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My Top 50!

There's plenty of Top 3 and Top 5 threads, and of course the recurring "Pick One " threads. I never get chance to give credit to a lot of good snuffs in those threads, so to give a salute to all those that never quite make "the list", here's the big one - my current Top 50 snuffs!!!

Fribourg and Treyer ~ Santa Domingo
Fribourg and Treyer ~ Old Paris
Fribourg and Treyer ~ Princes
Fribourg and Treyer ~ Princes Special
Fribourg and Treyer ~ Morocco
Fribourg and Treyer ~ Dr. J R Justice
Fribourg and Treyer ~ Kendal Brown

Gawith Hoggarth ~ Dry Orange
Gawith Hoggarth ~ Cherry
Gawith Hoggarth ~ Wild Mint
Gawith Hoggarth ~ Ambassador
Gawith Hoggarth ~ KB Plain

Molens ~ Latakia AO1860

Mullins and Westley ~ Mature Crumbled
Mullins and Westley ~ Jocks Choice
Mullins and Westley ~ Rumba
Mullins and Westley ~ Citrus Delight

Jaxons ~ English Toffee
Jaxons ~ SP Premium

Samuel Gawith ~ London Brown
Samuel Gawith ~ Kendal Brown
Samuel Gawith ~ Scotch Black
Samuel Gawith ~ SP Scotch
Samuel Gawith ~ Grousemoor
Samuel Gawith ~ Celtic Talisman
Samuel Gawith ~ Firedance
Samuel Gawith ~ Vanilla
Samuel Gawith ~ Hazlenut
Samuel Gawith ~ Toffee

Toque ~ Berwick Brown
Toque ~ Blueberry
Toque ~ Pomegranate
Toque ~ Coltsfoot
Toque ~ Vanilla
Toque ~ Toffee

Viking ~ Dark
Viking ~ Thors Hammer

Wilsons ~ Best Dark
Wilsons ~ Brunswick
Wilsons ~ Burgundy
Wilsons ~ Irish Coffee
Wilsons ~ Chocolate Orange
Wilsons ~ Rum and Blackberry
Wilsons ~ Chocolate Mint
Wilsons ~ Thyme and Lemon
Wilsons ~ Butterscotch
Wilsons ~ Grand Cairo
Wilsons ~ Queens Extra Strong
Wilsons ~ Morlaix
Wilsons ~ Spearmint Plus

No schmaltzers, no menthols, no toasts, no scotches, and nothing oiled or greased. I appreciate this little list might exclude some people's favourites, but these are the snuffs that keep my nose happy.

Happy snuffing everyone :)>-


  • Thanks for filling out my next order sheet. B-)
  • Ha Ha! You're welcome.
  •  I have a Sameul Gawith Scotch ( ) that I don't like, are you interested in it ?
  • Thank you for the offer, but I stay clear of the tapboxes.

    Well it seems the EU TPD debacle has claimed several of my favourites, and of the Wilsons snuffs listed above only two haven't been killed off. Thankfully I have four of them in bulk. Obviously we have lost Molens too, Morocco from the F&T range, and I fear the worst for the Mullins and Westley range.

    Hopefully we'll not lose too many of the others.
  • I don't think I've tried 50 different kind of snuffs yet. Im getting close though.
  • Good list, though I don't necessarily like all of them myself. London Brown for sure, And Santo Domingo too. I'd be hard pressed to come up with my own list since my snuff taking habits are kind of schizophrenic at best! Oh yeah, I agree w/ your Toques, but I'd add SP Extra. And my list would have Tube Rose, Garrett Sweet, and the exceedingly rare Red Rose, which I have a vintage 1970s tin of. 
  • I probably need to update this in a few months. 17 of them have already been discontinued, and who knows what other shocks 2017 may have in store. 50 currently available favourites might be a struggle soon. On a more positive note, I think I can now add Spanish Gem to this list, plus Western Glory too.
  • @50ft_trad around how many snuffs would you say you have tried? Im with Psicko I wouldnt think i've tried 50 different snuff yet, probably late 30's early 40's. 
  • :-? 150? That's a pure guess though
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited January 22 PM
    I would like to know your 50 least favorite snuffs listed in numerical order, to know where to keep clear off ^:)^
  • Try them all! Some of my most hated might become some of your favourites
  • BTW 150 is a measly amount compared to many members here, and I have very limited experience in scotches, toasts, menthols, schmaltzers, Indian snuffs, and many others - and still haven't worked my way through all the UK offerings yet.
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