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For Sale / A bunch of my snuff

I have a lot of my Snuff Collection for sale from various vendors. To many to list,shipping may be a bit steep due to the quantity. But will give a fair price for the snuffs. I have fallen on very very hard times and lost a lot of my clientele :-( PM me if interested and I'll send stock & pictures :-)

Thank You!


  • I'm sending you a pm.
  • I'm also interested if psicko  doent grab them pm me

    I am in california

  • If I had any money I'd help. but I am beyond broke.
    I'd even hold it for you until you recovered rent free.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Thnx :-)
  • -SOLD- had a great offer
  • Sorry you had to part with your snuff, but glad to hear you got it taken care of.  Hopefully you were still able to hang on to your favorites.  
  • It's ok I will rebuild after awhile if things get better it does blow though... Lol I have some Oliver Twist a buddy is sending me and he's a Snus guy with a lot so I was curious about the General Snus seems they have some nice maybe luxury Snus is general the Cadillac of Snus? I shot him an email seeing if he has more of the general Snus
  • I wouldn't say General is the Cadillac of snus, more like a Ford, but it is very popular and I personally like them. Ettan is personally my favorite, but I would say Conny Andersson and Skruf are more on the luxury side. Nick and Johnny snus is pretty darn good too, and has a good vitamin N content to boot. I've seen Oden's snus bounced around a lot-- I've only got one can of it in my possession and I've yet to try it, but I've heard most of their snus packs a punch.
  • I 'm a big Oden's  fan 22mg nicotine & Thunder extra strong hovering around 16mg . I don't think I will be trying the Siberia 80 at 43mg .
    I really enjoyed the Islay whisky los 12mg  if I ever have any money that will be on my reorder list. Roda lacket los 7.5mg is my go to snus. The rest are gravy or frosting on the cake.   
    2015 General Kardus snus is the second highest priced snus at $109.38 before shipping. Each can has 150 grams of snus. It usually sells out within minutes of being released. Swedish Match produces General and many other products 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Roda Lacket, General G3, and Ettan have been favorites, but I'm just trying to use up what I've got left as snus really isn't for me. Sadly, I've got over 30 cans left, including some Tre Ankare, which is pretty good.
  • @Basement Looking for a relay to Washington. Nobody ships for these chews to my home state unless from over the pond. :(( any help as I would love to put a lip to some of your mentioned variety. Are you still doing the "group order"?? Or is that old talk??
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