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How do I sniff up English powder snuffs without my face exploding ?

I'm new to snuff , I'm using it to get off the smokes .so far I'm only able to do the German schmalzer types and the medicated types without dying . What's the trick ? I wanna get into the higher nicotine types and the smell good ones .


  • Welcome, and glad to hear you are beginning your adventure in snuff. There are so many different types to enjoy and when moving in to the finer, dryer snuffs most people have a little trouble at first.
    To start, if you are taking schmalzlers and medicated snuffs without difficulty but having trouble with "English" snuffs I would avoid scotches or toasts for just a little bit. Have yourself a good Kendall snuff or really anything with a medium grind and medium moisture, meaning the grind is closer to fine sand than flour and the snuff clumps together but doesn't stick too much to your finger. The trick is actually to take a good breath before you take your snuff, that way you have some positive pressure working against drawing snuff too far back rather than having a vacuum waiting to suck up the stuff.

    Have your snuff ready in your fingers (and I would highly recommend traditional finger pinches over a spoon for learning to take snuff) and when you get to the end of your breath, then bring the snuff to your nostril and simply sniff the snuff as if you were just trying to smell it, like a flower. You will have to fine tune just how much force you put in to smelling, just don't rush it. If you did it a bit too sharply you might get snuff up to the bridge of your nose and it will sting, take a break and try again. You might have it in your finger and feel like you are not sniffing hard enough and the snuff falls all over the place, clean yourself up, be glad snuff is cheap, and try again.

    With this method, you should feel the snuff gently coating the inside of your nostrils really no higher than just below the bridge of your nose. If you are planning on moving in scotches, toasts, or white Indian snuffs, this same technique can be applied but with a twist. First, don't just take a good breath, actually breathe in until you feel your lungs are at full capacity. Then, when you take your snuff, don't even try to "smell it" simply clench your jaw and throat muscles so that your chin moves downwards and your mouth outwards in a repetitive motion. Sounds strange, but it is actually enough suction to get some of the very fine snuffs right where you want them instead of lodged in to your lungs.
    There are many techniques, these are simply what works for me. I am sure other members can and will share with you other ways to go about it. The finer dryer snuffs are definitely worth the effort to refine your technique. Just go slow and enjoy the snuff. Eventually, it will be second nature for you to use whatever technique works for you for the snuff you are taking. Even then, everybody still catches a bad pinch every now and again. Dont worry, you will be woofing box cars of White Elephant in no time!!!? (Just kidding, please practice before you even attempt to begin to think about doing that)
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    If your face explodes, I suggest you lay off the WoS dynamite. Badumtss.

    On a serious note, just buy some snuffs you know are beginner friendly and learn some techniques with em.
  • It's standard advice, but breathe in deeply, fill your lungs, and THEN take the pinch. It stops the snuff going too far back. After a while you get the knack without that. I don't agree with the concept of "beginner snuff." My second order was Dholakia White, after I worked that out, everything else was easy.
  • I have discovered from a You Tube video a way to take fine snuff without the snuff going into my throat and up my sinuses.
    Use a length of small flexible hose like for intravenous fluid or a little larger inner diameter The length sufficient to reach from the mouth to the nose. Insert one end of the hose in the snuff to your appropriate amount place. Place the snuff loaded end low into one nostril the other end in the mouth and gently blow the snuff up the nose. Do not inhale during this operation.
    I find the snuff coats the lower part of my nose very nicely.
  • @Jhigh Ilike that method once in awhile, it can give you a different scent sometimes.

    @Skeletonkiss it's like anything, your body will adapt. Focus on keeping the snuff in the front part of your nose, and keep hitting it hard when your feinding for a smoke.
    That and have some handkerchiefs.good luck
  • I started with scotch snuffs because that's all we have in the USA. I learned to very gently sniff.

    You will get the hang of it, skeletonkiss.
  • thanks for the full lung trick , it works good and it keeps my ears and eyes from burning up. I want to go hard on the sniffing tobacco to ease off of the cigarettes . for one they make you die and for two they are expensive as hell and will probably be more expensive come November when the 2 dollar tax Goes to the polls .that will make it around ten bucks for Taylor made American spirits !
  • JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
    edited October 2016 PM
    @skeletonkiss, you Americans don't know lucky you are. In Australia these days, you're looking at 25 bucks a pack, and set to rise dramatically quite soon.

    Good to hear the full lungs thing worked. Medium grind snuffs need a bit more force, generally easier. I still find very fine snuffs a bit difficult after a strenuous walk, when my breathing is a bit ragged.
  • geez yea the tobacco tax in Australia is outrageous around $760 on a kg. luckily I found my dear friend snuff just in time before I completely blew the bank. I was going through $100 a week in pouch tobacco.

    @Skeletonkiss I have used snuff to give up smoking of quite recently, I weaned myself off the cigarettes first by replacing a cigarette or two a day with snuff, then slowly replacing the rest of the cigarettes. If you can replace to morning cigarette you'll be on your way to quitting in no time at all. I found McC's O&G or something with a little bit of menthol in it delivers a more of a nicotine punch especially if you dry it out a little bit. Just keep persisting and you'll get there mate. I have a craving every now and again and if I have a cigarette it dosent do much for me anymore, even a nice pouch of Golden Virginia still reminds me why I love snuffing. After not much time you'll be craving snuff not smoke, as long as you keep to it. If you're onto dry fine snuffs at the moment, try adding a bit of medium grind snuff ontop of you dry snuff pinches, these will be more slow release and help significantly with the cravings.
    Snuff nicotine and analogues stays in your system for quite a bit longer than smokes, so aslong as you keep at it your body will want snuff not ciggies, just don't mix two.
  • And find dry snuff you can hydrate to your comfort level. A little moisture make any snuff easy to use. Except Bohica  >:)
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • UbiquitousUbiquitous Member
    edited October 2016 PM
    Just use a very short, sharp sniff and hold the pinch towards the front of your nose. It will take some getting used to.
  • just wondering why do they make dry powder snuffs, I understand the fast nic kick, although wouldn't a moist snuff with the same powdery consistency be easier to take with the same scent and nic kick. I am slowly mastering the art of dry snuffing although when I hydrate these they are much easier to take. Just a thought guys
  • @Aamon: haha! Some of us enjoy the challenge, the discipline, even the slight pain. Human beings are a funny bunch.
  • UbiquitousUbiquitous Member
    edited October 2016 PM

    Once you get used to them, they aren't all that difficult. I actually prefer the dry snuff. A lot of the moist, coarse snuffs cause bad throat drip for me.
  • @Ubiquitous I enjoy having the dry snuffs on occasion that I have in my collection, although at the moment I'm still on the learning curve. If you take you favorite dry snuff then increase the moisture content to make it easier to snuff, does this change the scent or the amount of pleasure you get from said snuff?
  • @Aamon

    It's not something that I've dabbled in. I doubt it would change flavor of the snuff very much, if at all.
  • If you were to hydrate dry snuff using distilled water you would not and could not drastically change the scent by any means. You are simply altering the physical consistency of the snuff rather than altering the chemistry. I am of the mind set to take a snuff as it is, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with modifying snuff to suit your preference.
  • edited October 2016 PM
    All  snuff in american  before the internet was dry. Thank God for the internet. And damn the Pact act! 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
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