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Name one snuff everyone should try

My first snuff order was last December and I've been making one every month since. However, there are so many different brands and flavors that I still feel incredibly new to it. The variety is so overwhelming that I'd like to ask you for one type of snuff that you think everybody should try. I'd have to say mine is Arnold Andre Aplenprise.


  • So many I could name, but if pressed to just one, I'd say McChrystals Original and Genuine.
  • MouseMouse Member
  • Tube rose
  • WoS Grand Cairo
  • Name one? That's evil :-O

    Seriously though, snuff is so diverse in terms of grind and flavour, and everyone finds they want something different from a snuff. One per "category" would be fairer. That way if some tries a snuff and wants something drier, moister, coarser, or whatever, it's easier to navigate to the type of snuff that works for them before exploring all the scents.

    For example:

    Toast: F&T High Dry Toast
    Menthol: Hedges L260
    SP: WoS Tom Buck
    Coarse: Toque Berwick Brown
    Indian: Anarkali

    But then there's also schmaltzers, scotches, South African, fruity, herbal, plain.... you're quite right when you say it can be overwhelming.

    It took me quite a while to find my way through the basics of the snuff world and identify "types" that worked for me, and more importantly, what to steer clear of to avoid disappointment.

    Maybe someone should do a flow chart / map :P

    I bought MANY snuffs which were recommended highly on here, only to discover they don't work for me at all. Based on my own experiences and tastes, I now avoid mentholated snuffs, fine ground snuffs, coffee snuffs (with the exception of a couple of WoS snuffs), artisan snuffs, greased snuffs ..... and the choices that remain are still overwhelming :))
  • After reading your comment @50ft_trad , you are definitely right. Wow. I think I may have already thrown away more snuffs than I have kept! lol
  • Dholakia Swiss Chocolate .The ultimate mixing snuff. It makes every snuff better. Or just use it straight . No calories snack for your nose when you just have to have chocolate. And who don't like chocolate? Damn Dholakia should pay me a commission . >:)
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I second the vote for Dholakia Swiss Chocolate.

    However I should nominate something I think a snuff explorer may like. Samuel Gawith Irish D Light is very easy on the nose, of medium-fine ground, and imparts a lightly honey-sweet scent with no burn or backdrip.

  • This is actually more difficult than I first thought because Im trying to set aside suggesting something just because I personally think it's awesome. My first thought was a good SP like QES/Tom, then I thought maybe thats because I prefer those. Next would be a sweet scotch because those are a little different experience than other snuffs i think.
  • ah, I see @snuffsahoy covered the sweet. So I will second the Tube Rose
  • 6 Photo Kailash.  Everyone I've had try it enjoyed it, including my tobacco-resistant sister.
  • Another nod for Bernard Virginie. The only possible explanation for this mind-meltingly great snuff to be so discouragingly inexpensive is the cardboard packaging. Do not be fooled; it is sublime.
  • Toque USA Whiskey & Honey
  • That was going to be my suggestion too, @SeanOCDPx. If you've never tried an Indian snuff this would be a great introduction to a wide range of exotic snuff out of India.
  • Here is shortlist from me:
    SP: Toque Original
    Toast: F&T HDT
    Mentol/Medicated: JH Wilson Medicated No. 99
    Fruit-Mentol: Samuel Gawith Apricot (Poeschl)
    Kendal Brown: Samuel Gawith KB Original
    Flowers: Toque Rose
    Florals: F&T Dr. Robertson Justice
    Plain: SG Black Rapee


  • One snuff I couldn't be without I would have to say is NTSU BLACK. that is for sure, love the barnyard armoa!
  • Abraxas St Casura 
  • Toque Violet. Theres nothing quite like it. I sure don't use it often, but I think everyone should try it at least once.
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    I'm going with Old Mills Butternut I think everyone should try it at least once before it's no more.
  • I'm also going to go with OM. So many good ones to choose from, but I'm going to say Kind of Blue. I hope this one is not a limited release.
  • Kendal snuff. Kendal Brown. Not the scented sort (never had and don't care too). This tin is really old (10 yrs.) but still has the goodness as the day I got it. Would like to try some fresh to compare.

    O by the way aged (7yr.+) old Toque Toast and marmalade is just as good as fresh. IMO.
  • MarkMMarkM Member
    I like to mix Toque Peanut Butter and Toque Chocolate at about 2:1 ratio to make a "peanut butter cup" snuff.
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited August 2016 PM
    If I have to narrow them down to one I'd have to say McCrystals Original and Genuine is my go to. It doesn't block up my nose at all if I blow after 10 minutes before my nose dries out.
    One of my favorite daily snuff blends would most defiantly be 3:6 McCrystals with 1:6 Rustica and 2:6 AlpinA
  • Out of the hundred plus i would recommend, I would say everyone should try Old Mill Pure Virginia Toast, at least one full large tin
  • There is just so many, but I would have to say FUBAR GRUNT, G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • McChrystals : Stammheimer HOPFEN SCHNUPF !
  • I'm a huge fan of WoS GOLD LABEL.
    And if you don't like SP types, I'd say High Dry Toast by WoS or FT
  • I second the Kendal Brown, or Viking Thor's Hammer...or any raw, salty, leathery, peaty snuff.
  • OM Commonwealth!
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Snuffstore Traditional SP. Very good, mellow, earthy, sweet in a way..
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