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Toque Flask (dumb?) Question

I did search the 'house before asking, so I'm not sure if this was discussed here. Maybe the answer to my question is so obvious that no one asked it before.

What is the rectangle of metal between the Toque flask and clip?


  • SeanOCDPxSeanOCDPx Member
    edited June 2016 PM
    I think it must just be some needless piece of packing material.  I don't recall it being on my flask when I got it, but it's definitely not on there now.  Mine says "Private Reserve" on it, and is roughly the size of a 10g Toque tin.  I have the bulkiest keychain in town, but at least I always have some HDT.  
  • It is to prevent the keyring from rubbing up against the flask and scratching it during shipping.
  • Great, @n9inchnails. I would think there would be an easier, cheaper solution.
  • edited June 2016 PM
    I don't recall a metal piece of even if it is metal could be cardboard .But I seen the picture. Once it is in your pocket with keys attached or hanging out like I like to wear it for easy access. It's going to get scratches anyhow.Unless you anal about it and carry it in a soft pouch. I carry my sterling silver box filled with W&H in a velvet pouch. It's a pain in the ass but i like how it shines and want to keep it scratch free.
     I love my Toque flask. Mine is filled with Almond Toast. Last time it was Quit and when it needs refilling again. Then back to A.T.  Since those two I buy in bulk.  I been wanting another one or two so I can switch things up when I want to grab and go. The flask keeps the snuff real fresh for a long time. And the big Rococo spoon fits so that is a bonus also.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @basement_shaman, thanks. I.don't have one; just going from pictures on toquesnuff. It looks like sheet metal, but could certainly be another material.

    I thought maybe there was some centuries-old snuff lore that was known to everyone but me. "That? Oh, the 18th century Scotsman would use it and a hand mirror to chop his snuff into lines." Or, "That thing? It's a 17th century squirrel baffle. Squirrels used to be a lot smaller and have a real penchant for Irish Toast."
  • marcomarco Member
    is the Toque flask a 10 gram capacity or other? i am hoping to find one that's 5g or so
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