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Royal George. Incredibly odd?

UbiquitousUbiquitous Member
edited August 2016 in Types of Snuff
This stuff can only be described as an extremely floral bubblegum. It's not bad, but it is very unique. I've not come across anything like this before. It's floral, sweet, and candy-like. I'm not quite sure what to make of it. I do find myself reaching for another pinch though. I enjoy it a lot, but I do find the floral, bubblegum combination rather odd.

What does everyone else think of it? Am I way off on my assessment?

Edit:. As several members have pointed out, it definitely has a baby powder aroma. It's not at all unpleasant though.


  • To my nose it smells like cinnamon baby powder
  • And to mine, Dr. Pepper baby powder.  
  • And to mine, mildly spiced marzipan with a hint of talc.  I find it delightful.
  • Oh wow, I definitely see the baby powder thing now. That's strange. What flavorings are used in this snuff?
  • Too strange for my taste, but interesting nonetheless.
  • Tried it.  Not a fan.  Wasn't Royal George also known as Crazy George?  That might explain a few things.

  • As I recall, Crazy George was a name suggested by someone here for Toque's limited edition snuff that was made from all the 'bits in the barrel' (so to speak), but was never taken up.
    I'm sure I've read somewhere that there's over 27 ingredients to the scent of Royal George. I love the scent and used to be able to snuff happily on this one, but since snuff has opened up the airways in my previously almost permanently bunged up nose I find it a bit on the fine side.
    Now, if they made it with the type of grind Sanuel Gawith generally use... :)
  • 786  One of my all-time favorite snuffs.  When I first tried it seven years ago the first thing I wanted was a giant barrel of it so I could get in naked and roll around in it.  No, seriously, that was the desire that popped into my head when I snuffed it.  People usually either hate Royal George or think it's one of the greatest snuffs in the Universe.
  • I just tried it for the first time today & really like it a lot , G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • @Slobandtom

    I definitely enjoy it, but it's something I could live without. I much prefer the Gold Label and Queens Extra Strong over this offering. I'm fine with floral, but Royal George is on a whole other level. I got it in one of those 6x5g samplers. That little tin will probably last me a while.
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