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Two new Fine Border snuffs.Toque Snuffs

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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Thunder V2 nasal snuff?

So im a regular snus user and have noticed v2 has been offering a line of nasal snuff but cant find much info about it. Anyone try it? Is it any good?


  • It's offered in fine and coarse grind. I tried a box of the fine grind and didn't care for it too much. I've noticed that the tobacco used in V2 snus has a distinctive flavour and that is present in the snuff. The scenting does remind me a bit of Frosted snus and it has a menthol effect. It wasn't horrible but not something I'd order again.
  • I bought a box of the fine version in Austria, but it was cracked so I returned it. I did take a bump or two prior to that and it wasn't bad. Nothing remarkable either. Basically a mentholated snuff with average base tobacco.
  • It's a good price. Nothing to write home about . But most snuffs are unremarkable and I still use them. Your's is the only nose that matters get one and try it if you love it buy more. I think it just test marketing now; I love if they came out with other flavors like melon. Or maybe I just open a portion and snuff that.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I was actually thinking about drying out some of the los snuses i like and trying to snuff them. Ettan specifically
  • @clayhunter06 it probable safer than snuff the way they process the leaf and all that science .You may have to sift it to your liking
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2018 PM
    @SnuffScape I haven't tried Toque's Rustica, but found Thunder Fine Grind Frosted rich in free-base nicotine (the comeback of long forgotten hiccups) - stronger than 6 Photo Cheeta and only a tad weaker than Dholakia White, both of which presumably contain some rustica. Nic-wise it is similar to Taxi Red from the wide flat can. Menthol, if any, is almost non-present there. It's robust, rather coarse snuff with a faint sweet minty note. It is coarser than typical Poschl grind, but has less oil and more tobacco.
    I have bought this snuff twice from a half year apart and both times it was bone-dry (last ordered on 09-2017).
    A friend of mine has ordered the very same snuff from recently (12-2017) and got it bone-dry, too.
    Maybe it is supposed to be dry, but I would guess the leaky tapboxes this snuff comes in are to blame. These are the worst containers I've ever seen. A disaster. Even generic plastic snus can could serve better. By comparison, Poschl's tapboxes could be called super-tight. It's two-part plastic box, which is held together only by a sticker. Peel it off, and the box will fall apart. The sticker (its glue material) is a stinky one, it has this mushroom-like odour which descends to the snuff.
    Another peculiarity is almost instant and uncontrollable forward drip, which is caused by allkalis. In this regard Thunder Fine Grind Frosted is comparable to Taxi, NTSU and neftobak. No ammonia, though.
    It seems has recently restocked on all V2 snuffs, so they should be fresh for some short run.

  • I wanted to give this a try my self, how is the fine grinds? 
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2018 PM
    @yisraeldov Shalom! You can order it straight from Israel at
    You can try snus, as well. These guys from Bet Shemesh have wide sortment and provide free shipping. No hidden taxation or fees there. I could heartily recommend Skruf Original Loose for a nice introduction to snus world.
  • @Volunge, thanks where are they in Beit Shemesh ? Do they have any other snuffs ?  I'm not interested in snus but thanks. 
  • Funny, but it's the only snuff there. I doubt they run brick and mortar, but you can contact them:

    Visiting address

    Yecheskel Hanavi 19, Bet Shemesh

    Registered address

    Micha 13, Bet Shemesh

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2018 PM
    @yisraeldov I had reviewed fine grind version a few posts above. Strangely enough, the 'fine' grind looks much the same as the coarse in Snuffanybody's video - it's medium, not fine. I wouldn't call the tap box good or airtight, just the opposite, but I can second that tobacco base is quite good and has a distinctive character. The presence of tobacco can be clearly felt there (as distinct from most Poschl's). Frosted Fine is not overscented, overoiled or overmentholated. All these additives are sprinkled in moderation (to put it mildly), or I should rather say - scarcely. Menthol lovers will be disappointed, but it spurts with nicotine and I only wish it was moister.
    Although V2 makes only middling snus, their attempt at snuff is much better.

