.

  • Cheese and Bacon is fine, if you bury the tin when it's empty.
  • dasrdasr Member
    edited June 2016 PM
    I like this name of the pipe  "For example, Shivhei Habesht, [3] the legendary biography of the Baal Shem Tov, refers to the famous lulke [4] which the founder of the hasidic movement used to smoke."
  • Very interesting, I'll have to try that Buzz Bubblegum, even if it's on Saturday!
  • @basement_shaman Why do you think that "Buzz" was made for a Jewish holiday ? It says on the tin "Smelling Tobacco" in Hebrew, but there is no connection between bubble gum and any Jewish holidays. What I have noticed is that frum ( religious ) Israelis like bubble gum "Bazooka" flavor, but I can't stand it.

    Here there is lots of cheap, Takbik ( snuff ). Comes in little plastic containers mostly super sweet flavors like banana and bazooka. Jerusalemites like more of the medicated snuffs.

    But this is only Charadim ( Ultra-Ortodox, like me ). The non-religious have no idea what it is. I had a friend yesterday ask me if non-jews even know what Tabik ( snuff ) is. 

    There is a song that we sing after the holiday of Simchas Torah, that talks about who we are, one of the lines loosely translates to "We are snuff users".
  • @dasr

    That should be the "Rebbe" not "Rabbi"
  • mrmanosmrmanos Member
    Is that tin of Buzz especially labeled for sale in Israel? @yisraeldov, thats interesting about Tabik. Is it used by many in Israel? Or is it something only old men do? Are its origins European? Snuff seems to be used by many different cultures, and it has different origins in different places. For example, I have often wondered if the Indian snuff market was started by the British, or if has indigenous history. Fascinating subject! That line from the song, "We are snuff users", is that an ancient Hebrew song? Very interesting.
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