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Brown Rappee

Hello all.

I have just finished reading an old detective story.

"When Rogues Fall Out"    by R Austin Freeman.

An excellent story writer.   His stories were like Sherlock Holmes stories but with a more scientific and technical content.

It must be from the 1920s to 1940s.

The detectives manservant / lab assistant Polton takes  Brown Rappee snuff.  

I have heard of Black Rappee  but is there such a blend as Brown Rappee , and if so what are the ingredients ?

Bearing in mind the age of the story , could it have fallen by the wayside and been lost to snuff takers altogether.

Cheers All.


  • Hmmm... not sure. Perhaps Viking Brown or F&T Kendal Brown would constitute a Brown Rappee?
  • SG London Brown is a brown rappee "type" IMHO.  Pure tobacco
  • I have just been looking at a booklet published by Cope's Tobacco Works, 10 Lord Nelson Street, Liverpool, UK  in 1889        "The Smoker's Text Book"    .   Adverts for their own tobacco products with a mix of anecdotes, cartoons, songs and poems all with a tobacco theme.

    Their Snuff Page lists     English     Scotch     Irish    and Welsh.

    Scented SP

    Plain SP

    Black Rappee

    Brown Rappee


    High Toast

    Welsh Toast

    Prince's Mixture

    Merton's Mixture

    Kendal Brown

    So Brown Rappee was a genuine snuff in 1889 and not an invention of the author of the detective story.

    I am now a bit more informed but still do not know the ingredients.


  • I'd agree with the chef on the London Brown. It's one of the snuffs that I have a drum of stashed away in case of lack of availability in future.
  • Just read a post by PhilipS   from June 2010 .

    He talks about Black Rappee and Brown Rappee,  and seems to be in complete agreement with chefdaniel  .

    So it is S.Gawiths London Brown that I need to try. It seems that this is the only Brown Rappee available at the present.

    Not only is snuff addictive but the history and manufacture are also. I think that I am becoming the snuff equivalent of a train spotter!

    Cheers All.

  • I have not seen London Brown at Mr Snuff for a while, maybe over a year. It might be one of the discontinued snuffs, though I can't understand why they would stop making such a great snuff. It's really good. I'm sad I never stocked up on it.
  • Just had a look at the combined site of Gawith Hoggarth and Samuel Gawith.

    Samuel Gawith  London Brown is still listed.

  • @ArtChoo...I ordered a large tub of London Brown from today. The owner told me it was the very last tub of it ever made. There is probably still some of it floating around, you shoud try to oder some, and see if they get back to you and tell you if they've got it or not. Or try the same place I did, you never know. It probably wasn't that popular, but it seems I read a lot of posts by guys that did. Who knows?
  • Thank you mrmanos   .

    I have just had a look at Samuel Gawiths site  , I have to type in Gawith Hoggarth in the search since the merger.

    It is still advertised as being available in drums and tins.

    I have a few tins in my hoard but I think for peace of mind I had better seek out a drum for the future.

    After my panic buying before Christmas I am fast becoming a snuff squirrel with bottles and tins of snuff stashed all round the house. 

     You don't hear of cigarette smokers hoarding like this, I wonder if snuff is more addictive than cigars, cigarettes and pipe tobacco?

    Thanks for the warning.

  • I was on the site, and I didn't see the L.B., but I emailed them and asked if it was still available. And Black Rappee also. You should email them and ask if any more is hidden somewhere. You may get lucky..
  • mrmanos  I was buying some snuff a few days ago and the chap in the shop confirmed that London Brown was going.  I have stocked up on a few spare tins.  I shall have to decant it all into glass as I have had a tin of it start to rust in the past.   I figure that if I just used London Brown  and nothing else my hoard will last about two years. Thank you for the warning.    Cheers.

  • ArtChoo did you notice the rust on a vacuum sealed or to an opened one?
  • It was on an opened tin where the rim touches the polythene seal of the lid. 

     I decant a heaped teaspoon of my various snuffs into plastic airtight boxes for normal use and have about twenty different flavours on the go at the same time, so it could be six weeks before I look inside a tin again.

    It wasn't much rust but it was enough to make me start opening fresh moist snuff tins and storing them under glass in bulk.   The rappees have a fair salt content and that assists rust.

  • I leave the unopened ones in ziplock bags in a dark closet(SG,GH.Viking,F&T).
    All the others(africans,indians,dutch,toque) decanted in glass jars...and the SWS,molens,abraxas etc in the fridge.Hope these methods are fine...
  • ArtChooArtChoo Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    I  searched for some discontinued  Wilsons of Sharrow, Princes recently.  I remember someone here said Frederick Tranters snuffs were made by Wilsons, same tins anyway.  Got a couple of Frederick Tranters Princes.    On arrival they were rusted to buggery, inside and out.      Incredible that Tranters even posted them.   I managed to save about half a tin from each.    This was the first and last time that I buy anything from Tranters.  What a way to run a business.  So all  WoS moist snuffs get decanted now,  Sam Gawith are excellent tins in comparison.

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