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Paper Mache snuff box

My snuff box arrived today. My computer has no place to start a thread but my phone does. The photo icon won't upload my photo, so I am juggling the two.

I bought the box on Etsy for about $35 from an antique dealer in Scotland. It arrived today. Lid closes well and it is in very good shape.

I don't really know the time period for paper mache boxes.

I plan on keeping this on my desk with some Grand Cairo in it.


  • image

    Still cant get the photo to post so there is a link. I put a bullet beside it for size comparison. It's so small, I would be fearful to haul it around with me. 
  • Very cool!
  • @JosephJames I believe Paper Mache Boxes were made from the 1760's all the way through to the early 20th century to be classified as Antiques. Although they still make Paper Mache Snuff boxes as of quite recently. I have seen a few of this type that you posted around the antique shops, its either mid 19th c to early 20th c Victorian era design. I know its not a very accurate approximation although unfortunately most snuff boxes don't come with makers stamps or engraved with date stamps. Either way its a Great buy, I have a couple paper mache's and have lasted the test of time. Depending on which type of lacquer was used and the quality of it after all these years, you may want to be careful keeping heavy water based snuffs in them for extended periods of time (as in weeks or months without opening the lid) since the lids can tend to get out of shape and not close perfectly, though this can be easily fixed.
  • JosephJamesJosephJames Member
    edited September 2016 PM
    Thanks Aamon. That gives me an idea of its age. I didn't know about long term moist snuff storage in one. I guess the paper would absorb moisture and deform?
  • Most types of wood (and paper) tend to swell unevenly if exposure to water vapor for an extended amount of time. Although as long as you keep the box aerated you'll be okay, ambient temperature can have a drastic effect on this issue if the box is left unattended for too long. It all depends on the type of snuff that you have in the box, if it is paraffin based you'll probably be fine storing it for many months, although with water based snuffs you could start to see issues after a couple of weeks.
    For long time storage I tend to now gravitate towards glass mason jars that have a good seal. They keep the snuff as fresh as when I bought it, then I just dish it out into my snuff box when I need it. Most snuff boxes aren't 100% airtight and have an air pocket that the moisture can escape into every time you open the box to take a pinch or two, that's why I only keep a day or two supply in my boxes.
  • Thanks for the information on care of paper mache. I don't know much about it.

    I probably won't use the box much, owing to its age. However it is fairly sturdy.

    I use mason jars for snuff, too. I find 100 grams fills a small jar (can't recall if pint or half pint). I always have mason jars. Wife has no interest in canning, but I always can food in the Fall if the year. Normally, I use quart jars. I just happened to have some small ones for raspberries we pick.

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