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2018 PM
    Another sad piece of news - the whole V2 nasal snuff line has been discontinued.
    This is Northerner's reply to my inquiry about further availability of Thunder snuffs:

    "Hello, I'm afraid that the Thunder Nasal snuff product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We will no longer receive this product back in stock on our website. We are very sorry. With kind regards// Northerner"

    There's still the very last chance to try it: (now sold for a funny EUR 1.24 / USD 1.41 / GBP 1.10 price)
  • @volunge thanks for the heads up!

    I picked up a tin of the Thunder V2 Abri Cool Coarse from

    Apart from the flimsy tap box it's not bad so far. Supposed to be course, Mentholated and apricot scented. I find it medium-course, spearmint-scented with very little medication, and sure a hint of fruitiness under the spearmint. My wife, who loves Poschl's medicated apricot (original) did not enjoy this snuff.

    It reluctantly taps out - probably dried into a cake inside. Haven't gotten to enjoy it in volume subsequently to assess the strength you mention volunge. I'm glad I got to try it though before it disappears.
  • @47 I never had fresh Thunder snuff. It was a major issue with them, freshness. Still, good pinch for each nostril made me extremely satiated with nicotine. I enjoyed taking thunder from the back of the hand, just like poschls.

    I will miss my ocassional box of Thunder.
  • @volunge OK you inspired me. After a whole lot of shaking and tapping I got two box cars out, one for each side.

    Yes it's strong :) Uniquely easy to take too. I immediately thought of a cig smoker who I introduced a tough to take snuff to (Sturco, it's all I had on me) ... this would be much more convincing.
  • This Thunder V2 Abricool is getting under my skin in a good way. There seems to be something unique about the grind and nose feel. Does anybody else notice this? It almost seems waxy- like perhaps it has paraffin?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 20 PM
    Indeed, Thunder's texture somewhat resembles that of dried-out Poschl's, though the grind is cruder. My guess would be that V2 used the same humectants for snuffs as for their snuses - E 422 and E 1520 (glycerin and propylene glycol, or one of them).

    Just found out Thunder Abri and Frosted (both coarse and fine) are still available at some Polish online stores (regretably inland only):
  • tinhueytinhuey Member
    edited January 20 PM
    I procured a couple tap boxes of Abri fine ages ago and enjoyed the nic hit, but boy did it clog my nose up like no other.
  • I tried Thunder Abri Cool because SnuffstoreDE gave me 2 of this
    I dont like it very much
    It says fine grinded but It seems to almost medium grinded
    By the way it burns my nostrils and the scent is too chemical and so I prefer much Gawith Original
    Not a great snuff for me
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 1 PM
    Just to still doubts, I got an official confirmation from V2 about the discontinuation of Thunder snuff.

    P. S. Anyone who regret of not having tried them or missing the stuff can simply open a portion of any
    strong white snus and take it nasally. Thunder snuff had 16 mg of
    nicotine per 1 g. Siberia 80 Degrees Extremely Strong portion offers 43
  • I shoulda tried this when I had the chance, don't think I'm missing much and had to many other snuffs ahead of this one to try
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @Codyg140 V2 Thunder snuff (at least the Abri Cool Coarse) is not a thing of refinement. I'm guessing the Coarse is just about as fine as the Fine is coarse as well. The boxes are dreadful and these comments thus far I think paint a picture ...

    What is to me is quick to enjoy and uncommonly satisfying to the habit. Because of its strength I can quickly sneak aside when in company and have a small volume with lasting pleasure. And without smelling like a barbeque as with toasts.

    It has its own allure. I bought 6 more boxes when I heard they were closing up
  • Thats more or less why I wanted to try it. While they dont make the best snus in the world I always like to have some for the nic hit.

    They were also the first snus that I tried and fell in love with, just wanting to support a company i suppose
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