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Where to get smash boxes and snuff boxes?

PsickoPsicko Member
edited June 2016 in Snuff Accessories
Hello, I'm trying to find smash boxes and travel snuff boxes available stateside. I don't want to put an order of a few smash boxes and a snuff box through Mr Snuff if I can help it. Also, I'll take ideas for any item that can be repurposed for those as well.


  • Ebay can have boxes at times.

    Also - I found that fountain pen ink sample tubes are awesome for snuff - just not box-like.  Travel well and keeps it fresh.

    someone here at SH posted these once, and I ordered 50.  Great for travel, sending samples/trading, and a 10g tin of WoS will decant into 2-3 of them.

  • Amazon has the Rococo snuffboxes for $7.99 +$4.49 shipping (not prime elegable). They are fantastic.
  • @DireWolf I'll second the ink vials.  I bought 50 as well and they are regularly in my rotation.
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited June 2016 PM
    Thanks for the info. I went to michaels art store, found some glitter mixing tubes, but they don't look like they could hold up. I'll give the ink vials a try and check amazon.
  • Are 1/9oz or 1/20oz lacons smash boxes better? You can get 50 for $10 shipped on eBay and it's tempting me. Thinking about putting regulars in them and less frequents in the Goulet vials.

    Right now I just have one smash box from a ear plug kit. Works well and stays fresh for about a week but kind of boring only having one snuff.
  • @Mrstarfire the other day I was looking at these same ones. I haven't pulled the trigger, I was thinking about buying some 1/9 oz ones to check them out.
  • These seem like they would work nicely for carrying around a days worth of snuff.://
  • The only reason why I wouldn't want those is because the lids aren't attached. The lacon ones have attached lids and make them easier to use with less fuss. However, if that doesn't bother you, then that looks like a good deal.
  • I've had some success with those that @clayhunter06 mentioned.  I unscrewed them part way, drilled a hole, and that way they kind of work like a little Silver Dollar tap tin.  
  • @Psicko I've been leaning that way myself. More room for fingers and less chance of spilling. But 50 is a lot of boxes.. Do you know how long snuff would stay fresh in them? It would be nice to just keep a stash of them ready and rotate carries as needed.
  • the good thing about the lacons is that they have various diameter containers, I see they have 1.25, 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5 diameter containers that is short enough to carry during the day from what I can tell:

    The link posted shows the different diameters available. that site only has mass amounts for sale, im using it to show the sizes.

  • @Basement_shaman, awesome. thanks. Have you used any of the flip top containers from freund containers per chance? I was looking at them and wasn't sure which ones would be good for smash boxes.

    I was debating between this one:

    and this one:

  • @Psicko No I have only checked them out .I don't need any.  I have a large snuffbox collection probable over 100. But if I was looking for one to use; I go with the 2 inch x .6 inch . 14 grams is plenty for a days worth and that size should be easy to get a big pinch.
     I am too clumsy for using Smash boxes. I would freak if I went to open it and the snuff went flying. I would have to super glue a penny onto the bottom for it stocked out so i could pin it down while i fumble opening the lid part. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • mrstarfiremrstarfire Member
    edited June 2016 PM
    Found this site: ;
    They have different sizes and different brands in samples of 6 for $15 shipped. Seems reasonable to me though I have not verified the site. 

    What's the smallest diameter most of you can comfortably pinch from? I need to measure my current container as it's definitely hard to get my fingers into. 2 inches sounds big as does 14 grams. How do you go through that in a day without ending up on the floor?

    Just measured my box. 1.5in diameter x 0.6in height. @basement_shaman is the man.
  • I found the lacon 0.5 oz 2 inch diameter flip top containers 16.00 after shipping for 25 count. I just bought a pack. I won't be needing 25, but that was the best bang for the buck for a small amount of them and shipping was not ridiculous. Here is the link:
  • @Psicko thanks for the link! Mine came today and they look perfect! Much better price then what I found.
  • Welcome. I ordered some too. Unfortunately I had a hiccup with paypal. PayPal inexplicably reverted back to my old address as the primary. I have to call them in the am and see what can be done.

    Love these boxes. They're pretty and come in all kinds of sizes. My little one dovetails and can fit in my changepocket. It holds a day or two's worth of snuff (for me at least).
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