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Scotch snuff

I have acquired a small can of George W. Helme Co (Railroad Mills) of Helmetta, NJ snuff which I would like to offer for sale.  I have no idea of the value of it, but am willing to accept offers.  The tin can is 2 1/4 inches high by 1 3/4 inches wide with a picture of an old "1825" train engine and one car.  It is in remarkable condition given its age.  It has a registered date of Nov. 15, 1870. I don't know if it is that old or not. The great part is that it has never been opened.  I am not sure how members contact one another, but my email address is "".


  • Many of the old snuff companies used the same tin label designs for most of the 20th C. The biggest changes happened when they started to have bar codes and tobacco warnings. The registered date is just the date of the patent on the product. Railroad Mills is still around, and Helme Co merged with Swisher in the 80s, and although the tops of the tins still had the Helme logo, the side of the tin says Swisher.
    Hard to judge without a picture, but assuming the tin does not have a bar code or tobacco warning (or Swisher on the label), it could still be as new as the 80s.

  • $ .01 + Shipping. You do better to list it in collectible on ebay. Start with a low dollar amount. New is around $4
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  • PM sent

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