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Pinch, Tap, or Spoon?

I use a tap box on the back of my hand probably 90% of the time. The rest of the tIme I use a snuff spoon. I hate pinching it because it always gives me a huge burn. I love the rococo snuff boxes that you find on Mr. Snuff and Amazon. i own 4 of them. I found the perfect spoon for like 7 bucks at a head shop. I think they are used for marijuana waxes but it i's amazing as a snuff spoon
What does everyone else prefer? 


  • I pinch! I feel I have the most control with this method. Plus I just really like the feel of it, the texture on my fingers. Though, I like a dry snuff, if I was using a moist snuff I'd probably grab a spoon.
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  • dan11dan11 Member
    I pinch 100% of the time, any snuff. Back of hand or spoon or boxcar always sends the snuff too high, but I can take huge pinches no problem, often 3-4 big pinches in each nostril at a time.
  • Pinch!
  • Pinching blows my face off, everytime. Just can't get the hang of it. No, a gigantic pile on the back of my hand, a finger closing off the unused nostril and a succession of short, sharp sniffs gets the lot up no problem.
  • 90% of the time i use my boxcar or tap it onto the back of my hand. Mostly because i carry several of my FlickBOXs with me every day. 

    The other 10% of the time is usually sitting at home reaching for a tin of toast, an american scotch, or an indian white, all of which i find much more pleasant if pinched. Several artisan snuffs i've found benefit greatly from a bit of warming time in the pinch, like Old Mill Sugarbush.
  • I like the Pinch. Even if I use a spoon to get the snuff out of a tin it goes into my other palm and the it's pinched.
    Once in a blue moon I like the boxcar method too. Good way to get a lot of snuff up there!
  • I usually boxcar it or my anatomical snuff box. Most of my snuff is in containers that are too narrow for me to pinch out of, or in a tap box.
  • I use a metal Revlon nail care implement. It has a small spoon on one side, and a big flat shovel on the other.
  • I need to start using my boxcar more often. I always go for the back of my hand but after a few taps just now, I kind of like it. Maybe for the Coarser grinds and my hand for the finer grinds 
  • I pinch everything for control, even if it comes outta a tap-box.
  • SvHSvH Member
    I'm just starting snuff. The first way I learned was the back of my hand and the boxcar method. But now I like the pinch method the best because i gives me the most control. But well, I'm just a starter, so probably it will change several times in the near future...
  • Always used the pinch method...
  • edited June 2016 PM
    depends on the snuff. they are all good methods. Black Snuffs and Schmalzlers use a spoon. pinch I waste more on my chest then gets into the nose but I will employ it. Boxcar gets used often as well as back of hand depends on the humidity snuff don't stick as much to the thumb nail.
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  • willcwillc Member
    I always pinch but never directly from the box or tin.
    I use a spoon to take it from container and pour it on the web of my hand and pinch from that.
  • Mostly pinch, and I keep a snuffmaster with me for when I'm driving.
  • The more I snuff the more I am gravitating to the pinch. Almost been at it a year now.

    When I started the spoon was my favorite, but it's really nice having all your snuffing accessories attached to you.
  • Pinch only. I used spoons occasionally with White Elephant and Dholakia White but I've completely lost my taste for those so no need. I did , however have two super nice spoons handmade by members of this forum. One was brass and the other was ebony. Both are dearly missed.
  • My previous answer was just one word. Pinch!

    The pinch still remains my preference, although there is a slight update. When I fill my snuffbox with nice moist snuff, I will use the pinch, and keep doing so until the snuff starts to dry out and get a little dusty. Before, I used to set that snuffbox aside for the day, and put it into a tupperware box to rehydrate overnight.

    I've now found, that if the quantity of snuff isn't worth rehydrating, that I can more comfortably used the slide door on the snuffbox and use up the rest of the snuff off the thumbnail (using what many here call the box car technique). It's also useful for consuming the last dregs from the snuffbox, when you can't get your fingers into the corner.

    I still prefer the pinch though.
  • After all these votes for pinching got me trying it for the past few days and i decided i do prefer it. i change my vote to pinch!
  • I never used to pinch (only used back of hand)until I got into taxi and black rapee. Now I sometimes take normal snuffs from the pinch, mostly because I can't find a good tapbox.
  • I was boxcar exclusively for several months, but now I'm a pincher.  I only boxcar if my fingers are too... unsavory... to take a pinch.
  • I'm split between pinch or back of the hand depending on the snuff. Toast will get a spoon if I am at home as it clumps if I pinch... Never got into the boxcar for whatever reason... Started with the back of my hand in '98 and got used to it!
  • FischTixFischTix Member
    edited July 2016 PM
    I posted previously that I only use the pinch method. I did, however, make this little fella at work today for my wife @Kaitlandia. I think it turned out pretty decent. image
  • It turned out great I love it! Thank you! It works great for my tiny nose holes lmao @FischTix
  • I was lucky enough to find a snuff spoon so i'm waiting to see what arrives first.  The snuff or the snuff spoon.  I'm a complete novice so we'll see how this goes.  I figure i'll use a spoon because i'm dealing with moist snuff
  • Well... I use them all three :D

    40 % tapping
    30 % pinching
    25 % spoon

    5 % use to hit the ground ... on some snuff more than on others... mostly schmalzlers which I take from the back of my hand frequently use to roll off the back of my hand.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 25 PM
    @Humppa, have you tried boxcar for schmai? I prefer this way for coarse ones and those KB-like. No rolling off!
  • @volunge - Yes I almost tried it and I like it. But with Schmalzler I prefer the back-of-the-hand method. Being very traditional in the bavarian way - I use my Schmalzlers out of a porcellan flask with the bavarian crest on one side on the face of Konig Ludwig II on the other.

    Being honest - usually it is not about 5 % of loss. Kinda joking there.
  •   I pinch just comes natural to me.  every once in awhile i boxcar or sniff off the back of the hand but with most snuffs i pinch except for Otto Shcmalzler and Taxi Blue which i just unceremoniously stuff up my nose.
  • My preference is for the pinch. I have the most control and get the best aroma that way, plus I can do it without any thought. But my bulk snuffs are kept in vials, so I end up using the back of my hand a fair amount. I'd eventually like to learn the art of the spoon though... would be nice to avoid the finger cleaning after every pinch when reading a book, typing, etc.
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