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Two new Fine Border snuffs.Toque Snuffs

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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

A new snuff from Sir Walter Scott's Fine Border Snuff

Latakia Blend


  • Latakia Blend

    Finely ground fermented latakia tobacco blended with a little flue cured first priming Virginia Lemon leaf, to create a unique, slightly moist, pungent, peppery high nicotine snuff, with an intense smokey flavour.
  • That sounds amazing!!
  • That does sound good ... I really need to try some Latakia in one of my homemade snuffs.

  • Sounds like something I need! I have to wait a bit, Just put in a big order in with Mr.snuff on the 4th.
  • @Johnny, will definitely be ordering. I love the entire SWS range. Top Shelf indeed
  • I made a Mr. Snuff order about two days too early!  That being said, it's taking some will power not to make a special order just for this snuff.  Looking forward to Latakia Blend!
  • Just ordered some. I used to absolutely love the F&T Ashtoroth (or something like that) which was a silky Latakia with jasmine. Very interested to see what Sir Johnny has done with his Latakia; I'm sure it will be as fabulous as his other snuffs. Can't wait!!!!
  • @lunecat thank you so much for the info! I'm definitely going to have to get my hands on some of this!!
  • If you like really smokey campfire dark snuff, that lasts a good while; this is it. Coarse Grind & Moist. Fans of smokey American Scotch may enjoy this for it's flavor But unlike a scotch Latakia Blend needs a bit more insufflating and even a squeeze to keep it in place. The Nicotine is nice also. Very relaxing. 

    Latakia tobacco in the pipe world is used as a blending component  with other tobaccos, rarely used straight although some Lat lover had smoked it for a real Lat bomb. The mad scientist in me, may just try my hand on mixing up a few concoctions of my own.  

     Thanks Johnny for creating  yet another wonderful addition for my addiction ! =D>
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I just got some of this in I'm very excited
  • Very relaxing smokey but so natural. you can feel the lemon after awhile,i was wondering what is this other scent can t figure it out and then you discover that is lemon like lemon Peel.
  • Just wondering, when i take latakia blend i make some weird dreams, i often dream about dead people like grand fathers and several times i had the feeling it was like i was truly reliving those old times and then i wake up remembering the weird dreams and not feeling very well. Does this happens to you to ?
  • Maybe the latakia scent reminds you of something in your own history, and this is triggering the memories in your dreams.
  • Is this leaf used for SWS Latakia Blend ? It would be very interesting for Johnny to send us pictures of tobacco leaves used for various snuff. I find that amazing
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