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Who hates vaping besides me?



  • @Robert Anderson well i can understand the want to regulate it to prevent actual harmful things from being put in e juice. however, everybody with half a brain knows you cant trust the fda because they are in the pockets of big business. the 18 dollar price tag might not be accurate either. the fda may just come up with a list of approved ingredients as they do with many other things. we will have to wait until 2018 to see how all this will pan out. in the mean time, buy up a lifetimes supply of juice if it doesnt go bad
  • @RobertAnderson Makes me glad I'm in Canada. As of right now it's has only gone as far as treating it like cigarettes. So no vaping indoors in public places and whatnot. It's being handled provincially instead of federally, and as far as I know, we are not adopting the USA's plan to make juice makers pay up the yin yang. However the concentrated flavors can be reliable as food flavoring (actually, that's how they were sold as before vaping took off) and they can use that to get around the FDA's ruling.

    Big tobacco wants to monopolize the vaping industry. Just follow the money. Shut them down by buying up all the PG, VG and concentrated flavors that you can and don't pay them a cent, or the tax the federal government will impose upon big tobacco for regulated e juice.
  • Well, I vape, and its the ONLY THING that helped me quit smoking. Same with my dad, my wife, my neighbor, and countless friends. I saw a comment up here that said otherwise, but I'm living proof along with countless others that it does work. you can hate vaping all you want, but it helped me.
    Also, it's not quite a fad seeing as it's been around for over 10 years....
  • oh no, not this thread again, why wont it just die?! what is it about the internet that makes people so sensitive? 
  • It also makes some people insensitive. :p
  • ^ ha! your point has been received!
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    I highly dislike vaping.
    I didnt have anything against it..but then I went to a bar, and this one (you dont need to know the word) starts vaping like hes a damn steamroller..and it smelled HORRIBLE! The smell reminds me of walking around in a house that recently burned down. Sure, I could just go out of the bar..and I did, but the smell was stuck in m hair, in my was following me around! Hated vaping ever since

  • @RobertAnderson do you order your e liquids over the internet or buy them in store. When I was vaping trying to quit smoking I used to buy the highest nicotine strength liquid which I think was either 24 or 32mg per ml, the diluting them down myself. I bought a lot of large 50ml bottles for quite cheep online from a good source. I started vaping after a bad motorcycle accident which stopped me being able to walk for a couple of years since it was quite difficult to go outside for a cigarette. I stopped vaping quite awhile ago not only because I misplaced one of the batteries but was getting strange wheezing sounds while exhaling, I also came down with bronchitis a couple of times which I attributed to vaping a lot. I also enjoyed tobacco far too much. Now I've quit smoking, thanks to my new friend snuff.
  • and to answer your question, I neither like nor dislike vaping. I would say some flavors were pleasant although I don't see the point in it anymore since I want the other alkaloids not just the nicotine. I don't mind other people vaping, unless they don't shut up about vaping while trying to have a conversation with them. Although I do enjoy a nice Davinchi portable outdoor vape or a volcano for some grade A herb every once In awhile. Anyway why vape when you can get so much more satisfaction from snuffing
  • love the bicycle tat
  • JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
    edited October 2016 PM
    Tried it for a week or so. Too digital and techy for me. I prefer real tobacco. I don't hate it, but I don't really admire it much. Still, a lot of friends say that it helps them give up fags, so good luck to em. I never hear anyone tell me that without promoting snuff as a better alternative. I'm happy to say that the woman I'm with, while a non smoker and utterly contemptuous of vaping, thinks snuff is cool and eccentric. I gave her a little silver box full, but it almost blew her head off. I probably shouldn't have started her off with White Elephant, but it was what I had on hand.
  • I think white elephant was the wrong choice too. Should have given her some gawith apricot or something similar in grind and moisture.
  • I gave White Elephant to a total snuff-virgin at work, encouraging him to take a massive hit cos I'm mean like that. After the inevitable reaction and theatrics had subsided ( along with my mirth ), he held me with red, crazed eyes and snarled " you got anymore"?
  • @psicko, she's a bit of a tom boy, a rock climber and martial artist and all that. If there was a hint in the air that it was a girly snuff, she'd react badly. Well, she asked for it.
  • @JakartaBoy, gotta work on your poker face if that's the case.
  • doctorbeatdoctorbeat Member
    edited December 2016 PM

    I had been smoking for 25 years, and I was really just trying to find something to get nicotine when I couldn't smoke, having resigned myself to being a smoker for life.
    After several unsuccessful attempts to accomplish this with snuff and various NRT products, I gave vaping a try and quit smoking literally overnight by accident.

    There IS some other addictive component in tobacco other than nicotine, and I felt a bit weird for around three days after switching to vaping, but vaping stopped 99% of my cravings.
    I was so astonished and delighted that I hadn't smoked that I stuck with it despite a slight nagging feeling that something was missing.
    It was only a very slight feeling, nothing even close to craving a cigarette. It lasted only three or four days.

    As I said, I never really intended to quit smoking, but when I tried vaping and realized that it was a way out, I seized the opportunity.

    I have not smoked a cigarette ever since, and I do not crave them. I can happily stand next to someone smoking a cigarette with no temptation whatsoever.
    When I crave nicotine now, I think of my vaporizer - my brain has totally switched over to associating nicotine with vaping instead of smoking.

    I mix my own liquid (I don't even bother with flavorings any more, it was a gimmick to me) and I have been slowly reducing the nicotine level by 1mg/ml per month.
    I started on 12mg, and I am now down to 6mg. I'm sticking with 6mg for a while, but I may go lower or eventually taper myself off completely.

