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Thank you, Mr. Snuff!

I have been snuff taking for a couple of years now. I wanted to say thank you to Mr Snuff for making it possible. I'm in the US and it would be impossible to find the snuff I am able to order. For me, part of the fun is trying new snuffs.


  • I can second the above post, I live in Australia and have been able to give up cigarettes with snuff from MrSnuff and Toque. Snuff tobacco is illegal to sell in Australia although is legal to possess for personal use so it is impossible to get ahold of here any other way. Without these guys I'd be still on the cancer sticks, with a family history of tobacco illnesses you guys might quite as well have saved my life. so a big thank you for that.
    Regards Aamon
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator

  • What made me think of snuff in the first place? A line from the song Penny Dreadful by Professor Elemental-"would you care for some snuff, i just can't get enough".

    I'll add that we do have a few snuffs in the US. They are like the Peach snuff my granny used to pour in her mouth. Most are sweetened and not good for nasal use, in my opinion.

    While waiting on my first order from Mr. Snuff, I bough a can of Superior and a can of Square snuff at the local grocery store. They are okay but very plain. I am glad to have variety available from Mr. Snuff.

    It appears Australian law is just like US law in some regards about snuff. I also used snuff to quit cigarettes.

    The same day I placed my latest order with Mr.Snuff, I found an antique snuff box from a dealer on Etsy. Dealer is in Lockerbie, Scotland. It will be interesting to see if they arrive together. I also hope to be able to use it instead of just collecting them like Lord Grantham.

  • @Josephjames The laws here in Australia are absurd and the tax is stomach turning at around the $760 on the kg. I was taxed $97 on 115 grams of snuff.
    There are some great antique snuff boxes on Etsy I bought my 19th century freemason snuff box for a steal.
    It would be great if MrSnuff could stock some of these antique snuff boxes from these sites, a lot of people don't even know what the have so you can buy it at a bargain, you just have to look.
  • Yikes! With a tax like that, I'm surprised people aren't running tobacco grow rooms. They really don't want anyone buying it. What are taxes like on pipe tobacco or cigarettes?

    I wish the US would adopt British stance on snuff and encourage it. I guess there is no money in it for the FDA guys.
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator

    thank you for your kind comments. Much appreciated.

  • Cigarettes are pretty bad $25-30 for a pack of 25 Marlborough Reds, I used to smoke premium rolling tobacco for a 30g pouch of Golden Virginia is about $40-45, and a small tin of Dr Pat pipe tobacco is $55-$70 if you can find it without going to a specialist. The tax is the same for importing rolling and pipe tobacco although there is no chance to get it past customs, for 100g you'd be paying $76 plus 10% of the perchance value in GST, so basically no difference when buying it from the shop. For 21g of snuff from MrSnuff $5-8 if it gets past customs or $9.50-$16 with tax and GST if it gets stopped, shipping cost more than the snuff ahaha lovin life :)
    As for growing tobacco in Australia, if you got caught you'd be better off selling or manufacturing Methamphetamine when it comes to our court system, its very absurd. The penalties for growing tobacco are outrageous, although we can grow 2 weed plants legally so its not all doom and gloom.

  • Wow. They really don't like tobacco.

    I don't care for weed. I'm neutral on it, really. What I notice, though, is the subject of health hazards from smoking it are never brought up. By that, I mean emphysema or cancer.

    If it's legal, I would be happy to send you a few tins of Superior or Square snuff. Those are locally sold snuffs in my area.
  • @JosephJames Quite the opposite really, our government LOVES tobacco. Where else would they get there money other than taxing the average Joe's billions of $ a year. They make it sound like they care about our health although if this was so, where's all the snuff? why are all the safer alternatives illegal other than the silly gum, inhalers and patches that don't work, and cost just as much as smoking (how expensive is it to honestly add a measured amount of nicotine to some cheep chewing gum). The Australian government tries to pull the wool over our eyes but any Australian smoker can see right through the lies and see the big elephant in the room.
    I don't use weed too frequently although its everywhere here in south Australia, that's all our state has to offer, Cheep weed and Cheep wine, apparently we are the world capitol of both. South Australia is only good to visit if you're a stoner or an alcoholic and that's the truth. :P
    I've never tried Superior or Square snuff, are they toasts?
  • Our government is similar, though the taxes are lower. They campaign against tobacco but if they lost the taxes on cigarettes they would panic. They have tax classes, though. Pipe tobacco is lower than most others so a lot of the roll your own cigarette tobaccos bill themselves as pipe tobacco. Anyway, yeah, they need that revenue. 

    Superior and Square are what I believe people call Scotch style snuffs. Very dry, very fine. Square is fairly plain but has a good tobacco taste. Superior has a smoky flavor and a nicotine punch. I use it first thing in the morning. I don't know much about the toasts, so I am not qualified to say if these are. Maybe someone else will step in and let us know.
  • Can someone help with the Mr Snuff site? I am still seeing all sizes of containers for snuff on the site. I am in the United States. Can I still order those containers above 10 grams? Sorry, I am just a bit confused.
  • @JosephJames you can buy whatever is listed. The 10g thing is a total misperception. Some producers may restrict the sizes they produce in future, but you can buy whatever is available. Go wild!
  • Oh, thank you very much @lunecat and @50ft_trad. I saw a youtube the other day where someone said there was nothing available above 10 grams containers. I guess that person was misinformed, or I misheard what he had to say. I have been freaking out over not being able to stockpile some snuffs. 

    Go wild is right. I am going to grab as much as I possibly can!
  • Yes there is a lot of panic buying at the moment. How justified that will be, is yet to be seen. Snuff will still exist, and so will folks selling it, but we may well see some of our favourites disappear along the way.

    If the video you saw was Uncle Squinty's, then yes, he appears to have misunderstood to current situation, or possibly be over exaggerating to better display his frustration - either way, not helpful for the viewers.
  • yes, Thank-you Mr Snuff & crew.. truely a godsend for us in the middle of nowhere..
  • Its understandable how Uncle Squinty misunderstood these laws, For quite awhile I didn't quite understand these laws and I read all the posts and information that was on offer, it wasn't until a manufacturer explained it to me that I finally understood the extent of these laws.
  • JosephJamesJosephJames Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    @Aamon I was confused, as well. Unlike Uncle Squinty, I don't have to explain to my wife about spending $400 on a snuff order ;)
  • @JosephJames Damn that's a big order. Mine are usually around the $80 mark although it does end up costing almost three times the price if customs gets ahold of it, which has been a regular occurrence lately.
  • Yeah, I usually stay below $100, but he was panic buying. I tried to order bulk WoS and it said remove smaller items and order bulk alone. At least we still can.
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