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Mr Snuff Help Please!

I would like to ask for a little help regarding Mr. Snuff's free shipping offer.
I placed a fairly large order with Mr. Snuff in order to take advantage of the free shipping offer. Placed the order two days ago.
When I went to check out, I kept a look out for an enter box for the free shipping code, but never saw one. As I proceeded to check out, I kept thinking that the free shipping offer would pop up on the next page. But as I proceeded, the order was processed without free shipping.

I ultimately got charged $34 bucks in shipping. I filled out an email inquiry but no response.

Does anyone have a U.S. contact number that I can call. I cannot locate a number on their site.



  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator

    I can definitely fix this for you.

    Also it is very unusual for an email to go unanswered. It usually means they didn't get it. But I will look into that too.

    Can you pm me your name and email address?


  • @MrSnuff Yep I tried to place a $59.00 order on the 16th and it kept telling me the code was no good ! Over $50.00 of the order was Snuff What could have been the problem?
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator

    It looks like it is a time zone issue. Being based in the UK now means the code became inactive at midnight UK time.

    Contact Mark and he will sort you out. If you have any issues let me know. Mention that I asked you to do this on snuffhouse so he has a point of reference.

  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator

    I didn't receive a PM from you. Did you manage to get it sorted out?

  • BCTBCT Member
    Been off line for a bit
  • kurtsnosekurtsnose Member
    edited August 2016 PM

    @MrSnuff I wasn't even thinking about the time difference ! So it's my fault sorry to bother you with it ! How would you like to get me some bulk Samuel Gawith Banana again ? Have a Wonderful ! Dave I know it's different now than dealing with SAMs have you developed a relationship with the new business I hear their sort of robotic ?

  • I had a similar incident with the July 4th order.  There is not a shadow of doubt in my mind that I entered the code yet it did not go through.  May have been due to the fact that I made my order from my iPhone.  I've noticed that some features will not work in the mobile browser, for example, I cannot read full reviews unless I switch to classic view.

     Mr. Snuff took care of business, got it resolved and made me happy.  But I will say that there was a point where I thought it was going to go south.  With total respect to Mr. Snuff, who provides an excellent service and incredible product selection, I will sat that - perhaps - customer service expectations and relations may be a little different than what we expect here in the states.  
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator

    we'll give you the free shipping. Just contact the CS. They are expecting an email from you.

    we have had a few problems with the mobile site. It requires a whole different subset of coding. However we are switching over to a truly responsive site in the near future which will resolve the issues you mention. 

    As for customer service, I want 100% satisfaction, so it bothers me that you say maybe expectations are different. Not at all. If you have any issues ever, let me know. Mark is relatively new and occasionally misses the mark (so to speak). But is is always something I can sort out. Of course that relies on you letting me know.

    BTW: anytime you find any issues with the mobile site I would really appreciate you letting me know so I can fix it.

  • Thanks Dave.  I apologize for "airing dirty laundry" here.  You run a great service and I just received my latest order in lightning speed (so many great products I'm in snuff heaven).  But yes, I felt like I had to plead my case and grabble for the credit.  I'll just chalk it up to the down side of electronic commo.  Keep up the great work! 
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator

    no problem letting me know when you have issues. if it is REALLY bad a PM is better...but minor annoyances or misunderstandings are no problem. :)

    BTW...I checked the coupons on the mobile site and I had the same problem. it does not discount properly. Thanks for the heads up. We'll have to fix that before we do another one.

  • @Mrsnuff . For the last few weeks I found that when I access the snuffs available I get a blue message in a box with a red arrow above it in the lower right hand corner. My tablet seems to just go into a think mode and will not snap out or into anything.??? Anybody had this anomaly?? Always worked fine in the past.
  • @Mrsnuff is your website down I cannot access it to make my order? I was on it this morning but as of this evening nothing is loading.
  • snufflessnuffles Administrator
    edited November 2016 PM

    First of all, thanks for the post.
    What device are you using? I think the blue box and red arrow at the bottom right are the chat box and the up to top arrow. Check if you have JavaScript enabled on your device. It should be by default so if you didn't turn it off that's not the problem. If you can be more specific I'll see what I can do.

    Thanks in advance
  • @snuffles. I use a Kindle HDX and have never had a problem in the past. This issue has only been as of late. Thanks for addressing this issue.
  • Java is on. When in think mode forever I get annoyed and close the Mr snuff page it falls back to Snuffhouse site that is frozen. X that out and tap Snuffhouse on my most visited main page and come right back. Try MrSnuff again and same results. Been the same result as of the last few weeks. Help from Admin please..

    Am I the only sole with this problem??? This has to be a Snuff issue. I will try just using the Mrsnuff site from web but have tried this also and encountered same problems.
  • snufflessnuffles Administrator
    Hi Nicmizer

    If you are encountering this problem with several different devices then it may be your connection. Did you try accessing the site elsewhere? It's difficult for me to try and understand what's going on as I have access to the site from all my devices (desktop, laptop, and tablet) and can't reproduce the error.
    Try and reach the site(s) from another location. That way we can determine whether it's location or device.

  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    What's with the reward points??Mark told me it takes about 2to3 days for my points be usable.But it keep on saying processing...I've placed four orders and I can't use those points on my fifth come it's like that?I'm waiting for my points to be usable.hopefully it will be usable by Wednesday when I'm gonna pay my order.
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator

    There are no more reward points on MrSnuff and haven't been for several months. We left the ability to use points for those who still had some, but no new points are given out. Instead we have a Loyalty Program which gives an instant discount (up to 15%) based on your annual spend.

    Snuffstore has reward points but there are intermittent issues. I think it may be related to the platform (mobile possibly) and Pat is looking into this. Just so you know :) 

    If your order is on snuffstore, you should have your points now. There was a batch update done today which should have made all new points available for use.

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