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Does Snuff make your fingers yellow?

I've done a search and can't find any information. I'm presuming that's a good thing!

I only ask, because I'm still a new snuffer (a few months into this wonderful hobby), and am finding myself pinching more over other methods that I started with, like back of hand/spoon/boxcar.

So for any long-term snuffers, do you have yellowed fingers on your pinch hand?


  • I don't, but then again I don't pinch :P
  • From what I understand, the yellowing that is caused by cigarettes is the tar and nicotine combination as well as smoking causing lack of oxygen to the cells for a short answer.
    In snuff you are not burning the tobacco and probably not getting any tar. Your fingers should not turn yellow of you are only snuffing.
    I'll let other long time snuffers chime in with their own experience. I haven't been snuffing for too long.
  • I'm only 10 or so  years in but I haven't seen any evidence of color from snuff on my fingers that didn't brush or wash off.
  • 45 yrs in and my fingers are the same color.except when i have to go spelunking for magic nose goblins 20160808_195444
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    Haha. Good ole Ren and Stimpy.
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