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Snuff at work

I'm new here so I am probably reposting, I'm sorry.
Anyone got an idea of how I can snuff quickly and discreetly at work? I get tempted by my tin so many times throughout the day but I know if I get seen my small company will be all over either "he's on drugs" or "what kind of weirdo snorts tobacco?"


  • I regularly am in places where tobacco is prohibited. I use snuff anyway. We snuffers don't make clouds of smoke or spit, so we harm no one.

    Here is how I do it.

    First off, I carry a bullet, 5 gram tin (if WoS) or a tap box. They are not recognized in your pocket like a can of dip is. Normally, I wear a shirt with a pocket that has pens and pencils, etc in it. It's not noticed.

    Second, I use the washroom (bathroom). Usually the stall. Tap out my hand behind thumb. This can be done very quickly. My guess is less than 5 seconds for both hits.
  • I'm the kind of weirdo that snorts tobacco, people just gotta get over it.
  • moemojomoemojo Member
    edited September 2016 PM

    I snuff wherever/whenever I want.

    Rarely is anything said to me.  Occasionally folks that use other forms of tobacco are interested. 

    On the rare occasion where someone has something dumb, or rude to say to me, I ask them " When did it become acceptable for mental giants, like you, to demonstrate their feeble-minded misconceptions in public?  Also, the next time ya decide to stick yer nose in my business, stick it up yer ass instead."  Then I take a BIG snuff and stare at them rudely.

  • You never said what kind of workplace or what your position is.

    Imagine if your visiting your accountant and see someone doing snuff but you don't know what it is. Its an awkward position to have clients be in. However anything outside a professional setting or in an area where people would be expected to recognize it (ie:the UK) i don't know what the big deal would be...

    Myself I have snuffstains all over all day at work, it doesn't matter coz Im a total shitlord. 
  • I'm half and half at my work, I'm in the office and managing the shop so I'm back and forth all day, but sounds like the key is just to not give a shit haha. That and wait for my bullet to arrive in the mail
  • Bathroom breaks are where it's at ... working in a hospital, you don't go snuffing in front of the other staff and patients.  I keep a tap box or small vial in my scrubs pocket at all times.
  • When I'm behind the desk @job#2 I have my tin out and pinch regularly and invite my co workers to a pinch (so far 2 have taken up the offer) answer a few "wtf is that?".
    When out and about on the floor @job #1 I have a Toque bullet and ozona president "tin" and box car when I'm not engaged with customers, but I still engage the store associates whilst prepping for a snuff just to be sure everyone somewhat knows that it's not drugs and again answer questions.
    @ job #2 when I'm out and about I am expected to be approachable and professional so I snuff out of sight of guests.
  • i  do technical work and have a workbench. I snuff at the bench all the time. My immediate co-workers know about it and think it's interesting although the one dude I turned on to snuff left the company. If management or outsiders come in, i just sort of turn my back on them and snuff anyways.

    Even out in public, the way I pinch, I don't think people even notice. no one has ever said anything to me, but like the above comments, it's my business and can do whatever I want.
  • The only tough part for me is when I bring a Dolakhia White tap box with me. It always makes my eyes water up.
  • DTOM7476DTOM7476 Member
    edited September 2016 PM
    I have not yet broken the ice and used snuff in front of co-workers but that does not leave me without plenty of opportunity to indulge. I work in our local Public Works department as an electrician and general handy man, so I spend a good portion of the day driving to and from job sites for small repairs. Therefore I have become quite adept at breaking out the snuffbox and catching a woof or five on the go. Not exactly hands free but it works. That and the good old bathroom break in the stall although that's more of a convenience than being something I do intentionally. And I am lucky to work by myself mostly and on the go so nobody is really watching how many times I might use the bathroom in a day :)
  • if you're nervous about people not knowing what it is offer them a pinch.
  • I'm with @Cobguy, most hospitals also have a no tobacco rule. I work nights so, I have a bit more lenancy. I usually keep a mentholated snuff as well when cleaning up patients with bad smells. I need to get some non tobacco mentholated snuff for those occasions.
  • @Bizzarestaff, if your company doesn't have an anti tobacco policy and the boss isn't hardcore against tobacco, I suggest being frank and open about it. I would keep it from customers, but be open with boss and coworkers. There might be others that smoke that may be interested. Bullets are indeed good for snuffing at work.
  • @Bizarrestaff

    Get a Snuff Master. They allow you to dose both nostrils with the push of a button.
  • HoffwellHoffwell Member
    edited October 2016 PM
    Or a snuff bullet. Really, it's not that difficult. Personally I just take it the old fashioned way at work. But I am in the UK. I can appreciate in a more opprobrious country such as the USA it could be an 'issue'
  • I do it openly at work. People sometimes make a spectacle of it (Hey come here, watch this, hes actually putting that up his nose!), but the more time goes on the less it happens and people just get accustomed to it. Its the same with smoking my pipe on my breaks. Though I do get alot of Popeye, Pirate, and Sherlock jokes there. 
  • I recieved my bullet about 2 weeks ago and was able to get my smelly yum yum throughout the day, without anyone in my tiny company even having a chance to notice lol. I do start at a slightly bigger machine shop in a week though so we'll see how it goes! Mostly in social situations the 'not caring what people think' approach worked a little less awkwardly than I thought it would
  • Also thank you all for very helpful suggestions
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