    Because of the impending new regulations here in the States, I stocked up on supplies. I bought several rebuildable tanks and mechanical mods and 20 years worth of nicotine.
    It cost me just under $250, and now my ongoing costs are around $3 per month (that's not a typo).

    It certainly is true that there is a subgroup of idiot hipster vapers who have given vaping a somewhat embarrassing image, but I'm prepared to put up with that in exchange for vastly improved health.

    Vaping is not a fad, it is disruptive technology.
    Hopefully the hipsters will get bored of it and move on, and stop embarrassing people like me.

    Like many (most?) vapers, I'm just a parent who wants to be around for my kids a little longer.

  • I vape but after using snuff regularly my liquids don't taste as nice as they used to, it did its job though as I haven't smoked in 2 and a half years. I make my own liquids but since you can't get nic in decent sized bottles anymore I'm phasing it out. In short I'm beginning to dislike the vape but have a decent replacement.
  • I've virtually knocked vape on the head too. Aside from the occasional lapse, it's just pipe tobacco and snuff these days.
  • I as well, know people who have quit smoking through vaping. I agree though, its definitely to trendy for me to pick up. Its like there is an ongoing social war between vapers and non vapers, and have nothing to do with that. 

    I've tried all types of devices from a friend. All different types of flavors as well. But I will stick with the plant. No one I know has ever died from tobacco use. They all died from other stuff. 

    I like to have a cigarette every now and then, but if its not Nasal snuff, then it is Copenhafen finecut for me. I don't want anything that relies on a battery. How would you charge it during a zombie apocalypse?
  • vaping just doesn't scratch the itch for me. I still feel like it misses some of the needed elements. The experience feels flat. 
  • jmahesjmahes Member
    edited October 2017 PM
    it is pretty funny to watch people vape in their cars and see humongous plumes of smoke come out the driver's side....i guess it's technically vapor not smoke
  • I like tobacco in it's Noble forms of use. I do not prefer the use of any vaping device , but to those that do , that is your choice . Ill stick to pipes, cigars, snuff , chew , and the like .
  • OK, I guess I can chime in now.

    I really have no idea about the types of vaping or how it works. My only form of nicotine consumption is snuff. 

    I find vaping to be just offensive. I don't mean like, you hurt my feelings, offensive. I mean offensive to the senses. I'm very happy that smoking in public crowded places has become all but extinct. I personally can enjoy the smell of some pipe smoke, I don't want it forced on me. I feel like vaping has reversed the trend of reducing the amount of offensive smells that I am exposed to. Now in places that I have been accustom  to being a smell neutral zone, like a place of worship, suddenly people are vaping 2 feet away from  me. And most of the smells that people are using are really awful, fruity artificial. 

    I think people should be able to use what ever substances they want ( for the most part ) as long as it doesn't invade in my ability to chose what I expose myself to. 

    To me vaping in public is like passing gas in an elevator, why are you forcing me to smell that. 

    This is one of the things I really like about snuff, there is no collateral damage. I can put what I want in my nose, 2ft away from you, and you are free to keep going  about your life without any offense to your senses ( except maybe for the sniffling, but that is something that people are doing anyway ) 
  • No matter what you think about vaping, they deserve a kudos for reinventing the wheel. Most vape shops have a vape bar where you can sit down with friends, use their equipment and vape a large selection for free. Of course your going to buy something and some intrigued by the large fumes of vaper you can create are going to want heavier equipment and that is part of their growing world while smoke shops that you can enjoy a bowl or cigar are diminished. I tried vaping several times and found that leaking equipment on warm or humid days to be my biggest fault with them.
  • I never seen the point as I would rather smoke a pipe and not inhale the smoke, same for cigars I don't see any harm as long as the smoke is not inhaled into the lungs. G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • @TigerJackshere I can understand because I also appreciate 2nd hand carbon monoxide as long as it has a palatable fragrance :)
  • I wouldn't say that I hate vaping, it was what worked for me to quit smoking cigarettes after losing count of how many times I tried to quit previously using a variety different methods that never helped. For the six months I did vape, though, it always felt like fluid was building up in my lungs and that was one of the reasons why I decided to quit smoking in the first place. Haven't vaped for close to six months now and I don't miss it one bit.
  • DesmondDandyDesmondDandy Member
    edited June 2019 PM
    Nah, I hate vaping period. I have been vaping for a few years and it stopped me smoking and snuffing tobacco but its not been a great experience for me. The thing about vape is that you cannot STOP because there is no STOP. The flavours are mostly crap and it can leave you feeling rough. I have quit vaping using snuff again and its snuff I will be sticking with. Vaping hasnt been a good experience for me and when you compare a Menthol Vape Juice to WOS Crumbs of Comfort then you have no comparison. If you like vape, however, please don't let me put you off. You enjoy it.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited June 2019 PM
    I enjoyed my vaping time, which lasted about a year. Talking about nicotine, I prefered strong, tobacco flavoured juice. I haven't experienced any ill effects, but wasn't too excited about constant P(E)G/glycerine inhalations and costs. Finally, I suddenly realised that I don't want to breath anything but the fresh air. It was this insight which helped me to stop inhaling stuff.
  • It has kept me off the smokes for 7 years. What bought me to snuff is the logistics of carrying a weeks worth of batteries when leaving civilization. I haven't actually had a day without vaping since I started snuffing but have cut right back on battery and juice usage.
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